Even though Jiang Xi Yu only got to spend one night at Jiang Gong Fu. Li Fei Long has pleased her by staying the whole week at his mansion in Luoyang City. It felt like a short honeymoon but in ancient times for Jiang Xi Yu. Her new husband acupy her night and day. In between, they also got to spend time around Luoyang city.

To be back at Duan Wang Fu , it felt like a modern blue collar worker going back to the office on monday morning. Jiang Xi Yu knew what to expect from her new household. A senior mama who worked to spy her ass for her mother in law, three other jealousy women, and a bunch of people who work at the fu.

Her mood was completely different from Li Fei Long who eagerly be back to be active again at the court. Maybe for Li Fei Long the week they spent at her hometown felt like a whole year off from the political world.

Ding mama and Xiao Gan Zi gonggong welcomed them at the front gate. Yu Wan ce fei led the two qiè shì to welcome them at the inner courtyard. Li Fei Long left her straight away to his study room along with Ming He and Qian Chang Xin. After his withdrawal from the scene, the awkward atmosfer started to gather there.

Jiang Xi Yu took her seat at the inner hall. She did not get tired after the long journey because Li Fei Long kept her to be always comfortable during the trip back to the fu. Her sigh came from all these people in front of her. All have their own motive to tackle her as soon she shows them her weakness.

"Jiě jie, how was Luoyang?" Yu Wan ce fei opened up the conversation after a full awkward atmosfer since Jiang Xi Yu decided to keep in silence.

Yu Wan ce fei shared the look with Zheng yiniang and Qing yiniang. Smiled at them just like the four of them were best friends having a chit chat on a lazy afternoon.

"Since I joined this fu, never even once I visit back to my hometown. To be honest, jie jie. I very much miss my parents." She continued while the other two noded in harmony. Their facial expressions looked envious which made Jiang Xi Yu feel that they were fake.

"If all of you miss your hometown dearly, then go back." Jiang Xi Yu blurted it out spontaneously. "Ben wang fei can help to appeal to wang ye so three of you could go back freely to your hometown and could erase all your miseries."

The shock on their faces was something that Jiang Xi Yu never expected. Originally she was just annoyed by the fake envy, then she was annoyed because Yu Wan ce fei tried too hard to get close by calling her older sister which she hated to hear. Who knew that after she just sarcastically answered Yu Wan ce fei, all the people who were there inside the hall were shocked.

Yu Wan ce fei dropped her knee on the floor. A moment after that Zheng Wan'er and Qing Yu Fei copied her move.

"Wang fei, please condone my words. Nu did not mean that the life after joining Duang Wang Fu is miserable. Nu's maiden household has been assisted greatly by Duan Qin Wang. Living in this fu is the greatest grant that nu gets." Yu Wan gave her kowtow and the other two beside her also did the same. Jiang Xi Yu sured enough that Zheng Wan'er and Qing Yu Fei might bite their lips and curse Yu Wan inside their minds.

"Get up." Shouted, Jiang Xi Yu was irritated.

Even though she pitied them who could never visit their maiden home freely, she knew she also got the same fate like them. Jiang Xi Yu knew Yu Wan just wanted to start a conversation.

After the trio sat back on their chairs, Jiang Xi Yu sighed with relief. She still needs them to be respectful towards her but she also does not has the intention to be harsh on them.

Luckily, Ding mama entered the room and joined them. Bowed half hearted for Jiang Xi Yu, Ding mama informed her new challenge. "Wang fei, Xiao Gan Zi gonggong informed that tomorrow wang ye will take wang fei to visit Zhong Jing Palace. Nu bi here to assist the preparation for tomorrow."

Visit Zhong Jing Palace meaning she will have her first encounter with Jing Guì Fēi. Ding mama still bowed at her, waiting for her response. Meanwhile the three qie shi were looking at her, secretly curious about her reaction.

