Chapter 103: Gu Teng’s Grievances

By the time she got back to school, it was still early in the morning.

The car parked outside the dormitory. After Gu Jin expressed her gratitude to Old Liu, she turned around and was just about to enter with her small suitcase.

“Miss Gu, please wait a moment.” Old Liu got out of the car and handed her a box that he had pulled out from the trunk. “This is a gift from Mr. Mu.”

Gu Jin put down her suitcase and accepted the somewhat exquisite package from Old Liu.

She didn’t have an idea why it would be so heavy.

Feeling slightly curious, Gu Jin took the gift back to her dormitory. Fortunately, her unit wasn’t too high up; she was assigned to the second floor so carrying the box wasn’t too laborious.

The dormitory was quiet and her roommate, Shang Jiayu, wasn’t there.

Gu Jin dropped her items on the bed without care. Without bothering to take a shower, she plunged straight onto her mattress and fell asleep.

Her sleep was so sweet that by the time she woke up, it was already dark outside.

After stretching, Gu Jin checked the time that was displayed on her cellphone. It was 7:20 pm.

She got out of bed and discovered that there was dinner left on the table with a note attached to it.

“Hey, you didn’t even bother to call me and you slept so soundly. Here’s your dinner, remember to eat.”

Who else was able to enter this dorm except for Shang Jiayu? Although she complained, her kindness was evident. Gu Jin smiled. She was touched by her roommate’s thoughtfulness.

To be fair, the people in this world who aren’t mentioned in the novel are actually quite normal.

After dinner, Gu Jin called her home.


She was worried that her family would notice that she’s left abroad these past couple of days, especially since she hasn’t been keeping in touch with them lately.

The pitiful Gu Teng has been looking for someone to share his concerns with, but unfortunately, it’s inappropriate to share family issues in public. Gu Jin was the only person he could confide in, but this sister had abandoned him to go play abroad.

After keeping it in for several days, Gu Teng finally seized the chance to whine to Gu Jin.

“Sister, you have no idea, that Gu Ling is really disgusting.”

Gu Jin raised a brow and turned down the volume for the comedic variety show she was watching on her computer. She asked him directly: “What’s wrong with her?”

Just like a considerate listener, she asked the question that would cause the speaker to pour out more complaints.

Sure enough, on the other end of the line, Gu Teng replied indignantly: “Remember how grandma pressured our parents to admit Gu Ling into college but then they turned her down?”

Gu Jin: “Mhmm.”

“I really don’t know what went through her mind, being so keen on getting a part-time job. Yet, she didn’t say what job she had found. It’s not even anything worth praising about, and yet she had become so arrogant lately, walking around with her chin up high…” Brother Gu mumbled with pursed lips in extreme disapproval.


After listening to her younger brother’s complaints, Gu Jin gave him a few words of comfort and advice. She told him to go out with friends and relax instead of staying home all day playing games on his computer.

If he was at home all day, he will only see that annoying person from the moment he wakes up until nighttime when he falls asleep. Thus, small issues will become magnified infinitely, and his mood will be ruined.

Gu Ling is a worrisome person. She always finds fault about herself. She is just making her own life miserable.

After unloading his pent up frustrations, Gu Teng was now in a better mood. Upon hearing his sister’s advice, he retorted, “You think I want to stay home? If you didn’t leave me behind, I would’ve gone with you to play.” He was too lazy to try get along with Gu Ling.

Gu Jin reluctantly massaged her temples and said, “Alright, when I have free time, let’s go and hang out.”
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