Chapter 108: Jing Ruo’s Grudge

Through this person’s resources, Jing Ruo found out that the top person on the assassin list was K. She heard from her friend about K’s ability; he was neat in carrying out his tasks and his whereabouts were mysterious. In short, no one will find out he was involved once the task is completed.

Whoever makes her eldest brother unhappy must be killed. Mu Mingcheng, Gu Jin, and Cheng Xin–none of them can escape.

And Cheng Xin, this sly fox, dared to seduce her elder brother while being half-hearted. It’s too much of a waste to kill her directly. It’s better to take a knife and cut off the meat from her body piece by piece, slowly torturing her. Moreover, doesn’t Cheng Xin enjoy being surrounded by men? She will satisfy her wishes.

As for the remaining two, Mu Mingcheng was too cautious and his daily whereabouts were well hidden. Even the cars he used had been modified, making it difficult to any leads. Gu Jin’s whereabouts were well managed under Mu Mingcheng’s protection, so starting with them was difficult.

Jing Ruo felt unwilling under all this pressure. She instructed K lie low for a time and wait for an opportunity.

Who would have thought that around that time, the legendary Xu family caught wind of her plans. They went to her door and offered to cooperate while providing important details about Mu Mingcheng’s trip: he was going on a trip abroad to Country Y while Gu Jin would be following him.

The great families of the Imperial Capital all knew that the Mu and Xu families were related by marriage. One focused on business, the other politics; they can be said to be the most perfect model of combining government and business. It’s rumored that the elder of the Xu family, who once fought in the mountains in rivers, was very fond of Mu Mingcheng.

Although Jing Ruo was surprised at the disharmony between the Mu and Xu cousins, if she thought carefully, how many relatives within the Jing family are fighting for the Jing property? If so, how much more conflict will there be among cousins between those two families?

It’s in their best interest to kill Mu Mincheng and Gu Jin together. Jing Ruo readily accepted their cooperation.

However, to her dissatisfaction, Xu Chenghui, the elder of the Xu family, was even more soft-hearted than a woman. He interfered, saying that the Mu Mingcheng was treated as their ‘brother’ so it was meaningless to pursue Mu Mingcheng’s and Gu Jin’s life. After mocking her, he returned the plans back to her. Jing Ruo was upset. What kind of brotherly affection could the Xu family have with that man?

But she didn’t expect that K would not be able to kill Mu Mingcheng completely, not even Gu Jin. Instead, K took half of her premium pay and has lost contact since then.

While she was blaming herself, she suddenly heard Master Jing speak, saying Jing Hao should pursue Miss Li and marry her. At that moment, it felt as if a thunderbolt had struck from a clear sky. Jing Ruo tightly squeezed her fists, and her once pure and clear eyes turned dark and cloudy.

Gu Jin was unaware of the bloody storm that was surging outside.

She was holding a damp towel, ready to wipe down Mu Mingcheng’s body. His temperature was burning dangerously high, so he lay down in bed and follow the doctor’s advice.

It all started yesterday. When he went to take a bath, he accidentally had water infiltrate his bandages, causing wound infection and a high fever. It wasn’t until Gu Jin knocked on the door that morning and entered that he discovered something was wrong with his body. At that time, his consciousness was blurred.


Gu Jin hurriedly called Assistant Fang, who quickly brought over a young doctor in a white coat.

The doctor was very experienced. He skillfully cleaned up the wound and replaced Mu Mingcheng’s bandages. Afterwards, Assistant Fang deliberately had the servants leave the room before turning to Gu Jin, his eyes full of deep trust. Gu Jin had no choice but to help.

Back on the bed, Mu Mingcheng tightly shut his eyes. His face was morbidly red, and under the light blanket, there was a thin layer of sweat.

Gu Jin sighed and pulled down the quilt slightly…
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