Noded, Jiang Xi Yu waved at them. "Ben wang fei thinks it is enough for the day. Let Yu Wan ce fei leads Zheng yi niang and Qing yi niang. Ding mama can start to advise what proper gifts for Jing Guì Fēi."

Ding mama straightened her back then gave a huge smile at her. After the qie shi left her quarter, Ding mama gave her a long lost of gifts then continued the session with strict rules inside the Palace which Jiang Xi Yu needs to learn.

As time went by, the nervousness got inside Jiang Xi Yu's mind. How would Jing Gui Fei does towards the unwanted daughter in law?!


A bumpkin just entered the Grand Palace.

For the first time, Jiang Xi Yu saw the glamourous Palace. From the point where they entered the gate, Jiang Xi Yu cannot stop admiring every single thing she saw. The walls characteristic, the meaning behind each decorations, the many levels of servants that were passed over and over again. Jiang Xi Yu was on cloud nine.

"I am walking on air." Whispered, Jiang Xi Yu accepted Li Fei Long's hand after she stepped out from the palanquin.

The special palanquin stopped right in front of Zhong Jing Palace. The announcement about their arrival was clearly heard. That made Jiang Xi Yu back to reality. The person inside the quarter might be or might be not good towards her.

The head eunuch welcomed them at the front door. Ding mama, who represented Duan Qin Wang, responded to him politely. Then the two led the way for Li Fei Long and Jiang Xi Yu to enter the inner quarter.

Jing Guì Fēi waited for them with a poise pose. The elegant interior of Zhong Jing Palace became more enamored with the present of her in the center. Sat there with her green silk outfit. The embroidery pattern of peonies embellished the dress. The one thing that made Jiang Xi Yu become nervous was her eyes.

Jing Guì Fēi has observant eyes just like Li Fei Long. It felt like Jing Guì Fēi scanned her to her bone. Jiang Xi Yu bowed properly beside Li Fei Long. For the whole process until she was seated, Li Fei Long helped her so she would not slip and fall. Jing Guì Fēi noticed that for sure.

"Ben gong sees the two of you being in love with each other. This is good to see."

The smile was not clear whether it was sincere or just a hint of innuendo. Jiang Xi Yu glanced at Li Fei Long who clearly laughed in satisfaction. Acting very much happy with his mother's expression. Like he never considered Han Yao Ying before their wedding.

"Mufei, this lovely wang fei of mine has prepared some gifts." Li Fei Long said it dearly. His hands tapped Jiang Xi Yu like a cue for her to start her move to steal his mother's heart.

Ru Qing and Ru Ming came forward to present the gifts. Jiang Xi Yu has to hint to Ding mama to help her.

"Beside some souvenirs erxi found while at Luoyang, erxi brings some natural creations for skin face and not forgetting this one to complete the set." Jiang Xi Yu let Ru Qing move closer in front of Jing Guì Fēi so she could reach the new tools that Jiang Xi Yu requested to be made.

Two pieces of jade attached on both ends of a handle. The model was also similar to the modern one. Jiang Xi Yu tested it and was satisfied with it. Specially after Ru Qing and Ru Ming succeeded in making her some skincare products based on her knowledge.

On the modern days, Jiang Xi Yu was addicted to skincare and makeup. Since in ancient days things were different, Jiang Xi Yu tried to mix some natural products and found out the result was even better than modern products.

"The jade roller is gently run across the face to promote blood circulation as well as reduce puffiness and wrinkles. Jade is traditionally known for its cooling properties. After a few times of using it before sleep, the skin would glow on the next day." Jiang Xi Yu realized her excitement high enough after Jing Guì Fēi put down the jade back on the silver tray.

Li Fei Long looked very much proud of her explanation. Meanwhile, Jing Guì Fēi flicked her fingers for Ru Qing to step back. The sighed came out from her lips and got caught up by Jiang Xi Yu.

Jing Guì Fēi did not like her.

