Chapter 113: Who is She? 2

Chapter 113: Who is She? (2)

“You can’t say it?” Cheng Xin closed her eyes in disappointment and pulled a smile that was less attractive than her crying. Although struggled to smile, she couldn’t help but lower her head as her shoulders trembled.

Jing Hao looked down and noticed the water stains on the ground. Suddenly, his heart felt more painful than being stuck with needles. He stepped forward to hug her: “Xin Xin, don’t cry, I really don’t know what to do.”

“It’s very simple,” Cheng Xin stepped back and gazed at her lover’s handsome face. “Break up your engagement with her.”

Jing Hao took his hand back and complained, “Xin Xin, have you really matured?”

“No,” Cheng Xin burst into tears, as if she had been stabbed painfully. Her delicate makeup was smeared as she cried, “I’m not mature. Didn’t you know that long ago? Now that you have someone new by your side, you think I’m childish?”

“No, that’s not it…” Jing Hao knitted his brows.

“Don’t speak, just get out of here.” Cheng Xin covered her ears and pushed Jing Hao out the door. “I don’t want to see you.”

But how could a small woman of only ninety pounds push away man who was more than a hundred pounds?

“You’re not leaving are you?” Cheng Xin glared, “Fine, then you let me go.”

“Slow down, Jing Hao pulled away from her gently. “I’ll go.”

Cheng Xin’s state was too unstable for her to go out, so he wasn’t at ease.

Just when Jing Hao stepped outside, the door slammed shut behind him.

Inside the house, Cheng Xin leaned against the door. Having exhausted all of her strength, she slowly slipped down to the ground and fell like a pool o f mud. Her hand held a bracelet close to her chest, her fingertips noticeable pale.

As she leaned against the door, she felt bitter chills all over her body.


Her broken whimpers reached Jing Hao’s ears from outside the door. He tightened his fists.

After a long time, he finally turned to leave. But at that moment, the door suddenly swung open and a pair of bracelets flew out, landing on the ground.

Jing Hao’s face stiffened. He squatted down, picked up the bracelet on the ground, and put it in his pocket.

Then he turned around and left.

He had to find out who dared to plot against him behind his back.

Suddenly, Mu Mingcheng’s hateful face appeared in his mind.

Gu Jin had no idea that the male and female protagonists were in conflict. Even if she knew about it, she wouldn’t care.

For her, love was merely one of the spices in life; if it’s present, then it’s there. If not, then she had no demand for it.

The kind of passionate love where men and women madly pursue each other was something she couldn’t understand personally. She had nothing to do with them as long as they didn’t disturb her peace.


Based on Gu Jin’s values, what was the point of love if you can make your own life colorful and exciting? Is it necessary?

Perhaps there are moments when her heart flutters, but that heartbeat was like the wind that ripples the surface of the pool.

After the breeze, the lake will gradually restore its calm state…

Mu Mingcheng’s wound recovered very quickly. After staying in the villa for a few days, Gu Jin couldn’t stand staying here any longer. Since the Literature Society was just about to hold a gathering, Gu Jin asked him if she could got out.

Unexpectedly, Mu Mingcheng agreed.
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