As the tradition on the third day of her marriage, Jiang Xi Yu arrived at Jiang Gong Fu accompanied by Li Fei Long. As Luoyang was a full day long journey away from the capital Chang'an City, they started the trip on the second day after their wedding day.

Duke and Duchess Jiang have prepared a huge celebration to welcome their arrival. Their relatives and government high profile people in Luoyang city were also there to welcome Duān Qīn Wáng and Duān Qīn Wáng Fei. The ambience was very much rousing yet Jiang Xi Yu still felt the intimate kinship. She felt familiar with most of the people. The only thing awkward was her status higher than her own family.

Since Li Fei Long wanted her to be more comfortable enough to enjoy this tradition. He planned a longer stay there at Jiang Gong Fu and let Jiang Xi Yu enjoy her time there.

\"Qiè is tired.\" Jiang Xi Yu purposely said it while passing by Li Fei Long who was sitting comfortably near the bedchamber. The same chamber Jiang Xi Yu used before.

Her parents have set up her maiden bedroom with more additional glamorous decoration which Jiang Xi Yu thought that it was because their son in law was there. Her parents wanted to leave a very good impression in front of Duān Qīn Wáng.

Jiang Xi Yu knew from the way Li Fei Long looked at her. She knew what he wanted from her and she planned to not give it to him tonight. Actually, she wasn't tired at all. She was happy and excited to greet the relatives and had a good time with her family the whole day long. With her status, technically she doesn't need to even lift her hands to do anything. She was just in the mood to play a coy with her husband.

\"Běn wàng know.\" Li Fei Long stood up. His devil smile can not be ignored by Jiang Xi Yu. Her heart automatically beat fast. She never wanted him to know the effect he gave her.

His hands grabbed her as soon she passed him. He brought her right in his arms. Drowned his face on her neck and sniffed her deep. His action strangely felt unlike usual. It wasn't lustful. It made Jiang Xi Yu feels tickled on her stomach.

She stood still to explore what kind of strange feeling she was having at the moment. When Li Fei Long embraced her more, it was like a self reaction, Jiang Xi Yu became relaxed. She started to enjoy it until unknowingly she closed her eyes.

Her body leaned completely on his body. Her neck was his to be ravished. And for the first time that day, she felt she was completely at home. She was secure. She can feel a hint of tiredness she never felt before was steamed out from her body.

Li Fei Long's hands stripped her to her undergarment and she just gave out her lazy moan. It wasn't a complaint.

He gave her little kisses on her neck then moved to her lips. She gave him random unclear grumbles.

\"Běn wàng will not do anything tonight.\" Li Fei Long giggled afterward.

He pushed her gently to the bed. Covered her with the blanket. Lowered his head then gave her a long and passionate kiss.

\"Sleep.\" It sounded like a command. Very typical of him, which Jiang Xi Yu started to take notice of. Usually she hated it, this time she let him be. Li Fei Long's index finger ran smoothly from the tip of her nose down to the tip of her lips. He smiled at her. \"Běn wàng will join you soon.\"

What a sweet promise. Jiang Xi Yu rolled her eyes as she thought he must have said it so many times to many women before.

\"You…. fox.\" Li Fei Long's index finger tapped her lips as he laughed full satisfaction. As he stood and walked out from the bed chamber, his laughter can still be heard by her.

Jiang Xi Yu chuckled as she got submerged under the blanket. \"Ya...i will be a fox who can't be tempted by you, hubby.\" She whispered as she closed her eyes.


The night was late and the banquet was over.

After Duān Qīn Wáng pardoned himself and Duān Qīn Wáng Fei retreated to rest at their chamber, the guests started to excuse themselves one by one. By the time Duān Qīn Wáng showed up at the secluded courtyard on the south west side of the fu, General Jiang Zhen Hai quickly rose from his seat.

Li Fei Long waved his hand. \"No need to be formal, General.\"

Ming He and Qian Chang Xin bowed to both of them then disappeared from their sight. The General sat down after Li Fei Long took his seat at the stone chair. The atmosfer was quiet. The wind started to heave cooler than the day before. Both men sat down in an awkward atmosfer.