Gulped, Jiang Xi Yu sat back to her seat. Her nervousness gradually turned into umbrage. Her back as stiff as wood. To think that she has to butt licking Jing Guì Fēi when the marriage degree was enforced by The Emperor. She made a promise to herself that she would ever again try to impress Jing Guì Fēi.

"Mufei, erchen …."

"Ben gong sees Ding mama has poorly done her task of serving Duan Wang Fei. Duan Wang Fei cannot even stand properly. How to even give proper respect to His Majesty?!" Calmly cutting her own son, Jing Guì Fēi picked up her tea cup not to drink it but just to scent it.

Jiang Xi Yu did not pay attention to both as she dwelt in her own mind. The rough sound of Li Fei Long cough made her turn her head.

"Perhaps, sending Ding mama back to Zhong Jing Palace is preferable instead of getting the punishment." Li Fei Long sounded as vicious as his own mother.

Ding mama kneeled and kowtow in mercy soon afterwards. "Please spare this lowly person. The unworthy one is asking for a second chance."

Jing Guì Fēi turned uneasy. The table has turned back at her. Li Fei Long avoided the eye contact her mother made. Jiang Xi Yu was in an awkward position.

"The kidnappers kept erxi for almost two weeks. Beside the memory loss, ever since that accident, erxi gained weak bone caused by the tightness of the rope. Erxi never has any intention to give poor respect. It is never Ding mama's fault. It is erxi's fault for being weak."

Jiang Xi Yu got back on her feet. In a split second Li Fei Long already stood up and took her hand on his.

"It is never wang fei's fault." He asserted with his seriousness. "Ben wang wants to torture all the perpetrators who had make my wang fei surfer for the rest of the life. No need to feel inferior after this. Wang fei's weakness is ben wang's responsibility to accept and protect."

"Stood up!" Shouted, Jing Guì Fēi quickly butt in. Her stiff face has loosen up. "The perpetrators already got their punishment. Ben gong never knew the impact from that accident would be heavy."

"He Lu gonggong…" Jing Guì Fēi called her trusted tai jian. "Take Ding mama along to serve midday meals and to summon imperial taiyi to examine Duan Wang Fei's health."

Ding mama quickly expressed her gratitude before walking out with He Lu gonggong. To follow along the act, Jiang Xi Yu bent her knee as she held tight Li Fei Long's hand.

"Mufei is magnanimous. Erxi is fortunate."


The day was long. Jiang Xi Yu kept her mouth shut most of the meal time with Jing Guì Fēi and Li Fei Long. She let the mother and son have their own light conversation while she herself enjoyed some meals that Jing Guì Fēi stated was Li Fei Long's favorite.

By the time the imperial taiyi examined her wellness, Jiang Xi Yu already had some outlook for her own well being. Her weak foot was once again mentioned for being her frailty point. Other than that, she was fine.

Withdrew from Zhong Jing Palace, sat back on the palanquin towards the palace gate where she entered before, Jiang Xi Yu once again let herself enjoy the view of the palace. Her enjoy ended soon enough when she heard a familiar voice greet Li Fei Long.

They were reaching the palace gate when Jiang Xi Yu found out who stood there with the smile she never forgot.

"Ge…" Ruì Qīn Wáng stepped closer. "I could see you smile from where I stand. I never saw gē ge this happy before."

Who would know the meaning behind those words. Whether it was satire or Li Qing Feng really meant it. Li Fei Long laughed at him but instead of facing Li Qing Feng, he turned to help Jiang Xi Yu came down from the palanquin.

Attentively holding Jiang Xi Yu's hand, Li Fei Long made sure both Jiang Xi Yu's feet touched the ground before turning his head back facing his younger brother.

The cheeky smile on Li Qing Feng's face disappeared the moment he saw Jiang Xi Yu. This made Li Fei Long smile wider. The grip on Jiang Xi Yu's hand got tighter as Li Fei Long pulled her closer so Li Qing Feng could see more clearly who she was.

"One familiar face I recon." said Li Qing Feng coldly. His eyes fixed on Jiang Xi Yu.

