Chapter 1 – Transmigration 1

Chapter 1 – Transmigration (1)
… … …

At the end of May, the capital was sweltering hot.

Gu Jin wore a white dress and high heels while carrying a number of shopping bags. She stepped out of the taxi and walked towards her apartment while the taxi driver’s lustful eyes followed her swaying figure.

After she swiped her card key on the door’s slot, the entrance slid open, causing some cool air to escape.

This was a high end double apartment, located near the Imperial Normal University. It had a tight security, well made facilities, and an affordable price! Since two girls occupied an apartment, the decorations throughout the rooms were very feminine.

“Little Jin!”

Once Gu Jin returned to her room and put down her shopping bags, she heard a crisp voice of a woman outside her door. She frowned and pushed her bags into her cabinet.

Suddenly, Cheng Xin pushed the door open and entered in with a pair of pink slippers.

Gu Jin had a strong sense privacy; she didn’t like it when people open her door without permission.

But in the female protagonist’s eyes, she and Gu Jin were close enough to share the same pair of pants, so she thought it was only natural to enter and leave each other’s rooms at will.

“Little Jin, where did you go today? Why didn’t you call me?” Chen Xin pouted in disappointment. Thinking that she was no outsider, she took the liberty to sit comfortably on Gu Jin’s bed before she asked with suspicion, “Is it…is it because you’re trying to avoid me so you could visit Shao Chong alone?”

“Shao Chong is busy with his work. How could he find the time to accompany me? It’s getting hot, and my old clothes aren’t very suitable. I went shopping today to buy some new ones.”


“What? You went shopping alone?” Cheng Xin exclaimed.

Growing up with Gu Jin, Cheng Xin naturally had a deep understanding of her friend’s temperament. She had always been a quiet, dull and old-fashioned kind of girl, and shopping was definitely not something she would do out of her own initiative.

Suddenly aware of her own overreaction, Cheng Xin coughed to hide her embarrassment before angrily scolding, “How could Shao Chong leave you to shop alone? It’s not very kind of him. Is it more important to work than to attend to a girlfriend?”

She sighed and continued to earnestly advise, “You’re too lenient. If you just let a man do whatever he wants, he’ll get used to such habits. I’ll have a meal with Shao Chong and talk to him about it.”

After listening to Cheng Xin’s words, Gu Jin raised a brow and smiled silently.

With Cheng Xin’s lively personality and sharp mind, she quickly tried to veer the conversation to another topic afterwards. “Oh right, what clothes did you buy? Let me take a look. Jing Hao is too overbearing, so he often orders his people to send me custom sewn clothing. I haven’t been shopping outdoors for a long time.”


“And you’re not being nice, you didn’t even call me when you went out shopping!” Cheng Xin complained in a falsely upset voice as she kicked her legs in annoyance. The bedsheets were wrinkled even further.

If Gu Jin wasn’t familiar with Cheng Xin’s character, she would have assumed that her cousin was showing off.

Fortunately, she already prepared herself early.

Gu Jin forced herself to look away from the messy sheets.

After opening the cabinet, she picked one of the shopping bags and handed it over to her cousin. “Hey, I bought these for you. I hope you can forgive me a little with these.”


“Really? You got something for me again.” Cheng Xin suddenly forgot her dissatisfaction and took the bag excitedly. She eagerly took out out the clothes inside and held it up to her body. “Wow, Little Jin, the skirt you bought is really cute!”

It was a fitted, light yellow dress with delicate embroidery along the skirt, making it appear elegant and delicate. This dress was very suitable for Cheng Xin’s fair skin and tall height.

After receiving her gift, she forgot to check out Gu Jin’s new clothes. Unable to hold her excitement, Cheng Xin couldn’t wait to return to her room to try the new item on. When she reached the door, she remembered how people talked of the importance of reciprocating other’s kindness. Since her and Gu Jin’s body shape was similar, she turned around to say, “Little Jin, the other day Jing Hao sent me a dress. I haven’t worn it yet and it’s very pretty. I’ll give it to you later.”
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