The General was sturdy. With the amount of wine that poured out that night, Jiang Zhen Hai was still as tough as steel. Most of the men were already drunk while the General was still sober.

\"What made General Jiang secretly request to have private conversation with běn wàng?\" Li Fei Long just threw the question straight forward. The General was younger than him. His face and attitude showed him as an upright person. To directly ask his personal tài jiàn for a secret to converge, there must be some wedges in General's mind.

The General locked his hands together and bowed his head. \"Pardon me, wang ye. This subject here requests to discuss personal matters and does not incite the other party's incitement. Purely as a concern as a brother towards his sister not as an official.\"

Li Fei Long grinned at him. There was a hint of a little bit of jealousy towards this man. But his senses kept telling him that this man was her older brother. Their bond must be strong since the Duke of Jiang has been loyal to just one official wife and no other concubine. The siblings have been with each other for their whole lives without having any troubled household affairs in between.

\"Běn wàng would like to listen to what has been bothering you. Do not hesitate to convey your worries.\" Li Fei Long noticed the General's true feelings.

Jiang Zhen Hai lifted his head in ease. He cleared his throat as he was in a calmer state to express his concern. \"The Grand Chancellor has announced his official visit to some of the big cities for political inspection. The announcement was somehow surprising as the political inspection usually already planned thoroughly beforehand. This time, the entourage happened to enter the Luoyang city gate in conjunction with the banquet.\"

Li Fei Long knews where the General's point of this conversation leads to. He let the General continue. \"The Grand Chancellor's fu has its excellences. The Grand Princess Princess Li Liang Rong's savour is meritorious. It is openly known that the Grand Chancellor's daughter possesses both a strong family line and beauty.\"

Li Fei Long raised his hand casually to stop Jiang Zhen Hai. \"And not many realize the beauty that Jiang Xi Yu has.\"

Jiang Zhen Hai's facial expression petrified. Li Fei Long continued. \"The Jiang family has its excellences and the Duke of Jiang chose to serve Xi Dynasty humbly. This never be underestimated either by The Late Emperor or The Majesty.\"

\"It is fate for běn wàng and Xi Yu to become husband and wife. A fate that běn wàng beholden to.\" Li Fei Long gave him a smile. He wasn't angry at Jiang Zhen Hai. He knew the concern this general has was a loving concern.

\"Jiang's loyalty will always be with the Majesty.\" Jiang Zhen Hai paused a moment. He looked deeply at Li Fei Long. \"My heart will always support Xi Yu's.\" The General emphasized his concern bluntly.

A little irritated with the jealousy he had to hold while his common sense knew this was just a brother-sister love, Li Fei Long started to plan out some arrangement for General Jiang Zhen Hai.


To be back in Luoyang and near enough to Jiang Gong Fu tickled her gut. Pan Xi Yin's ignorance on the purpose of the inspection trip was because her main goal was to find her brother and to win Han Xiu Wen's heart.

The way the Grand Chancellor treated her was completely different from his son. Han Xiu Wen granted her few maids to serve her. Han Xiu Wen's personal tài jiàn bowed to her in a respectful manner. That was a huge gain for her after she served Han Xiu Wen in bed. She was never as confident as she felt at the moment. She believed soon she would get everything she wanted right under her nose.

Pan Xi Yin was left alone inside the bed chamber. She dismissed the maids after she took her bath and prepared her seductive pose.

Serving Han Xiu Wen was more pleasing than playing romantic gameplay with Han Hong Yuan. That soft poetic young man could not be compared with his father. Pan Xi Yin sneered imagining how many nights she spent at that small study room.

The mature Han Xiu Wen exudes class and a quiet confidence. He knew what he wanted and knew how to accomplish it. He was wild and rough without being unnerving. Pan Xi Yin didn't have to play her trick in bed with him. He was satisfied as so was she.

But to secure her position, she needed to make sure the old man tied his heart to every thrust he made on her. Not only lust but also heart.

