Chapter 109: Unruly hands

The indoor AC cooled the air and the blanket was pulled away completely for fear that Mu Mingcheng would catch a cold from sweating under the quilt.

Gu Jin fumbled with the blanket with one hand and after sometime, she started to unbutton his shirt.

It was very hot in bed. When Gu Jin repositioned his hands, his palms were damp from sweat.

The drugs prescribed by the doctor contained sleep medication. Even though Gu Jin’s movements were loud, Mu Mingcheng remained undisturbed.

Who knew if his mind was too burnt out, or if he was just subconsciously reassured by her presence, but Mu Mingcheng’s eyes were closed peacefully. In his sleep, he seemed more open and less guarded compared to when he was awake.

Gu Jin began to wipe his forehead with the face towel. When it came to his brows, his lashes lashes trembled, as if he felt uncomfortable.

Gu Jin quickly pulled the towel away and looked at the man carefully. After careful observation, she suddenly felt a bit jealous.

This tall man, his lashes were actually longer than a woman’s, even hers!

After quietly sulking for a while, she considered the doctor’s orders and continued to wipe down Mu Mingcheng’s body.

When she came down to his abdomen, Gu Jin paused. After being in a relationship with Mu Mingcheng for while now, she had long expected him to be in good shape, but she had never seen this up close. Taking advantage of this opportunity, perhaps by impulse, she secretly stretched out her hand and touched Mu Mingcheng’s abdomen, applying a handful of oil on those delectable six packs…

Just when she touched it, the unconscious Mu Mingcheng suddenly grunted. Like a guilty thief, Gu Jin hurriedly retracted her hand and looked up. The man still slept soundly, but his face had become a bit flushed.

Gu Jin calmed down and put her hands on her chin as she looked down. Although Mu Mingcheng was sick, his physical assets were still quite impressive.

After sighing, her hand inadvertently landed on the bedsheet that Mu Mingcheng laid on. Who knows when it had been soaked with sweat.

Gu Jin stood up and compared the difference between his and her body weight and physical strength. Eventually, she gave up on the idea of turning him over by herself, so she rang the bell and asked a servant in the villa to come up and help her.

The servant was very quick and easy to coordinate with. After listening to Gu Jin’s request, he carefully lifted Mu Mingcheng up and replaced the sheets before placing the young master back in bed.


Gu Jin adjusted the air conditioning, then said to the servant, “Help me, I’m going to wipe his back.” She signaled for him to lift Mu Mingcheng’s body. “Move gently.”

The two servants obeyed Gu Jin’s arrangement and worked in unison.

It was easier for Gu Jin to carry out her task with others to help. When she used the towel rub against Mu Mingcheng’s back, the sleeping patient trembled and breathed heavily.

Down below, was a sight that couldn’t be described. The man’s pants were loosely hanging from his waist, and further in, a smooth and sexy mermaid line was looming.

Gu Jin, who accidentally stole a glance at someone else’s ‘tofu,’ quickly averted her gaze and turned sideways. Fortunately, she didn’t get a nosebleed. She turned and looked to the two conscientious servants beside her, calmly ordering, “Okay, put him back.”

While helping to adjust the patient’s positioning, Gu Jin’s hand accidentally slipped onto Mu Mingcheng’s buttocks. Before she could reflect on what she had just touched, she subconsciously kneaded the flesh, compact and flexible. It felt good.

Gu Jin froze.

The patient who was unconscious at this time also had a momentary stiffness.

After feeling around for it, Gu Jin’s eyes lifted into crescents, and her hand made a ‘smack’ sound…


Her hand…on Mu Mingcheng’s sexy buttocks….

After the two servants had witnessed the entire scene, they finally lost their composure and stared at Gu Jin blankly.

He, he–, their young master, Mr. Mu Mingcheng, who had an amazing reputation, had his butt slapped by a woman?
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