A sense of wantonness permeates the study room. The so called study room was just an escape room for Han Hong Yuan. The only room where he was free to do anything he wants, including the mind blowing services of Pan Xi Yin.

Han Hong Yuan was leaning back on his chair behind his desk. He looked down to see the beautiful sight of the girl he adored, enjoying his member. Han Hong Yuan gasped and quickly restrained his moan as he watched his rock hard member disappeared into Pan Xi Yin's mouth. Feeling his hard dick probing deep into her throat, giving him a wonderful tight warm sensation, was pure heaven for him. His hands gripped the arm chair as Pan Xi Yin let out a throaty moan, her fingers caressed his balls with a feathery touch. He has to fight the urge to explode in her mouth every time she does that to him.

He can never had enough of her. Since the day he brought her back to his family resident, almost every day he spent his night with her. Pan Xi Yin was not an innocent girl but she knew really well the art of love making. Pan Xi Yin made Han Hong Yuan spiral deeper and deeper down into the endless pit of dark erotic sex adventure every day.

Her delicate fingers explored his thigh as her mouth continued to work on his dick, bobbing her head up and down as her hands reached his nipples, caressing them lightly. His bare chest was full with sweat. \"I love your big…. hard… precious… my lord…\", Pan Xi Yin said in a breathy voice as she momentarily released his hard tool from her mouth, then swallow it again with a vengeance. Han Hong Yuan gripped her hair with one hand as he leaned back his head, facing the ceiling, he was really close now as his breath quickened.

\"My Lord, the Grand Princess seeks your presence at the courtyard\". His personal taijian interrupted his sex game from outside the closed door. No one inside this resident gave Han Hong Yuan the same respect like they gave towards the Grand Princess. His own people were even more respectful towards his younger sister Han Yao Ying than him.

Feeling annoyed, Han Hong Yuan pushed Pan Xi Yin's head away and a strand of saliva lingers between her luscious lips and his tool. The sight was firing up the beast inside him. He stood up and grabbed Pan Xi Yin arms, lifting her up.

\"You will leave me here for The Grand Princess?\" Pan Xi Yin asked in a sad tone but Han Hong Yuan didn't answer her. He turned her body facing his desk and pushed her back so she bends down on top of the desk.

Her bare breast was against a wet painting laying on the table. Han Hong Yuan painted it and was it meant as a gift to the daughter of a great warlord. It was The Grand Princess's idea but Han Hong Yuan was furious with it. Every day he got stressed up by his own birth mother who was dominant over everything he do, whether he like it or not.

\"I will leave. But after we finish\". Han Hong Yuan's raging weapon found Pan Xi Ying's glistening entrance easily and with one hard thrust he was inside her. Her giggles made him even more excited.

\"The Grand Princess wants this painting to be given to your future bride. We are ruining it now\", said Pan Xi Yin between her moan.

Han Hong Yuan held her hip on both side and ramp his manhood deep into her. He liked it when Pan Xi Yin has to beg for him not to stop, telling him how wonderful he was and only a real man can give her such pleasure and pain. He love it when Pan Xi Yin responded with her cheeky gesture, tightening her private part's muscle as he ravage her secret garden. He felt like a man, not the useless son in his mother's eyes. Pan Xi Yin made him feel like he was on top of the world. Han Hong Yuan spanked her butt fiercely and Pan Xi Yin simply screamed for more.

\"I don't care\". Han Hong Yuan whispered in satisfaction. He spanked her again even harder and Pan Xi Yin yelped in pain but was loving every second of it. The pain from the spanking mixed with the pleasure inside her was like drug to her. For sure the people outside could hear her incoherent gasps and scream plus the rhythmic impact of flesh against flesh and Han Hong Yuan got even more excited.

He pulled her long hair until her eyes looked up towards the ceiling. His thrust got faster and faster. He was close, very close to climax. He pulled himself out from Pan Xi Yin and turned her body to face him. He can't wait until Pan Xi Yin has a good position on top of the desk and eagerly thrust himself back in.

Pan Xi Yin moved her body and grabbed his face and made him looked at her in the eyes. \"Make me your concubine. Give me a child and I will serve you more\". Pan Xi Yin kissed him deeply and wrapped her arms around him. Her legs wrapped his waist tightly as if she didn't want him to let go outside her.

