Chapter 11: Blood Jade Bracele

… … …

However, not only was this blood jade bracelet made of the finest material, it also held significant meaning–this was the heirloom left by Gu Jin’s grandmother to her mother.

Speaking of Gu Jin’s family, they were quite a respected one. During the last two years of the Qing Dynasty, one of her ancestors obtained a Jinshi, which was the highest degree in the imperial examination. This brought their family much joy and honor.

After the fall of the Dynasty and the chaos caused by war that led to the founding of a new nation, her ancestors suffered immensely.

Even the family property was scattered completely after the turmoil of war.

At that time, her grandmother injured herself at a young age, and was only able to give birth to two sisters: Li Mingxia and Li Minghong.

When the pair of sisters matured, one of them married Gu Changsheng who was a professor, and Cheng Wanyan, who was a businessman. One sister became a respectable university professor while the other became a wealthy woman of the upper class.

Before the death of their grandmother, the remaining pair of jade bracelets were gifted to the two sisters.

A few months ago, when Gu Jin celebrated her 20th birthday, her mother Li Mingxia, gave the blood jade bracelet as a birthday gift. It now her responsibility to keep it safe for future generations.

Before leaving her apartment this morning, Gu Jin chose her clothes for that day, but she couldn’t find a suitable accessory to match her outfit.

She was different from the original host, who preferred simplicity and elegance, while refusing to wear or purchase any complicated and beautiful pieces of jewelry.

The current Gu Jin has always held a high standard for her own appearance, even if she was at home. When leaving the house, it was a necessity to dress like a queen!

Nowadays, she had no choice but to lower her dressing standards to the original host’s style and dress like a ‘maidservant.’ But since she didn’t want to cause any suspicion that could endanger her life, she could only try suppress her distaste.

Without any other choices of jewelry, she chose this bracelet as her accessory.

Who knew that she would suddenly lose it during what was supposed to be a simple dinner?


Suddenly, an idea flashed in Gu Jin’s mind as she recalled kicking that crazy man in the dim room. It turned out that leaving that place was no simple matter.

She stared at her bruised wrist and fell into deep thought.

Could it be…

When the man reached out for her wrist, did he end up grabbing her bracelet by chance and caused it to slip?

Gu Jin wanted to return to that room to take another look, but she didn’t remember how to get there.

When Cheng Xin saw that Gu Jin remained silent, she felt even more upset and also somewhat helpless.

As soon as she looked up, Shao Chong, who was pushed away by her just earlier, had walked out of the room and strode towards them. Compared to Cheng Xin’s panicked reaction a few minutes ago, he was much calmer.

He frowned when he saw the onlookers in the hallway who came to watch the drama. He pushed them out of his way before asking Cheng Xin, “What happened to you?”

“I accidentally hurt Little Jin’s hand,” she replied as she lowered her head.


Gu Jin lifted her gaze and was about to speak. She wanted to explain the truth, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

She suddenly realized that this was an opportunity!

A good opportunity to distance herself from the female protagonist!

This was a chance she wanted to take.
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