Chapter 115: Sea of Flowers 2

Chapter 115: Sea of Flowers (2)
Since it was evening, most of the classes have ended and students return to their dorms for self-study. It’s rare for them to encounter something new. A crowd quickly gathered around the building.

Suddenly, countless colorful balloons floated in the air, each carrying a note.

The balloons rose into the sky with its attached notes, creating a spectacular sight.

The crowd cheered excitedly as numerous students took out their phones and took pictures.

“Wow, that’s so sweet. It’s the same treatment a heroine of a romance novel would get.”

“You’re right, I wonder who’s the lucky girl?”

Among these envious voices, there were also those who complained.

“Look at how that man courts his girl,” a student angrily scolded her boyfriend who escorted her to her dorm. “When you chased after me, all you gave me was a lollipop!”

The young man sighed as he replied, “It’s been so long ago, there’s no use regretting it now!” He’s won his girl anyways

The girl gave him a dissatisfied look and slapped his chest. She was just like any girl who wanted to be treated as a princess, alright?

Gu Jin’s ears ached from hearing all the envious complaints around her. She silently tried to squeeze through the crowd as she approached her dorm.

“Hey, there’s something written on the notes!” the onlookers exclaimed.

“What’s on it? Is it a girl’s name?”

“I can’t read it, it’s too small.”

“Look up at the sky!” someone yelled. “You can see those words!”


The crowd looked up and spotted a remote-controlled plane, rising up in the air while carrying a banner.

The words on the banner were fluorescent and can easily be read in the dark sight. Those with good eyesight began to read out the letter:


The crowd blew up in excitement.

“Who’s Gu Jin?”

“I don’t know.”

“I think it’s that talented girl from the Chinese Literature Department.”

“I know Gu Jin, she’s my classmate. That woman is so pretty, plus she has a good temper.”

“So is the lucky heroine that same Gu Jin?”


The school forum was cluttered with several photos at full speed, and in less than two minutes, Gu Jin’s personal information was posted.

‘High Achiever, from a Scholarly Family, talented woman, low-key…’

The onlookers were astonished. How is it that they’ve never heard of a goddess like this before?”

At this time, there were also reporters from several entertainment paparazzi, lurking about the campus with their cameras.

‘The heir of the Shao family is in love with a student, creating a real life version of a prince searching for his Cinderella.’ As soon as this news is broadcasted, they will definitely attract a large audience’s attention.

However, why hasn’t the heroine showed herself yet.

Meanwhile, Gu Jin, who wondered what in the world was going on, stared blankly at the two men in black who were blocking her path.

“Get out of the way.”


“Miss Gu, please listen to what Young Master Shao has to say first.”

“But I don’t want to hear it,” Gu Jin replied with a mocking smile. She raised her cellphone and threatened, “If you don’t get out of the way, I’ll call the police and sue you for restricting my personal freedom.”

The two men remained motionless with their arms behind their backs.

Gu Jin’s expression was icy cold. As soon as she was about to dial, a red carpet was spread out, extending directly towards her.

On the other side of the red carpet, Shao Chong stood in the middle of a sea of flowers. With a grand bouquet in hand, he looked up at the young and delicate woman within the crowd.

He gazed longingly at her youthful face as he walked towards her, step by step.

Gentle temperament, a handsome appearance, along with a good family background. Shao Chong was like a prince who welcomed his Cinderella. He stood before her and presented to her the bouquet of flowers.
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