Han Hong Yuan had to push her with force until she lay back down on top of the desk. With a growl, Han Hong Yuan pulled himself out swiftly and spray his seed on Pan Xi Yin's stomach, on the painting and finally on the floor.

Between panting, Han Hong Yuan cleaned himself up. By now he was ready to meet his dominant mother.

\"You never love me\". The statement was out of nowhere. Pan Xi Yin was still laying on top of the painting. Han Hong Yuan turned his head and he was move by the beautiful view on his desk.

The flower painting was ruined but it was never as beautiful as Pan Xi Ying. Her naked body got some paint here and there. She was the flower he had wanted for a long time. Her soulful eyes and exquisite face was very much unique. Han Hong Yuan walked closer and touched her knee.

\"My love for you, you will never know\". He said in regret.

Pan Xi Yin jerked his hand from her skin. She sat back up on the desk and looked at Han Hong Yuan angrily. \"For almost a month I have to serve as a lowly maid. I have enough of this. You will never take me as your concubine\".

Han Hong Yuan had mentioned many times to Pan Xi Yin how it was impossible for him to turn her into his concubine but she never want to listen. He held her chin and forced her to look at him.

\"You know I want to. But you are just a commoner. You are a half Turk and you don't even know who your parents are. I can't made you my concubine but I promise you once I marry the suitable bride and get my own resident, I will take you as my tongfang\".

Pan Xi Yin stared at him furiously. Han Hong Yuan knew she was disappointed and angry with him. His thumb brushed her lips lightly. This time he said softly. \"I have only slept with you since the day I met you. That shows how huge my feeling for you\".

Han Hong Yuan thought his words could move her. But it didn't. His words only pains her heart. Pan Xi Yin sat quietly and just watched him putting his clothes back on. Han Hong Yuan kissed her deeply before he stepped out from the study room.

Only after he was gone, Pan Xi Yin stood on her feet. She walked calmly to the side window. She looked up to the blue sky above and started to imagine herself to be the girl who will be Duan Wang Fei tomorrow.

Pan Xi Yin punched the window edge as her anger filled her mind. She was happy when she knew the man who saved her was Han Hong Yuan. She was dreaming she would be his mistress and could rise up slowly. But nothing happened significantly in the past one month.

She still needs to be someone's slave. She still needs to lower her head and accept all the bullying. She still didn't has the respect she craved desperately. Han Hong Yuan was just a weak and spoiled boy.

Pan Xi Yin left out a deep sigh. She needs to make new plan. Han Hong Yuan was not the one who will fulfill her dream. Han Hong Yuan was just a step she needed to climb.


Jiang Xi Yu had a long journey before her wedding day. A day before her big day, she did the ceremony of leaving Jiang Gong Fu. Her grand entourage left Luoyang guarded by Duke of Jiang's people. Once the grand entourage reached Chang'an, she stopped by at Duke of Jiang's estate for her to freshen up and got ready for the next schedule.

She heard Li Fei Long's laughter throughout the ceremony until the time she was guided to enter their wedding chamber. She was hungry and tired. Jiang Xi Yu waited impatiently for her veil to be removed by Li Fei Long. She wanted to order some food to be deliver to her but no one accompanied her at the moment.

She was turning her head left and right to check around the room, hoping Ru Qing or Ru Ming left some snack for her. She stopped looking after she heard the noise from the door. Li Fei Long's happy laughter filled the room and his presence changed the feeling inside the room.

The matchmaker lady who followed behind Li Fei Long quickly stood in front of Jiang Xi Yu. The lady guided Li Fei Long politely to remove the red veil from Jiang Xi Yu. Instead of waiting with her head lowered and be shy about the process, Jiang Xi Yu lifted up her head. When the veil was removed, Jiang Xi Yu glare at him and caused Li Fei Long to laughed out loud.

\"Wang fei is angry because I came late?\" Li Fei Long passed the veil to the matchmaker lady without turning his head. The lady bowed to receive it.

\"Qie is hungry, wang ye\". Jiang Xi Yu answered him in a sarcastic tone. \"Wang ye enjoyed the dinner with the guests while qie was waiting patiently here\".

