Chapter 117: The Color of Roses

‘Who wants your self-righteous compensation?’ Gu Jin tried to keep her arm in check, in case she accidentally ends up raising her purse and smacking it across Shao Chong’s vomit-worthy face.

“Sorry, you’ve remembered wrongly. I didn’t lose my bracelet.” Gu Jin stepped back and said, “This means of destroying other lover’s feelings is out of date. I hope you become a better man by not giving other people’s girlfriends any affectionate gifts.”

The onlookers were stunned by the reversal of events.

It turns out that this wasn’t the fairy tale story of a rich young master and his Cinderella. Rather, this was a rich man forcing a beautiful young woman to do something against her will.

The security guard also came to his senses. He looked up and down at Shao Chong as if he were looking at a dog. How could he do something so inhuman?

“You’re so ruthless,” Shao Chong shook his head helplessly as he showed a bitter smile, “I wasn’t even given a chance to make amends.”

In his memories, Gu Jin wouldn’t be so hard-hearted as to treat him like a stranger.

So then, doesn’t that mean that he’s simply a stranger in her eyes now? At this thought, Shao Chong felt as if his heart was squeezed so painfully that he could barely breathe.

Once again, he still lost her.

“My girlfriend isn’t as ruthless as you are. How can she be in love with you?” Mu Mingcheng arrived in a suit and approached Gu Jin, breaking the tension. He looked up and stared at the sea of flowers, asking, “Can Mr. Shao explain all of this?”

“That’s– Mu Mingcheng?”

“F**k! Is that really Mu Mingcheng?”

“Am I blind?”

“Who’s Mu Mingcheng?” asked one clueless man.

Those around him stared at him like a fool and commented, “Go ask your mother,” before looking back at the scene to watch the drama.


“I’m a well-known man who has yet to marry,” Shao Chong presented his bracelet and said in provocation, “As you can see, I’m pursuing Gu Jin.”

Mu Mingcheng’s eyes narrowed. “I think Mr. Shao has too much free time and has nothing better to do.”

Shao Chong smiled back.

“Also, I have a good relationship with my girlfriend. Her jade bracelet is with me. I think it would be better to give it back to her to prevent thieves like you from climbing over the wall.” Mu Mingcheng took Gu Jin’s delicate hand and put the bracelet around her wrist.

The blood red bracelet contrasted with her pale white skin, creating a frightening kind of beauty.

Mu Mingcheng breathed a sigh of relief, now that he had finally returned her bracelet. He looked up at Gu Jin with a smile.

Aggrieved and embarrassed, Shao Chong departed from the school. Meanwhile, the onlookers were still immersed in the several reversal scenes from the drama they witnessed.

One boy, who was abandoned by his girlfriend, bent down. He picked up a handful of roses from the ground and excitedly said, “Hey don’t you want flowers? Everyone’s left anyways, why don’t we borrow this venue to confess again?”

This offended his ex-girlfriend, and soon he ended up with a heavy beating.


After this event, it wouldn’t be convenient for Gu Jin to stay on campus, so she traveled back to the villa. Gu Jin pinched her jade bracelet as she looked at it quietly.

Mu Mingcheng’s injury had recovered about 70-80% so going to bathe on his own was no issue. After he stepped out of the shower, the hall was empty and quiet. Gu Jin must have returned to her own room to sleep.

Mu Mingcheng was slightly unhappy. He put on a bathrobe and went back to his room.

As soon as he opened the door, Mu Mingcheng was stunned.

By the king-sized bed was a beautiful woman with a similar white bathrobe and dripping-wet hair.

Mu Mingcheng’s eyes darkened.
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