Chapter 112: Who is She?

“What is it?” Jing Hao embraced his beloved woman from behind and kissed her loose hair tenderly. Her refreshing fragrance caused Jing Hao’s exhausted heart to feel peaceful for a moment.

For more than half a year, their hearts have never been so close to each other as they are today.

Cheng Xin was so enchanting that he was still willing to plunge into the net she created, even though he knew that they weren’t suitable.

However, the body in his arms was very stiff. A bad premonition suddenly rushed up. Jing Hao, whose head was buried in Cheng Xin’s neck, raised his head and looked at the phone. The photo on the screen caused him to suck in a cold breath.

The white screen displayed a young man and woman, standing side by side. They were a handsome and beautiful pair and their behavior was obviously intimate.

In the photo, the two of them were shopping at a jewelry store. By the counter, the woman tightly held the man’s arm with a smile. Her eyes were filled with love that couldn’t be hidden.

Jing Hao grabbed the cell phone and quickly deleted it, but as he did, another photo showed up.

In this picture, the pair changed positions. The man, whose face had always been cold and expressionless, was smiling slightly as he placed the necklace around the woman’s neck.

The most important detail were the rings on the middle fingers of the pair. Under the jewelry store’s glittering light, there was a twinkle reflected on their jewelry. Cheng Xin’s eyes were glued to the screen.

Cheng Xin remained motionless as Jing Hao snatched her phone away. As he held up the cellphone in his hand, she looked up with a dull expression.

“Who is she?” she asked.

Her voice drifted off into the wind.

“Xin Xin, this is a misunderstanding, let me explain…” Jing Hao quickly calmed down after his panic. He turned around while trying to organize what he was about to say.

But when he turned to face her, the words were stuck in his throat.


Big tear drops fell from Cheng Xin’s eyes, like beads from a broken necklace. Her eyes that once shone were now filled with grief. She dared not look straight at him at this moment.

“Didn’t you say you will wait for me to grow up and stand by your side?” Cheng Xin looked at the man in front of her. How can she not recognize who the man in the photo was? She wanted to deceive herself that the pictures were fake.

However, Jing Hao didn’t even give her this opportunity.

Just a moment ago, they agreed to bravely face the storm together, but at the very next second, it was as if a loud slap fell on her face.

The picture was only superficial, but the couple on the photo had reached such a point. So then, what’s behind the scenes? Did they make further progress long ago?

Cheng Xin almost collapsed.

But when unspeakable sadness overwhelmed her, she forgot to quarrel and question the man. Instead, her voice was calm, as if she was merely talking about today’s weather.

That is, if we ignore the tears on her face.

“I’m sorry, it’s my fault this time,” Jing Hao apologized quickly. “But you have to calm down and listen to me. There’s a reason for me to do this.” At this moment, the most important thing is to coax Cheng Xin well and face her tears directly, especially since those were caused by him. He felt distressed for her.


“I’m calm.” Cheng Xin pushed him aside and wiped her tears dry. “If you want to explain, then that’s fine.”

She pointed to her cellphone and asked, “Tell me, why do you have engagement rings?”

“I– “ Jing Hao paused. Can he say that he was forced to sell himself because of the man Cheng Xin once dreamed of? It’s better to kill himself than to admit such defeat in front of his lover.
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