Chapter 106: Jing Family Conflict 1

Chapter 106: Jing Family Conflict (1)

Jing family.

Within a spacious and bright room, several valuable landscape paintings and calligraphy decorated the walls. The main hall of the house was decorated with antique furniture.

On a mahogany tea table, a purple clay kettle displayed a certain elegance and nobility. Next to the teapot were several cups that released a light steam. The fragrance of tea permeates the whole room, creating a refreshing scent.

This should be a silent and peaceful atmosphere, but in reality, the current atmosphere was quiet and frightening.

After some time, a dry hand touched the cup.

Elder Jing sat on a chair in the middle of the hall. His gray Tang suit was simple without any embroidery, but even with his age, he was still full of spirit. His cloudy eyes and white hair didn’t weaken his momentum and instead, added to his intimidating aura. Just by sitting there without a word, he could make the people in front of him feel overwhelming pressure.

As time ticked by, less and less steam escaped from the cup. Several of the Jing descendants beside him dared not breath, let alone look directly at his fierce eyes.

The elder, Master Jing slowly lifted the cup to his mouth but he did not drink it. The cup “clucked” on the table, and everyone felt a sense of fear.

The old man looked up solemnly and said: “Jing Hao, what have you been up to behind my back?”

He knew his grandchild well. This grandson has a small and vengeful heart and would resolve his grudges using underhanded method. He must have felt humiliated when he had to bow down to Mu Mingcheng previously, so it wasn’t surprising that he retaliated against the man.

But is Mu Mingcheng a person you can make an enemy of? The Mu family has been in the country for hundreds of years and their foundation is deeply rooted. With the current strength of the Jing family, can they uproot the Mu family in a single night?

In the past, Jing Hao never suffered any hardships along the way, but now his thinking was muddled by a woman. If this grandson sees someone else with his woman, it was easy for him to feel unease and to act in an unsightly manner.

Who knew that just a slight provocation related to that girl would cause him to lose his reasoning?


“Grandpa,” Jing Hao stood respectfully opposite from him. He replied without expression: “I really didn’t do it.”

Jing Hao was deeply dissatisfied with Mu Mingcheng, especially that day during the banquet. He noticed that Cheng Xin’s eyes would unconsciously follow Mu Mingcheng’s figure, even as the man left.

After Jing Hao asked his girlfriend several pressing questions, Cheng Xin finally told him the truth. She said that Mu Mingcheng was the man of her dreams when she was young.

Jing Hao’s heart chilled when he heard that she had affection for that man. He never imagined that Cheng Xin and Mu Mingcheng had such a relationship.

In the past, Cheng Xin was so warm and persevering when she used to chase Jing Hao. Jing Hao’s desolate and cold heart was finally touched. Although he may encounter many good things in his life, he finally decided to open his heart and pursue only her.

Now that he knew everything, it seems that Cheng Xin almost escaped his nest for another. Thus, Jing Hao decided to turn a blind eye on his girlfriend’s sorrowful gaze.

Perhaps they all needed time to calm down.

Jing Hao was feeling more and more dissatisfied with Mu Mingcheng. His career wasn’t as outstanding as his and his beloved woman once loved that man. It seems that Jing Hao and Mu Mingcheng aren’t only rivals in business, but also in love. They are destined to either live or die by the other’s hands!

But even though Jing Hao held an irreconcilable grudge with Mu Mingcheng, he won’t provoke the man while he doesn’t have the power.


“Oh,” Master Jing said with a sneer. “Do you mean to that Mu Mingcheng waited a few days before retaliating?”

As a dignified president who had come across all walks of life, isn’t it too shameful to bow one’s head and wait for an opportunity before settling accounts?
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