Chapter 118: Intoxicating

The decoration in the room was cold and simple, just like his style.

Inside, only the bedside lamp shone a warm color in this misty night, creating an ambiguous atmosphere.

Under the dim light, Gu Jin’s face was dyed with a thin blush, which was more beautiful than a morning glow in the sky.

Her red cherry lips pursed slightly as she looked at him blankly.

Beautiful as jade.

Mu Mingcheng felt a tightness in his lower abdomen while his eyes were as bottomless as a pool.

Something didn’t seem right about her tonight.

Suppressing the strange feeling in his heart, he took a few steps forward, then noticed the faint smell of alcohol.

The closer he came, the stronger the wine’s scent.

“Have you been drinking?” Mu Mingcheng asked with knitted brows.

Tilting her head, Gu Jin blinked innocently at him and nodded.

“Drunk?” Mu Mingcheng admitted that his voice was hoarse.

Surprised by his guess, Gu Jin shook her head in bewilderment.

She must be drunk.


Otherwise, based on her usual mature temperament, she wouldn’t act so cute and innocent!

Mu Mingcheng lifted a corner of his lips. He held back the impulse to reach over and rub her head. Instead, he approached her and looked down condescendingly.

Within that white bathrobe was an alluring whiteness.

It was as if wind and water clashed at this moment.

Mu Mingcheng’s breath was hot; his gaze was like a wolf staring at its prey, causing Gu Jin to shift uncomfortably.

Gu Jin’s attitude was quite different when she’s drunk compared to when she’s sober. Just like a child, her attention quickly shifts and she’s quick to demand for things.

“My hair is wet,” she complained. Gu Jin blinked her eyes unhappily and said, “I want to blow-dry my hair.”

As he looked to her wet hair, Mu Mingcheng suddenly relaxed. He went to look for the blow dryer with a frown.

But based on her current condition, can she blow-dry her hair by herself?


So then, Uncle Mu can only take charge.

After more than his twenty years of living, only a few people can make his heart move.

Especially during this age of growth and the expansion of his commercial empire, those elders from both the Mu and Xu families seldom commanded him.

There’s always a price to pay to get him to do something.

Mu Mingcheng’s eyes were deep as he turned on the hair dryer.

He gently rested Gu Jin’s head next to him. In order not to hurt her, his movement when pulling her hair aside were especially gentle.

His movements were as delicate as a gentle breeze.

Gu Jin squinted comfortably, just like a kitten.


After her hair was completely dried, Mu Mingcheng leaned close to her ear and asked, “Is it comfortable?”

Seemingly unconscious of the danger, Gu Jin replied with a pleasant, “Um.”

Such an enchanting voice caused Mu Mingcheng to pause with the hair dryer in his hand. He scolded this fairy in his mind.

Suddenly, his movements stopped.

Gu Jin stretched out a finger and poked at Mu Mingcheng’s exposed muscles after his bathrobe inadvertently opened a slit.

It was as if she found something interesting.

There was only innocent curiosity in her eyes.

Mu Mingcheng clasped her hand and said through bated breath, “Gu Jin, do you know what you’re doing?”


Gu Jin looked up at him with a whimper. Her half-dry hair hung over her shoulder, making her seem soft and pitiful.

Suddenly, she laughed teasingly. In an instant, she transformed from a pure lady into a seductress.

Her red lips opened slightly: “Sleeping with you, ah.”

The air conditioner blew cold air, but the atmosphere here was only pervaded with a hot breath, as if the temperature setting was cranked too high.

The trigger could be pulled at any moment.
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