Chapter 105: Safeguarding

At 10 o’clock, Gu Jin received a call from Mu Mingcheng, saying he was coming to pick her up personally.

After explaining the reason, Mu Mingcheng simply packed two sets of clothing and went his way towards her dormitory.

The weather has been slightly cooler these past two days. The cold wind blew gently in front of the school gate. When Gu Jin walked out wearing a coat, the lights of a parked car turned on.

“You’re injured, you don’t have to pick me up personally.” Gu Jin looked at Mu Mingcheng’s chest. “You could have asked Old Liu to pick me up.”

Mu Mingcheng explained to her that since the person in the shadows didn’t achieve his goal, he was afraid she would be targeted at her school. It would be easy for an assassin to disguise himself and mingle among the campus students.

There are many hidden dangers that threaten her safety.

“Old Liu seems to be stationed at this school all the time,” Gu Jin said. Mu Mingcheng noticed the concern in her tone. He replied with a smile, “Don’t be surprised, he’s very skilled at hiding himself. It would be very difficult to find him.”

The usually calm Gu Jin couldn’t help but be tongue-tied at this moment. Does she need this level of protection? Despite his reasons for his special safeguarding, she didn’t want it.

More than an hour later, the car arrived downtown at a house that Mu Mingcheng owned. The bedrooms at the residence were clean, and it can be seen that few people have lived in it.

“Stay here for the time being,” Mu Mingcheng handed the key to Gu Jin. “Tomorrow, I’ll have the villa cleaned up before I move in.”

Gu Jin listened silently, feeling a bit upset.

In her past life, she had always been persistent in buying a house with her own fortune, since with her own house, she has a sense of belonging.

But at this time, she was still in need of renting a house, while Mu Mingcheng’s residence seemed to hold countless rooms.

Gu Jin estimated in her mind how much Mu Mingcheng had in his bank card, then sighed silently.

Unfortunately, no amount of money she’d earned would buy a place like this.


In fact, she actually didn’t need to worry about buying a house at all. The Gu parents have bought her a house as a gift after she became an adult, but she had no idea about it.

“You’re done with your bath? Come here and sit.” Mu Mingcheng sat on the sofa and beckoned to Gu Jin, “Would you like some fruit?”

“No.” Gu Jin, who wore her neat pajamas, sat far away from him.

Tonight, even though the man had gauze wrapped around his chest, he still appeared extremely sexy. The room was air-conditioned, but Gu Jin felt very hot.

The heat didn’t dissipate until she laid in bed.

Over at the next bedroom, Mu Mingcheng gave a low laugh. Sometimes, looks can really give an advantage, especially for people who are attracted to beautiful things.

In just a few days, Mu Mingcheng has acquired quite a few shares from the Jing company using tough means.

Everyone was shocked. Many wealthy families dared not enter the capital city for a time. Everyone was in danger and all kinds of speculations were in full swing.

A certain man stood up and generously explained the reason to others with a firm voice: “You still don’t know. Last time at the Jing family’s banquet, Jing Shao offended Mu Mingcheng’s girlfriend just so he could show off to a brainless woman.”


There were many witnesses at that time so the credibility for his words was strong. Others realized the weight behind his words.

Then they wondered how the heir of the Jing family, who was said to be the proud son of heaven, could have done so foolish as to offend a high businessman for a mere woman.

Feeling baffled, they could only say one sentence with a sigh: “A girl beautiful enough to cause a calamity, ah!”

They no longer bothered with it, but at the moment, the storm has begun to escalate at another place.
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