Chapter 2 – Transmigration 2

Chapter 2 – Transmigration (2)
… … …

The corner of Gu Jin’s lips raised a little. She refused without a thought, “No thanks. Since Jing Hao gave those clothes to you, they represent his feelings for you. If I end up wearing those clothes, I’m afraid that I would be disrespecting his wishes.” She added meaningfully, “Besides, is it appropriate to give away someone’s gift like this?”

Cheng Xin did agree with her; Jing Hao was very possessive. If he knew that she sent his gift to someone else, he would punish her without batting an eye. When she thought of his punishments, her knees weakened and her cheeks were flushed red.

She and Gu Jin were best friends and cousins, and both had no lack for money so there was really no need to worry about paying each other back. Cheng Xin happily replied, “Thank you cousin, I’ll invite you to dinner tomorrow. I love you so much.”

After spending a long effort to send Cheng Xin away, Gu Jin removed her high heels and massaged her sore feet. She looked down at the messy bed with a deep sigh.

After living for more than 20 years, the most annoying task that Gu Jin received was the bystander role of a “female protagonist’s best friend.”

It was a character who was meant to coax the female lead when she felt down.

After coming into this novel world, Gu Jin’s principles were all being broken.

That’s because her cousin was Cheng Xin, the female protagonist of this world. There were countless rich and handsome men who pursued her.

Gu Jin did not end up transmigrating into a female rival, nor did she end up as an unlucky cannon fodder.

On the contrary, she became Cheng Xin’s best friend–the female protagonist’s most trusted cousin.

In the original novel, Gu Jin was born to a scholarly family; her parents were University professors and she was their own child. Although the family wasn’t as rich as the Cheng family, they never worried about money.

Gu Jin herself was good in all aspects. But because she was too dignified and gentle, her beauty was like an unreachable flower.

When put next to the lively protagonist Cheng Xin, her image paled in comparison.

Her dull disposition, along with her family background, and appearance cut her chances for a crowd of pursuers.


Fortunately, because she was the female lead’s best friend, she eventually had the privilege of sharing a high-quality man.

Even though this man was someone who once admired Cheng Xin.

After these cousins married their husbands, there was friction within their couples from time to time, but the two girls still shared a good friendship.

The novel’s ending was so lovely that Gu Jin’s (MC) luck for transmigrating into this body could not be considered bad.

She could die peacefully as long as she followed the original plot and held on to Cheng Xin’s golden thigh tightly.

But that was only in the original work.

It was simply a fairy tale ending.

On the night that Gu Jin transmigrated into this world, a memory suddenly entered into her mind.

It was the memory of a twenty-six year old Gu Jin.


In that memory, the first twenty years were the same as those of the original Gu Jin, as well as the descriptions in the original novel.

The only difference was that Gu Jin’s life after marriage was not as beautiful.

Cheng Xin, who was the only daughter of the affluent Cheng family, had an arrogant and willful temperament since childhood. She was used to being spoiled by others. After her marriage to Jing Hao, her small flaws that were once considered cute and unique, were now magnified infinitely and the husband and wife often clashed.

Whenever she quarreled with Jing Hao, she would often call on Shao Chong, who was already Gu Jin’s husband. Whenever Shao Chong received her phone call, no matter where he was or what he was doing, he would immediately rush over to her side.

He would drink wine with her, open up with their feelings, then send the drunk Cheng Xin over to Jing Hao.

Once, twice, three times, how many more?

On one side was the husband she loved most, while the other was her best friend.

But since Shao Chong was a married man, him spending time with another woman was suspicious.


Gu Jin wanted to look for a chance to tactfully discuss the issue with Shao Chong so he could pay more attention to propriety.

Then Shao Chong told her impatiently, “Don’t worry so much about it. We only have a pure friendship. Since she’s your cousin and you’re her dear friend, shouldn’t you help her relieve her pain?!”
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