Chapter 110: A Man’s Dignity

After staring for a few seconds, the servants’ professionalism caused them to bow down, pretending they didn’t see a thing.

Assistant Fang specifically explained to them that while Mr. Mu’s injuries are being attended to, all of the personnel in the villa must listen to Miss Gu’s instructions. He also stressed that she was the young master’s girlfriend who would someday become Mu Mingcheng’s wife, so they mustn’t offend her at all costs.

These days, Miss Gu has been busy taking care of Mr. Mu just like any virtuous and considerate wife. She even displayed such elegance and courtesy in front of the servants. Everyone liked her very much and sincerely hoped that she would sit upon a wife’s throne here in this villa someday.

They can clearly see that Miss Gu was a woman who was truly worthy of their young master’s attention. After all, she even dared to touch the tiger’s a**. Even if it was a sick tiger, she had great courage to do so.

This fact alone, in comparison to other women made Gu Jin quite…out of the ordinary.

The two servants quickly packed up and left after witnessing something they shouldn’t see. Soon, only Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng were left in the room.

It was quiet for a moment; only the sound of their breathing could be heard.

Just when Mu Mingcheng wanted to open his eyes in secret, he could hear footsteps approaching.

“Mingcheng, your body’s in a bad state.” Gu Jin, who noticed something unusual, turned around and pulled a blanket out of the cabinet. She covered Mu Mingcheng’s lower half and reminded him with a smile, “Your health is most important right now so you shouldn’t act on any impulses. It’s best to keep it under control.”

His body’s reaction can’t deceive others even if he pretends. Gu Jin didn’t feel guilty about exposing him at all. She grinned cheekily as she closed the door and left the room.

Mu Mingcheng who was pretending to be asleep: …

I’m not cold at all.

Half an hour ago, the unconscious Mu Mingcheng felt someone approaching his side. Years of vigilance caused him to awaken, but his eyelids felt too heavy, making it difficult for him to open his eyes.

Just when he was about to bite the tip of his tongue to stimulate his consciousness with pain, a pleasant scent lingered in the air. This scent was so familiar. He couldn’t help but lower his guard and indulge in it.

A pair of tender hands touched him with a comforting cool temperature. It rested on his forehead, swept through his chest, then down to his abdomen. Mu Mingcheng felt his own temperature rising.


He was like a boiling magma, ready to erupt at anytime but with no place to vent. He could only indulge in her touch and submit to it like an addict.

Suddenly, the hands left. Mu Mingcheng opened his eyes in discontent and his consciousness gradually became clearer.

He gazed silently at the busy woman by his bedside, reluctant to look away. When he sensed that she was about to turn around, he quickly closed his eyes once again.

Being completely awake brought another kind of embarrassment: Mu Mingcheng could hardly control his body’s reaction. Even if he pretended, it’s difficult to prevent that woman’s hot stare from focusing on his lower body.

Just when he was about to regain his composure, another unspeakable place was kneaded, followed by a slap.

It didn’t hurt at all, but the smack was very loud.

The noticeable blush on Mu Mingcheng’s face quickly faded. His usually calm heart that couldn’t be moved by anything was suddenly roiling with waves.

Because there were servants present, Mu Mingcheng saved his manly reputation and dignity by keeping his eyes closed.

Very good, Gu Jin, just you wait.


Mu Mingcheng expects that the wounds on his body will recover as soon as possible. It appears that someone deliberately caused his wound infection during his shower last night.
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