His stare made Jiang Xi Yu retrieved back the memory when his hand gripped tight her face like he could crush her face in ease. Unconsciously, Jiang Xi Yu shuddered in cringe.

Brushing his thumb on her hand, Jiang Xi Yu's eyes moved to her side. Li Fei Long still held her hand tightly.

"Erdi heard the story. The woman that I saved was none other than the woman bestowed by fuhuang. It is fate after all." Li Fei Long seemed very proud of their love story.

"It is fate after all." Murmured, Li Qing Feng never left his sight from Jiang Xi Yu.

"Visiting Zhao Xiang Palace?" Li Fei Long continued to ask calmly.

"Yes. But then I heard Han Yao Ying is on the way back from Empress Dowager's palace. Therefore I am waiting here to at least take a glimpse of my future wang fei's face."

Jiang Xi Yu glanced at Li Fei Long to keep an eye on his reaction. Nothing changed there. On the contrary, Li Fei Long looks very much content.

"Erdi has to wait a little bit more before erdi could feel what I feel." Li Fei Long replied sincerely.

Speaking of the devil, soon afterward the noise behind them made all three of them turn around and find a smaller palanquin than the one Jiang Xi Yu used, with few yahuan accompanied, getting closer. A young girl, around the same age as Jiang Xi Yu sat there and clearly noticed them.

Jiang Xi Yu remembered her pretty face. The same face who she met at the pagoda when she intended to run away from Duan Wang Fu.

Han Yao Ying obviously was a fine lady. Her yellow silk dress has sparrows and daffodil flowers embroidered prettily. Her skin was as pale as snow in the winter. The green daffodil bù yáo on her hair made her amazingly lovely.

So, this girl who made these two men lost their mind?!

Jiang Xi Yu bitterly smiled as Han Yao Ying walked closer towards them. Politely bowed, Han Yao Ying waved her handkerchief. The fragrant scent pervaded around them, which made Jiang Xi Yu start to scan her new found lady rival's deficiency.

"Greetings for Duan Qin Wang, Duan Wang Fei, Rui Qin Wang." Han Yao Ying bent the knee perfectly.

"Do not be too formal. Han Yao Ying gong gege will soon be part of The Imperial Family. Please be in ease." Li Fei Long smiled at her.

Jiang Xi Yu waited until Han Yao Ying could see her face clearly. She could bet a whole lot of fortune that Li Fei Long did not know with whom Li Qing Feng that night in Pagoda before Li Fei Long came.

To her disappointment, Han Yao Ying just blankly looked at her. Jiang Xi Yu scanned if there was any hint of surprise but it was difficult. Before losing any timing, Jiang Xi Yu just blurted it out without much thinking.

"One familiar face I recognize too." Satirically smiled, Jiang Xi Yu copied Li Qing Feng's words. She turned back to Li Qing Feng then said, "I believe wang ye would take care of this small matter."

Four of them tangled in an awkward atmosphere. Li Qing Feng stared at Jiang Xi Yu like the night when they met for the first time at Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

"Looks like Duan Wang Fei still holds grudges." said Li Qing Feng.


Both of them kept silent from the moment they separated from Rui Qin Wang and Han Yao Ying gong gege. But even though they were inside their own mind, Li Fei Long's hand was still holding Jiang Xi Yu's hand. Their grand carriage moved slowly and regent along the main road which made the smell of fragrant foods from street food vendors lingered on their nose.

Jiang Xi Yu's mind gradually imagined the food those people sell outside. Her thoughts on Han Yao Ying changed easily as her curiosity on the main street vendors increased.

"Erdi and Han Yao Ying met secretly at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda that night?"

Out of nowhere the question attacked her. Jiang Xi Yu was about to lift the curtain to see people on the street. Her free hand dropped and her intention moved to Li Fei Long.

"Jealous?" Jiang Xi Yu replied without much thinking and soon she regretted it.

