Chapter 104: Daughter-in-law

Gu Jin had a new understanding of her younger brother’s proud nature. It was easy to poke his defenseless and sensitive ego.

After hanging up, the only thing on her mind was the information she recalled about Gu Ling from the original novel. Based on the plot, Gu Ling had quietly snuck after Jing Hao. Although nothing major happened, her disgusting actions caused a rift between the original host and Cheng Xin.

However, the current Gu Jin had already broken ties with Cheng Xin completely. Whether it be their sisterhood or their partner’s lack of loyalty, there was nothing left to break apart. So Gu Jin was not at all worried about Gu Ling’s schemes.

Now that she thought back to those things, Gu Jin gave a sigh of relief. Thankfully, it was over. Playing along with that couple’s drama was no longer entertaining.

After closing her laptop, Gu Jin turned to the side and glanced at the box that Old Liu had given her.

What mysterious item could be packaged in it?

Driven by curiosity, she opened the box.


The corner of her lip twitched.

The 20-inch sided box was filled with all kinds of lipstick.

After taking a cursory glance….she felt sorry for the sender.

In silence, Gu Jin picked up the attached note:

Mu Mingcheng: [Do you like my present?]

On the other end of the line, Mu Mingcheng had waited until now to send a text message. He estimated that Gu Jin should be awake right around now. She had been tired at her stay at YYY country, plus she suffered from jet lag on the way here, so she definitely needed a good long sleep.

[I like it…Thank you] Yes, she liked it very much, but with so many brands and colors of lipstick in her possession, it would take years before she uses all of them up.


It was quite surprising that someone as rich and prideful as President Mu was actually generous enough to attach a handwritten note to his gift.

Mu Mingcheng stared at her text message. Why does it feel like there was more meaning underneath that simple text she sent him?

On one hand, the reason why he gave Gu Jin a gift was to compensate her. That’s because the purpose of bringing her to his trip abroad was to take her out to play on the last two days overseas. But none of them expected an accident to show itself and erase all of their plans.

On the other hand, the gift was partly because of Mu Mingcheng’s selfishness. The person he likes should live lavishly and exquisitely, rather than nursing him without being able to do what she wanted.

He bent his lips and replied:

[Good! I’m glad you like it.]

As Gu Jin lowered her phone, she inadvertently saw her reflection on the mirror; she didn’t know when it started but it seems that she had unconsciously been smiling all this time.

Her pupils trembled but she soon recovered her calm demeanor.

During the day, the relationship between the two of them flowed naturally as usual.


As it fades into darkness, the light kiss from that night surfaced in her memory like a dream. After dawn, it disappeared without a trace.

Things seemed to have become more complicated. Gu Jin put down her phone. She wanted to have a moment to think things through.

Mu Mingcheng waited for a while, but no further messages arrived from the other end.

He sat on the sofa in the living room when someone walked in.

Xu Jie brought over a plate of strawberries and was about to chat with her son who seemed preoccupied with his phone. As soon as she sat down, Mu Mingcheng stood up and had someone prepare his car to leave. “Ming Cheng, it’s getting dark. Where are you heading?”

“I’m going to pick up you daughter-in-law.” Mu Mingcheng’s voice was light. “I may not come back later.”

Xu Jie, who paused for a moment, recalled that her son’s assistant informed her earlier that he was going to send a gift over to their daughter-in-law.

Is their family’s emotionless stone finally meeting his spring? She didn’t know which fair daughter had the ability to win over her son’s favor.

With the Mu family’s influential standing, their children can’t just be married to just anybody nowadays, and Mu Mingcheng mustn’t be put in a disadvantage to others. She had to discuss with her husband about meeting their future daughter-in-law.

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