Chapter 116: Sea of Flowers 3

Chapter 116: Sea of Flowers (3)
Gu Jin clasped the purse in her hand tightly. She looked up slowly and spoke in a chilling voice: “Shao Chong, what do you mean?”

“Can’t you see? I’m pursuing you.” Shao Chong confidently presented the flowers to her as he smiled warmly, “Are you willing to accept me?”

The onlookers applauded and cheered, “Accept him, accept him!”

“What do you say?”

Regardless of the crowd’s encouragement, Gu Jin was unfazed. She smiled mockingly and brushed the loose hair on her cheek. “Shao Chong, I just discovered today that you can’t understand human language.”

Such a sentence was the same as cursing someone.

“Gu Jin, it doesn’t matter how much you scold me. It was my mistake, I deserve to be cursed.” Shao Chong’s smile slowly faded away, and the man looked deeply into Gu Jin’s eyes. “But if you want me to give up on you, I can only say that it’s impossible.”

The sound of clapping all around them gradually subsided. They realized that things weren’t as simple as it appeared on the surfaced.

“I don’t think that decision is up to you,” Gu Jin said with a laugh. “Shao Chong, do you still plan on being this shameless? You’ve already met my boyfriend, why do you keep pestering me? Is it right for the heir of the Shao family to be the third wheel, tearing apart another couple?”

She really couldn’t understand Shao Chong’s thought process. She told him so many times before that she had no feelings for him, only disgust. And yet he, who recalled his previous life, still had to appear in front of her again and again.

Where did he get such audacity? His shamelessness is shocking!

“I’m the third wheel?” Shao Chong’s dark eyes swirled with a trace of anger. He lowered his voice and said, “We’ve been married for five years, and you even had my child–”

“The child is gone,” Gu Jin interrupted him. She displayed a smile that was sad enough to break people’s hearts: “I remember, when Cheng Xin was about to give birth, you were by her side instead of mine.”

“Shao Chong, no matter how rich you are, you can’t buy back your child’s life.” As if to add to the pain, Gu Jin spoke with slightly raised lips: “Those roses, I wonder what color they’re dyed with.”

A gust of chilling wind suddenly blew, bringing with it a strong aroma of roses. Shao Chong’s face was as pale as white paper.


As Shao Chong looked passed the smiling crowd and at those sea of roses, he seemed to recall the vivid scene that day: Gu Jin lay in a pool of blood, her stiff hands wrapped protectively around her abdomen while her body was dyed red.

Gu Jin watched with interests as Shao Chong’s expression changed. She mocked, “Don’t you have plenty of money? Isn’t your gift so romantic? Even affectionate?”

You deserve to die!

“Security!” Gu Jin waved to the two dormitory security guards while Shao Chong was immersed in his memories. “As a student of Imperial Normal University, this gentleman has caused trouble to both my studies and my life. I hope you can send him out as soon as possible to maintain the school policy that idlers are prohibited.”

The security guard who had been waiting by the dormitory entrance, finally acted and politely said, “Sir, this student refused to accept your confession. I hope you will cooperate with our work and leave first.”

Shao Chong glared ruthlessly glared at the security guard. He then turned to Gu Jin with a complicated gaze and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t accept me for the time being, but I hope you can accept this.”

He took out a folded handkerchief out of his pocket and carefully opened it before handing it to Gu Jin.

A blood jade bracelet lay in it.

It was almost the same as Gu Jin’s original bracelet.


“I remember that day when you lost your bracelet.” Shao Chong’s fingers rubbed on the bracelet, his eyes trembling for a moment. “Please take it as my compensation to you.”
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