Li Fei Long let go of her hand then locked his eyes with Jiang Xi Yu. His aura turned dark. The memory of his anger made Jiang Xi Yu terrified of what could happen next.

"What kind of small matter wang fei thinks erdi could take care?" asked Li Fei Long coldly.

"When Han Yao Ying gong gege and Rui Qin Wang realized qie was there, saw them together at the Pagoda. Han Yao Ying gong gege said she believed Rui Qin Wang could take care of me and Ru Qing at that moment."

"Then Han Yao Ying left the scene before I arrived?" Li Fei Long continued. Jiang Xi Yu nodded.

Before Jiang Xi Yu thinks straight, Li Fei Long acted fast. He pulled her closer. Lifted her and moved her on to his laps. His wide strong hand was already at the back of Jiang Xi Yu's head and pushed her head until their lips met. The other hand embraced Jiang Xi Yu closer.

Jiang Xi Yu moaned heavily as Li Fei Long forced her to accept his kiss. The kiss turned passionate as their tongues touted and his touches built passion between them.

When Jiang Xi Yu started losing her mind, Li Fei Long pulled back his head but his hands was still strongly locked her body on him.

"No one could harm my only wang fei." Then he pushed back his lips against Jiang Xi Yu's lips. One of his hands wandered on Jiang Xi Yu's thigh. The other hand wandered on her bottom.

Li Fei Long retreated from his kiss for the second time. "There was no jealousy." He growled.

When he was about to pounce back his lips on Jiang Xi Yu's, she stopped him by putting her point finger on his lips. "That kind of beauty. The yellow sparrows with daffodil flowers." Jiang Xi Yu sneered on him.

Li Fei Long reacted fast by jokingly pretending to bite her finger. He turned her body easily and put her down on the soft seat inside the grand carriage that was still moving slowly.

"The sparrows cannot compete with my phoenix." Li Fei Long made sure she laid comfortably then his hands roamed inside Jiang Xi Yu's dress. His touch on her skin felt so smooth. The sensation he made on her inside the moving grand carriage with the sounds of people on the street made Jiang Xi Yu thrilled.

She knew what he meant by phoenix as a hint on his ambitiousness on his political goal. With her hands holding each of Li Fei Long's hands, Jiang Xi Yu tried to remind him. "But qie is not Han Yao Ying. No Grand Princess. No Grand Chancellor."

That second Li Fei Long stopped his moves. On top of Jiang Xi Yu, he just looked down and waited for Jiang Xi Yu to finish her words.

"I am the unwanted wife. The twisted fate. Even Jing Guì Fēi thinks I am worthless."

Jiang Xi Yu thought her words had just killed their mood together. Li Fei Long's sharp eyes looked down on her like a hawk's eyes locking the target. Li Fei Long let go of his grip on her thigh, not to stop their action but to tore off her dress from her chest.

Shocked by his sudden moves, Jiang Xi Yu squealed in panic. The grand carriage stopped all sudden. The noise of the crowd outside the grand carriage seems like it toned down after they stopped.

"Wang ye, wang fei, was there any harm happened?" Ming He asked in a hurry from outside the grand carriage.

"Proceed back to the fu!" shouted, Li Fei Long continued in a much calmer tone. "Be sure to go slowly and make a large round around the city center before going back to the fu."

Then Li Fei Long lowered his body right in front of Jiang Xi Yu's naked breast. "Ben wang needs to punish wang fei for being silly."

His hand locked her body so Jiang Xi Yu could not move away from him. His mouth was close enough in front of her bare nipple. The sensation of the view was killing Jiang Xi Yu. She lusted for him. Li Fei Long made her craving for his body. She began to enjoy his evilness.

Li Fei Long looked at her in the eyes. "Jiang Xi Yu, you are my phoenix."

As the horses started to pull the grand carriage again, Li Fei Long's lips were already on the tip of Jiang Xi Yu's breast. Her loud moan soon got covered by his strong palm. The other hand of his covered her wet ending. And the shaking grand carriage became fun to ride for them.

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