Chapter 114: Sea of Flowers 1

Chapter 114: Sea of Flowers (1)

Gu Jin sat in the backseat while the driver escorted her to the party. On the way, she wondered if the perpetrator behind the shadows has been discovered.

The Literature Society’s last gathering was held at a KTV. Although there weren’t a lot of people, the atmosphere was very warm. The microphone was passed along several people, who sang songs that Gu Jin wasn’t familiar with.

Young men and women had endless energy, so even if Gu Jin couldn’t understand what they were singing, she would inevitably be infected by their enthusiasm.

After all, these people who shared the same boat will soon go off on their own separate ways.

Not wanting to be invited to sing, Gu Jin deliberately sat away at a corner.

“Would you like something to drink?” Tong Lin came up and handed her a bottle of juice.

“Thank you.” Gu Jin accepted the bottle.

“I’m sorry about what happened before.” Gu Jin twisted the bottle cap open but didn’t drink. For a moment, she felt tangled, but then she decided to make things clear to him: “My plans regarding the magazine company was out of my own whim. I’m afraid I might delay your career so it’s best to cancel our partnership.”

After a pause, she added: “I just wanted to say, thank you for your invitation.”

Since Gu Jin mentioned this topic on the phone a few days ago, Tong Lin wasn’t surprised.

“Don’t mind it, it’s your choice,” he said with an understanding smile. “But Gu Jin, I trust in your ability. If you don’t mind, I have a new proposal. I hope you can reconsider it.”

“We can divide the magazine into two different departments. You and I are principle leaders in our respective fields.” He looked at her gently and added, “You know, this will enhance our competitiveness.”

Gu Jin lowered her gaze and gave it some thought. After a while, she apologized and said, “Please give me two days to think about it.”

Tong Lin nodded.


After the party, Gu Jin declined Tong Lin’s offer to send her home.

She didn’t want to return to Mu Mingcheng’s villa, so she sent him a message saying she was staying at the school dorms tonight. Mu Mingcheng’s objection was ignored as she quickly closed her cell phone.

Af the other end of the line, Mu Mingcheng stared at the specially chosen clothes on the bed for a moment, then tossed the beeping cellphone aside.

It was dark by the time Gu Jin arrived at school. When Gu Jin approached the dormitory building, she saw a group of people crowded at the entrance.

Several girls excitedly gossipped, each of them saying the same topic:

“I’m so envious.”

“It’s like straight out of a fairy tale.”

“I wonder which woman was so lucky.”

“If a handsome rich man does this for me, I’ll be ready to marry him anytime.” One of the girls held her hands to her chest as she gazed up longingly.


“Stop daydreaming!” her companions teased her as they laughed.

Seeing the situation, Gu Jin felt more curious. She quickened her pace to have a better view of the lively scene.

She came near.

Just at the entrance of the dormitory building were red, luscious roses.

The dormitory entrance was adorned in a romantic sea of roses.

Interspersed within the sea of flowers were heart-shaped candles.

It can be seen that this was a setup for someone’s confession.

After seeing the display, Gu Jin sighed. No wonder these girls were so excited. A few years ago, when she used to be younger, she would have been thrilled if a man confessed to her like so.


Unfortunately, underneath her young exterior was a mature woman who had experienced social hardships; she has long forgotten her feelings when she was a teenager.

Now that she sees this kind of trick in wooing a girl, besides sighing about her past youth, there were no other fluctuations in her heart.

After sighing, she lifted her gaze, but her expression changed as soon as she looked up.

At the door, a handsome man walked through the red sea of flowers. He gently and affectionately stared at her figure within the crowd.
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