Li Fei Long bended down and before Jiang Xi Yu realized what he was trying to do, his hand held her chin and lifted her face, giving her a quick sweet kiss on her lips which stunned her.

Jiang Xi Yu was lost for words even after Li Fei Long let her off. The grin on his face made Jiang Xi Yu blushed. Only when Li Fei Long gave out a quick order, Jiang Xi Yu realized they have some attendances inside the room.

\"Serve some food here, fast\". After the short command, the matchmaker lady rushed out from the inner bedroom. Some maids were rushed out to convey the order.

Li Fei Long sat down beside Jiang Xi Yu. Before Jiang Xi Yu moves her hips, Li Fei Long's hand caught hold of her hands. His hand held her hands tightly on her lap. That moment Jiang Xi Yu felt something different. She moved her head slowly until her eyes met his. She found him looking radiant, authoritative but somehow she got the hint of endearment.

His finger rubbed her skin tenderly and Jiang Xi Yu can't stop her gaze. His touch sent some signal that she never knew before. From today forward she belongs to him and his gesture right now seems to assure her that the future would be bright for both of them. Jiang Xi Yu felt secure.

Ming He asked for permission to come inside and Li Fei Long was still holding Jiang Xi Yu's hands when he granted him. Xiao Gan Zi gonggong leaded some taijian and served some food on the table but the two newlyweds were still enjoying their moment. Only when all of them rushed back out then Li Fei Long stood up and helped Jiang Xi Yu.

To calm her accelerated heartbeat, Jiang Xi Yu forced herself to act nonchalant. She sat at the round table and tried hard to ignore Li Fei Long's stare. Her hands moved her chopstick and enjoy her food like there was no tomorrow.

\"You need the energy for our love making tonight\". Li Fei Long chuckled.

Jiang Xi Yu almost choked herself. She coughed and patted her chest. When she was about to take her tea, her hand abruptly stopped in the air. Her nose frown a bit as she tried to smell the scent of the potion that she hates.

\"Ben wang doesn't want to use that potion from today onwards\". Li Fei Long immediately read her mind.

Jiang Xi Yu glared at him furiously. Her cheeks obviously blushed. Li Fei Long touched her cheek and smiled. \"You are blushing even though you didn't drink any wine\".

\"I am blushing because of you\". Jiang Xi Yu blurted it out too fast. Her words was meant to be something else but innocently she confessed.

Jiang Xi Yu gasped with embarrassment. Li Fei Long must have felt satisfied with her foolish choice of words. Li Fei Long put her rice bowl in her hand. He turned her body facing him and then gestured her to continue her meal.

Jiang Xi Yu just followed but his next move almost made her choke for the second time.

Li Fei Long kneeled in front of her. He grinned widely and position himself between her thigh. His hands touched her thighs and rubbed it slowly.

\"What are you doing?\" Jiang Xi Yu was shocked and confused. She asked with some food still inside her mouth.

\"Ben wang also wants to eat. But ben wang prefer to eat wang fei\". Li Fei Long pulled her pants down without any warning.

Panicked, Jiang Xi Yu put down her bowl on the table. She swallowed her food so she can't protest when Li Fei Long attack her private part out of sudden. His hands firmly spread open her thigh. Li Fei Long buried his face between her thigh and Jiang Xi Yu could not do anything besides grabbing his hair with one hand while the other was on the table to steady herself. She felt his warm tongue grazing her inner thigh, getting ever closer and closer to her most sensitive part and then retreat back to her thigh, her lower belly, torturing her.

\"Oh you… naughty…\", Jiang Xi Yu was getting aroused. She felt herself getting moist. She wanted that roving tongue to hit the right spot where she wanted, but she was too shy to mention it. Instead she moved her butt a little forward from the edge of her seat and spread her thigh wider.

Sensing her moment Li Fei Long grinned. \"I think my dessert is ready to be served\", his fingers found her nectar. He showed his wet finger to Jiang Xi Yu. She immediately blushed like a red tomato and hit his head lightly with her fist. \"All because of you!\"

\"Oh? What did I do? Why are you so wet here?\" His fingers begin to rub on her little clitoris and Jiang Xi Yu shuddered in delight.

