Chapter 101: Arrival

Two o’clock in the morning is when people sleep most soundly. But right now, Mu Mingcheng couldn’t fall asleep.

If the person you like is right next to you, which normal person would be able to fall asleep easily?

Mu Mingcheng thought that he himself was a normal, so he opened his eyes quietly and looked at Gu Jin.

In the dim light, her expression looked very comfortable after falling asleep, like a still and quiet picture.

The person in the photo was gentle and indifferent, but when she smiles, her eyes and expression seemed to invite his affection.

Mu Mingcheng moved closer as he held his breath. He carefully approached and dropped a kiss on her beautiful hair.

At that moment, Mu Mingcheng quickly withdrew. His heartbeat thumped loudly as if it was about to leap out of his chest.

This feeling was entirely strange. He laid back on his original position and covered his chest, then looked back at Gu Jin to savor this feeling.

In the darkness, Gu Jin’s lashes trembled slightly. Her eyelids moved but she never opened them.

Didu Airport.

Mu Mingcheng stopped as soon as several people came forward to welcome him.

“Master, we’ve been waiting here for a long time, Sir and Madam, please go back first.” The Mu butler in his fifties stood respectfully in front of Mu Mingcheng with several strong men in black clothes and pants.

“Let’s go to the old mansion first,” Mu Mingcheng replied with a nod. After such a big event, his parents must worry about him meeting anyone else.

The butler and the personnel escorted them to the car.


“Mingcheng, you head back, I’ll be going to my school,” Gu Jin said as she passed his wheelchair along to the bodyguard beside her.

Mu Mingcheng frowned and did not speak. Instead, the Mu family’s butler turned to Gu Jin and warmly said, “You must be young master’s girlfriend, Miss Gu.”

Gu Jin, who was addressed this way, was stunned. She didn’t realize that the Mu family was aware of their relationship.

But when she thought about it, the commotion she made at the Jing family’s banquet wasn’t small. It was enough to cause a buzz in the capital, so why wouldn’t the Mu elders and parents take notice of it?

The key was that while they knew about it, neither parent prevented their adult son from having an intimate relationship with the opposite sex. After all, she was simply a girlfriend. It’s still a long way from marriage.

The relationship between her and Mu Mingcheng wasn’t equal by status. She certainly wasn’t qualified to become the Mu family’s daughter-in-law.

However, Gu Jin felt a little perplexed about the Mu butler’s attitude towards her.

“Mr. Butler is kind.” Gu Jin smiled shyly. Despite herself, she added: “Mingcheng often mentioned to me about your care for him.” Although she wasn’t used to flattering others, sometimes, a compliment or two is enough to make a good impression. So why not?

“Did Master tell you this?” As a matter of fact, the butler’s tone actually became friendlier. “Miss Gu, why don’t you join us? Mr. and Mrs. Gu have been waiting to meet you.” The young master’s tastes are as good as ever. This young lady was certainly smart and beautiful; no wonder the young master was angered for her sake at the Jing gathering!


Gu Jin wasn’t aware of his thoughts, but in any case, she mustn’t meet his parents at this time. Gu Jin turned to Mu Mingcheng with difficulty and looked at him with meaning.
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