Pan Xi Yin wore the softest undergarment she ever has in her life. The material was so tiny. Just to cover essential body parts. Enough to build up man's mind. When she opened her legs facing the entrance, her mind already imagined how Han Xiu Wen would react the moment he steps in the chamber.

She lifted both her arms against one of the pillars of the bed. Her bosom was pointing and aroused. With just a bare face, no hair accesories on her long hair, she wanted to be as pure as possible to welcome her new master.

Han Xiu Wen entered the chamber along with his personal tài jiàn. They both stopped the moment they saw Pan Xi Yin's pose on the center of the bed. The tài jiàn quickly lowered his head and retreated out from the bedchamber.

Without realizing it, Pan Xi Yin has opened her legs wider. Her bosom got up higher as she smiled at Han Xiu Wen erotically.

\"My naughty one has been very obedient and fully behaved along the way to Luoyang.\" Han Xiu Wen stood still at the entrance of the inner chamber. His hands slowly untie his button.

\"Lăo ye is the one who naughty.\" Pan Xi Yin complained as Han Xiu Wen played steady just watching her from far. She wanted him to quickly come forward and ravish her.

The outer layer was dropped on the floor but yet Han Xiu Wen didn't bulge at all. He continued to strip one by one the details of his outfit in a calm manner while he laughed at her. After he was completely naked, he walked forward and stopped right in front of the bed.

He held out his hand while keeping eye contact with Pan Xi Yin. He touched her center which was damp. Her moan just slid out of her lips. Han Xiu Wen's finger started to tease her body.

\"Who is naughty?\" Han Xiu Wen asked her in a low voice. The man was steady. Her heart was racing. His face was flat with no other expression she could read. That made her even more wet.

\"Who is naughty?\" The question was heard for the second time as Han Xiu Wen still locked his gaze on her. His finger was so intense until Pan Xi Yin felt she could let loose at any moment.

\"Who is naughty?\" The third time he asked. Pan Xi Yin could not hold her eagerness to have him for herself.

\"Me, lăo ye.\" She answered weakly. \"Me….\" She moaned.

Han Xiu Wen laughed with satisfaction. He pulled off his hand from her. He moved really quick before Pan Xi Yin even reacted. He lowered his head and started to kiss, lick and suck the center of her.

Pan Xi Yin screamed in a trance. Her palm was on Han Xiu Wen's head. She pulled his hair as her hips moved according to the movement of his tongue. She was almost reaching her limit. Han Xiu Wen tortured her without mercy. His tongue knew her body. His hands ripped off her undergarment that covered her breast then played with both of her nipples.

She didn't want this moment to slurp down the hill. Her mood kept building up and up. She wanted so bad to reach her climax. As her moan got louder, the noise nearby didn't reach her ears.

That point where she almost reached her nirvana, her eyes caught up with someone already standing in front of the door. Watching them with horrified.

Han Hong Yuan stood there with a nightmare face. A sensation reached Pan Xi Yin uncontrollable. Some fluid sparked out from her. She touched her nirvana witness on silent by Han Hong Yuan.


Han Hong Yuan ran away from the chamber before his father noticed he was there. The second act of their love making continued soon after that. This time Han Xiu Wen didn't let Pan Xi Yin reach the climax alone.

Panting her breath while laying on top Han Xiu Wen's body, Pan Xi Yin could not move an inch. Han Xiu Wen's member was still inside her. Done with the deed but still connected with her. The intimate atmosphere made her proud of herself.

Her mind flashed back to Han Hong Yuan's horrified face. She was strangely happy about it. She was gratified. She has found new excitement.

\"What your wish, my dear?\" Han Xiu Wen ran his finger along her body.

Pan Xi Yin chuckled with her idea. Next time when she has a grip on this Grand Chancellor household, she will ask Han Hong Yuan to watch her love making season with his own father.

She lifted her head and rested her chin on Han Xiu Wen's hairy chest. Purposely brushing her nipples on that chest, Pan Xi Yin whispered softly. \"As we are in Luoyang now, could lăo ye help me find my younger brother?\"

Han Xiu Wen laughed at her. He grabbed her with his strong hand just to reposition her from letting go his tool from hers. Pan Xi Yin' small complaint was getting rejected.

