Chapter 107: Jing Family Conflict 2

Chapter 107: Jing Family Conflict (2)
Upon hearing the mockery from the elder’s words, Jing Hao’s face showed a bit of change. He said, “He’s just a vile dog, he can’t do anything.”

“Shut up!” Master Jing shouted angrily. “Are your eyes covered in sh*t?”

Master Jing’s blood was boiling to the point where he didn’t bother for etiquette when reprimanding this grandson. He didn’t know how this young man had lost the proper behavior he was raised with all these years.

Master Jing looked at his grandson in disappointment. For Mu Mingcheng to strike back unexpectedly in a matter of days, the enemy’s ability can truly be seen.

It’s fine for men to be jealous, but one must not lose their sound judgement to pettiness. For Jing Hao to be so easily influenced by personal feelings, how can he be assured in handing over the Jing company to this grandson?

Meanwhile, the other descendants of the Jing family gloated when they saw Jing Hao being reprimanded. For many years, Master Jing only doted on this young man; no one from the other branches of the family could lift a finger. After being pressured by Jing Hao for so long, now was their chance to turn things around. Several people already had a fire lit in their eyes, eager to give it a try.

The old man’s words caused Jing Hao’s face to turn blue. Still, Jing Hao’s gloomy eyes swept all around the room at the audience who were enjoying the play. The onlookers couldn’t help but shrink back in surprise.

Over the years, Jing Hao’s overbearing momentum had already conditioned them to unconsciously submit.

When Master Jing saw this scene, he sighed in his heart. Where else can he find good material among his younger generations to help support the wall?

“I really didn’t try to provoke Mu Mingcheng,” Jing Hao retracted his gaze and replied to his grandfather sternly. “But now, he isn’t willing to let us go.”

“I know.” Elder Jing didn’t know whether to believe him or not, but he obviously didn’t want to speak more of that topic. “You must still break up with that girl from the Cheng family. Didn’t Miss Li always have a crush on you? You get in touch with her and get engaged as soon as possible.”

Small rabbits are always anxious to bite a fat carrot. Their Jing family wasn’t a rootless upstart. Since Mu Mingcheng was unwilling to shake hands and make peace with their family, why not fight a good fight?

The Li family is one of the top families in the Imperial Capital, with a heritage that was past down for several generations. In this current generation, they only had a single daughter. If their son is engaged to this daughter, the Li family must stand on the same boat as theirs.

By then, the final victor is yet to be decided.

Jing Hao opened his mouth, but he didn’t say a word to refute.


The Jing family’s current situation is very dangerous. With outsiders waiting to watch a good drama, who would be willing to help? Marriage with the Li family is certainly the best choice.

Jing Ruo, who hid outside the door, silently pursed her lips when she heard the discussion inside. Especially when the old man started to scold Jing Hao severely, she almost had the impulse to rush in and confess her guilt.

But she can’t. Outsiders speak of her as the favored princess of the Jing family.

Little did she know that she was spoiled by Master Jing so he could use her as a marriage item. All the prestige that was spread abroad regarding her status was simply to increase the weight of her marriage.

Perhaps there was a bit of sincerity when they pampered her, but all of this can be abandoned to satisfy their family’s needs.

On the day of the banquet, she hid in a corner and witnessed the whole scene of how her eldest brother was bullied by that couple.

In Jing Ruo’s memory, her brother Jing Hao, the heir of Jing family, had always been a proud son of heaven, shining brightly. When was he someone to bow to others and beg for forgiveness?

Even if that enemy was someone who can’t be provoked.

What saddens her is that her brother would suffer such humiliation to protect some other woman.


That despicable woman had kept paintings of the enemy for nearly a decade, how can her brother stand a woman who was obsessed with another?

Thus, Jing Ruo sought out a powerful friend that she became acquainted with when she studied abroad. This foreign friend, who admired eastern culture, had confessed to Jing Ruo at one point but was rejected.
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