\"Ahhh… you always bully me…\", Jiang Xi Yu complained weakly.

\"Well if this is bullying, how about this?\" Li Fei Long plunged his head forward and headed for her valley of joy.

Jiang Xi Yu's hand on the table gripped the table cloth tightly and closed her eyes. Li Fei Long's naughty mouth and tongue was bullying her delicate and highly sensitive folds of flesh and she felt his tongue probing inside her. The probing reminded her that it was the prelude to what's to follow. She began to pant lightly, her other hand was gripping his hair tighter. Soon she felt the inexplicable pleasure built up to the point she felt it exploded and she was in heaven, she arched her body forward and held her breath as the wave of pleasure swept through her.

She finally let out her breath and felt loved and contented. \"Hug me\", she heard Li Fei Long said and she did as told as he stood up before her. Li Fei Long carried her and walked towards the bed. He lay her down on the bed facing him while he stood at the edge of the bed. Their eyes were fixed on each other as Li Fei Long proceed to undress slowly.

Jiang Xi Yu watched him removed his clothes piece by piece to reveal his well-build body. Scars on his chest witnessed his fierce battle with the enemy. She bit her lips as she lowered her gaze to his now fully erected member. While it's not their first time, tonight both were sober. She is now his lawful wife and looking at it makes her feeling… to her embarrassment, horny.

She gasped when Li Fei Long held her hip and moved her lower body closer to the bed's edge and she felt his shaft pressed on her tender triangle of wetness. He reached out and began to unbutton her blouse. Soon her \"du dou\" was revealed, the fabric was tightly stretched by her ample bosom. He grabbed it and ripped it off her, exposing her beautiful breasts.

\"Ahh!\" Jiang Xi Yu quickly covered her breasts with her arms.

Li Fei Long held her wrists with his hands and moved them to her side as he lowered his body and took one nipple into his mouth. Jiang Xi Yu struggled lightly and soon stopped and began to moan softly. Li Fei Long held his hard weapon and rubbed on her entrance, spreading her wetness around her mount.

\"Are you ready for Ben Wang's bao bei?\" Li Fei Long asked as he looked her in the eyes.



\"What's that noise?\" He slapped his hard tool on her mount and create that squishy sound of wetness. \"You are so wet now. Ben Wang think you are ready\".

\"I don't know…\" Jiang Xi Yu turned her head to the side to avoid his fiery lustful gaze.

\"Ok let's sleep then\". Li Fei Long let go of her legs and began to turn away.

\"Wait! No I don't mean that…\" Jiang Xi Yu thought he was angry with her and she had ruined their official first night of union.

Li Fei Long turned and face her again. He looked stern and serious. Then he broke into a wide smile. \"How can I resist my dear Wang Fei!\"

He held both her legs in his arms and Jiang Xi Yu felt his penetration deep inside her. \"You! Naughty!\" Before she could complain further it has turned into moans as Li Fei Long ravage her with great speed and strength. Her hands grabbed the sheets as their positions gives Li Fei Long great leverage for his movement, sending her to cloud nine again and again.

\"Turn over\", Li Fei Long commanded.

Jiang Xi Yu complied and once in position she moans as Li Fei Long entered her again. His one hand was holding her arm, pulling her back as he thrust forward and the other hand was smacking her ass. Jiang Xi Yu cried out but not in pain. Li Fei Long's powerful stab in that animalistic position coupled with his controlled spanking quickly heat up the atmosphere in the room. Both were getting sweaty and the scent of sex hang in the air, both suffocating and intoxicating.

Jiang Xi Yu was close to another explosive orgasm and he heard Li Fei Long started to groan deeply. He increased his pace and suddenly held still. Jiang Xi Yu felt his dragon seeds released deep inside her. He collapsed onto her and then shifted his body to her side, hugging her with one arm.

\"I am not done with you yet… Help my Bao Bei rise again and we shall continue\", Li Fei Long whispered to her ear.

Jiang Xi Yu looked at her husband with her innocent eyes. \"How?\"

Li Fei Long's hand guided her head towards his Bao Bei slowly…

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