\"I meant gems or fabrics. But, finding your younger brother is difficult.\" Han Xiu Wen answered lazily. Pan Xi Yin was also tired and sleepy, but she needs this perfect timing to get what she wants.

\"I never refuse any kind of gems or fabrics. Lăo ye knows it well.\" Pan Xi Yin pulled her face closer to his face. Her movement made their connection broke and the hot semen inside her flew out from her.

She gave him a kiss on his beard. A lick on his lips. Then Han Xiu Wen laughed with his eyes closed.

\"When was the last time you met your younger brother? A young lad with half Turk facial might stood out here.\"

\"Tai Hao isn't half Turk, lăo ye. He is my step-brother as my mother remarried again after my biological father passed away.\" Pan Xi Yin lied on that. How could she open up about her mother who owned a brothel before. Who knows who her father was. Her own mother probably didn't remember at all who the fathers of her children were.

She put on a sorrowful face. \"My mother was just a commoner from a small city in another province. She once owned a store but soon after my father passed away from ill, their business went down. My beloved mother brought me over to Luoyang, gambled our last fortune. But then she met and remarried with a local man here. After my step father and my mother died, only Tai Hao cares for me. We got separated when we encountered some bad guys. Hong Yuan spared me from them but Tai Ho is nowhere to be found.\"

Han Xiu Wen tapped her buttocks like he tried to calm her down from her sadness. \"Lăo ye has ways. Don't be sad.\"

The taps on her buttocks soon changed to become gentle massage.

\"Lăo ye…?\" Pan Xi Yi whispered in confusion. Han Xiu Wen peeped one eye on her then laughed. His tool turned hard and brushed next her opening. She slapped his hairy chest in a playful way. This elder man was strong. His finger was already there teasing her. Trying to make her wet again.

\"This lowly one is tired, lăo ye.\" She complained half heartedly. \"I don't think I can be wet again.\"

Han Xiu Wen rolled her over the bed and their position changed. He locked her body between his legs. His finger left her hole and moved to explore her breast.

\"Lăo ye doesn't buy that excuse, my naughty one.\" Han Xiu Wen tried to push his member inside her but it wasn't easy.

Pan Xi Yin giggled at him. An idea appeared inside her head. Her hands pressed Han Xiu Wen's chest as if she told him to stop for a bit. She shouted for her maids to come in. After the maids rushed into the bedchamber. All of them were shocked and embarrassed. They quickly lowered their heads.

Han Xiu Wen stopped his action but Pan Xi Yin grabbed his arms tightly so he won't stop riding her.

\"Lift your face up!\" Her command surprised everyone inside the chamber including Han Xiu Wen.

Pan Xi Yin touched Han Xiu Wen's chin and turned him to look at her. \"Let them watch, lăo ye.\"

The tip of his hard tool felt the wetness starting to come out from her. Han Xiu Wen laughed at her and continued his action on her. Pan Xi Yin enjoyed every moment of it with a big picture inside her head.

Let the servants watch. Let them talk. Let it spread and reach the Grand Princess. And she would enjoy her winning strike.


Blankly facing the rockery statue at the rented mansion, the shocked Han Hong Yuan felt like he just got struck by lightning. His soul flew out his body. His feets felt weak. The knee bended against his will then he dropped on the ground like a piece of trash.

Instead of tears, he started to laugh bitterly. Slowly his laughter began to sound dreadful. His own father that he gave his full respect to, together with the woman who was the love of his life. He trusted both of them the most and yet they betrayed him.

Never even once he imagined Pan Xi Yin would share bed with the old man. And he never expected his own father could be tempted by beauty. Prepared himself with a bunch of persuasion points to get Pan Xi Yin back to her study room, he didn't prepare himself for a lewd scene between his own father and his lovely mistress.

He believed all the sweet loving words Pan Xi Yin said back then. Getting the feel of embarrassment then mixed up with his anger. He got out of his mind. His action was faster than his brain. In a split second he was punching the rockery with his fists.

