Chapter 12: Sunse

… … …

Shao Chong looked at the scene that Cheng Xin didn’t dare to look at, and found that Gu Jin’s wrist displayed several bruises.

Since when did Cheng Xin have this much strength?

Shao Chong wanted to speak up in her defense.

But before he could speak, Cheng Xin’s phone suddenly rang.

She took out her cell phone and walked past the crowd before answering her call.

Based on her reaction, Gu Jin guessed that the caller was Jing Hao.

Sure enough, when Cheng Xin returned two minutes later, she looked as if she couldn’t hold back her happiness.

She raised her chin and said proudly, “Little Jin, you simply misunderstood. I had a disagreement with Jing Hao so Shao Chong was just trying to comfort me by lending me his shoulder.

Ha ha.

Gu Jin looked at her as if she understood, but in her heart, she was silently complaining.

When Cheng Xin saw that her cousin seemed to believe her, she finally eased down.

Since Gu Jin appeared to be softening her attitude, Cheng Xin decided to strike while the iron was hot and added, “Jing Hao told me that he will pick me up right away. You see, he treats me so well. How can I like others when I have him?”

In a short time, Shao Chong’s face looked like a color palette that was knocked over; the mixture of green [note] green represents jealousy [/note] and red on his face was an amusing sight.

A vehicle stopped in front of the apartment complex.


Shao Chong got off the car and opened the passenger door. Gu Jin undid her seatbelt and climbed out of her seat.

“Since you’re hurt, you should go in and have a good rest.”

Gu Jin hummed in response. Her body exuded a faint medicinal fragrance that seemed to put people at ease.

It was already five o’clock in the afternoon. The sun was about to set into the Western Hills, and the cool breeze caused the maple leaves to rustle.

From time to time, there were lovers who walked hand in hand into the apartment building.

It was a beautiful sight that couldn’t be described by words.

After walking two steps forward, Gu Jin suddenly stopped at the bottom of the stairs and turned around.

“Shao Chong.”

Shao Chong looked up at her with a smile and asked, “Is there anything else?”


If a random passerby had seen the way Shao Chong gazed at Gu Jin, they would have mistakenly envied the couple, believing that this man had pampered his partner quite well.

Gu Jin looked into his eyes and smiled. The sunset’s afterglow softly landed on her long hair and shoulders, giving off a golden layer of light about her image. She looked like an ethereal beauty that was out of this world.

This situation.

Shao Chong’s heart palpitated as he realized that his girlfriend had a pair of shining, peach shaped eyes.

At this moment, her eyes were filled with tenderness; they seemed to glitter like clear water, as if the person she was gazing at meant the entire world to her.

And, he couldn’t help but immerse into her gaze.

And sink completely.

For a moment, a new thought flitted across his mind, that perhaps, he could really fall in love with Gu Jin.


But he soon brushed away such thoughts.

Gu Jin brushed her loose, beautiful hair behind her ear and smiled coldly this time.

Somehow, a trace of uneasiness crept up within Shao Chong, but before he thought about it any further, she suddenly said,

“Let’s break up!”

The author’s afterword.

Gu Jin: “No one can stop me from my performance!”

Shao Chong: “You want to break up? If I don’t break up? If I can’t break up?
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