Chapter 102: Calm Before the Storm

The corner of Mu Mingcheng’s lips hooked up when he noticed Gu Jin trying to communicate with him through eye contact. “No, she has some things to deal with at her school. Let her go back to deal with it first. After a few day’s rest, I’ll go and visit my parents with her again.”

To help her escape from his butler’s invitation, he added, “I’ll have Old Liu escort you back.”

Mu Mingcheng smiled lightly when he saw Gu Jin get in the car with ease. He didn’t mention the other reason as to why he let Old Liu drive her back.

On the drive back to the Mu Mansion, Mu Mingcheng had a small laptop on his lap. As his fingers tapped on the keyboard, his expression became colder and more sinister, until he finally scoffed in anger.

The head of the Mu family, Mu Jingzhou, made a cup of tea and sat on the sofa to sip it leisurely. His wife, Xu Jie, sat next to him with a worried expression.

“Didn’t Assistant Fang say that his wounds will heal in about ten days or so? If someone else saw you, they would think something serious happened to you.” Mu Jingzhou took a sip of tea while trying to comfort his wife.

“Something serious? Of course it’s a big deal!” Xu Jie laughed coldly and raised a brow. “Is it a trivial matter for my son to be assassinated? Tell me, how many times has he been injured from childhood to adulthood? How many times has he escaped from death?”

“I know,” Mu Jingzhou slowly put down his teacup and continued to appease her. Right then, a servant came in to inform him that the young master was back.

Mu Jingzhou followed Xu Jie to go and greet his injured son.

As a strong woman who headed a jewelry design company, Xu Jie’s mental endurance was much higher than the average person. After walking out with her husband, she immediately became the solemn and calm Mrs. Mu, as if the woman who had lost her temper with her husband just earlier was simply an illusion.

But when she saw her tall and handsome son sitting on a wheelchair, this composed woman couldn’t help but turn red.

After she expressed their sympathy and concern, they finally got to the point.

“Do you have any clues as to who the assassin is?” Mu Jingzhou said after finding an opportunity to interrupt.

Xu Jie also turned quiet and stared nervously at her son.


“A little,” Mu Mingcheng’s eyes swept over his mother, Xu Jie, and he didn’t continue speaking.

Mu Jingzhou nodded to him and went ahead to escort his wife upstairs. “You’re ability is clear to everyone here. I believe you can handle it yourself.” The was a father’s greatest affirmation to his son.

Some matters need to be settled personally. Mu Jingzhou went upstairs and wearily shook his head. He was no longer as energetic in dealing with issues, perhaps because of his old age, but there are certain things that still need discussing.

Mu Mingcheng’s return is destined to turn the capital upside down.

There was a heavy atmosphere that lurked underneath the bustling appearance of the Imperial Capital, just like the calm before the storm.

However, just like this season’s weather, the longer the peace lasts, the more frightening the tempest rages when it breaks out.
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