The smells of his blood didn't stop him. He didn't feel any pain. What he felt was just anger.

That night he swore no one would humiliate him ever again.


Rats were swarming around a dirty wooden bowl that was placed inside a jail. The smell was too awful. It was a combination of human feces smells, pus smells, and who knows what else.

Purposely builded half below the ground, the jails were damp. With no sunlight and lack of cleaning, the place was not good for humans. Some more for pregnant woman.

Pan Xi Yin pinched her nose then quickly covered it with a scarf. She brought along two young handmaidens who behaved so frightened being inside the prison house. Beside that two handmaidens, she also wore the finest clothing she has. A thick gold bracelet that the Grand Chancellor gave her the other night was the final touch of her appearance.

The woman behind the bar seems to have ignored her prison meal. She lets the rat have their own party with her disgusting bowl. Pan Xi Yin stopped in front of the bar. Ignoring the cringe voices around her.

\"Yu Han….\"

Slowly her eyes caught the shade of the person behind the bar. Her vision adjusted with the minimum lighting there and saw movement inside.

\"Who is that?\" The voice wasn't like she used to hear before. No catchy fun tone. The silhouette got closer to her until Pan Xi Yin can see clearly Yu Han stood just one step behind the bar and wore a sack to cover her dirty pregnant body.

Both of them freeze for a second. One dressed as a rich mistress. One was worthless.

\"Xi Yin?!\" Yu Han was caught in surprise. Her eyes looked from the top to the bottom. And she still can't believe her eyes and redo it all over again until Pan Xi Yin smirked at her.

\"Did I get you in surprise?\" With her chin lifted up, Pan Xi Yin widened her arms for Yu Han to see. The gold bracelet on her wrist came out in perfect time as Yu Han's eyes bugged out.


\"You mean how do I end up living like this?\" Her intonation remains flat. \"Ironic… . Just a few months ago, our master had the biggest pastry merchant in Luoyang. All the nobles addicted to it. But now…\"

Pan Xi Yin locked her eyes on Yu Han's. \"One moment I served you. The other moment I wore gold and you behind bar, waiting for your death penalty.\"

Became aggressive, Yu Han grabed the bar and hissed at her. \"Who is your saviour?\"

Designed to be dramatic, Pan Xi Yin paused for a moment. The excitement to be on the upper side was beyond her imaginary. \"Jiang Xi Yu has a qin wang in front of her. I have a Grand Chancellor between my legs.\"

The eyes rounded as big as the full moon. After letting her shocked face out, Yu Han began to laugh. Soon the laugh turned blaring. Both handmaidens shuddered in fear. A pregnant woman with some trace of injuries and smells as terrible as rats, has turned mad.

Pan Xi Yin thought Yu Han would be even more furious after seeing her well being. The scenario was disappointing because Yu Han immediately went crazy instead.

She turned her body over as she thought it was no point as it wasn't as fun as she thought it would be but Yu Han screamed her name dreadfully. One of the handmaidens suddenly cry in fear and the other one has to give her support.

Pan Xi Yin returned facing Yu Han who already put her head behind the bar. \"Ever since Yu Mei commited suicide. They make sure I would not do the same like Yu Mei did. I never touch that filthy bowl but the guards will keep coming to force me to swallow some medicine to keep me alive. They just won't let me die and I have to suffer as they want me to be.\"

She sucked her snot disgustingly then continued. \"Do it.\" Yu Han said with enthusiasm.

\"Be the meanest bitch you could be and show it to Jiang Xi Yu. By then I would smile at you from hell.\"

The thunderous laugh filled the night. Pan Xi Yin speechless as the person she used to know has turned lunatic. Between her laugh, Pan Xi Yin traced tears came down on her cheeks. Yu Han's destiny was final.

Pan Xi Yin turned her back at Yu Han and then walked away. The insanity laugh continued to be heard until she came out from the side of the prison house. Yu Han's scary face and the laughter glued in her mind even thought she was already inside the house carriage.

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