Chapter 119: Spring

(T/N: mature content, parental guidance advised)

Mu Mingcheng remained silent as he looked down at her. If she didn’t notice that his legs were unnaturally closed, she would have thought that she sat on a lap of someone as virtuous as Liu Xiahui.**

(**T/N: Liu Ziahui/Zhan Huo– was a man of eminent virtue, and is said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.)

That scene naturally couldn’t escape Gu Jin’s eyes. She slightly hooked her lips, moved her feet, and kissed those thin lips as her eyelashes trembled.

As soon as she made contact, a broad palm held her neck in a flash.

The hair dryer fell on the ground with a dull ‘thud.’

Mu Mingcheng took her waist as his hot lips ravaged those long coveted pearl white beads. His slippery tongue went up and pried open her teeth, entangling deeper.

The sweet scent of wine intermingled as they exchanged saliva. Gu Jin panted twice then resumed in their passionate kiss.

In a moment, she felt the world spin around her as she was thrown into bed.

Before she could lie down properly, the restless man pressed her down…

“Heavy,” Gu Jin murmured as she pushed the man away.

Upon hearing her complaint, Mu Mingcheng repositioned himself so as not to put all his weight on her.

At the same time, their tongues intertwined and their hands groped about.

The light went out. In the dark, Gu Jin felt his rapid breathing beside her ear. She slowly closed her eyes with a sly smile.


The room was full of a beautiful spring incense, warm and dazzling.

The next day, Gu Jin woke up early at the crack of dawn.

Making love was a waste of strength. It now took her plenty of effort to climb away from Mu Mingcheng’s imprisoning embrace.

When she got out of bed, Gu Jin’s legs felt so tender that she almost fell to the ground. She rubbed her sore waist and legs before turning to the man who remained quietly asleep. Gu Jin smiled. She bowed down and landed a kiss on the corner of his lips.

There’s no denying that Mu Mingcheng had many shortcomings as a man, which was why they didn’t get along too well in the beginning.

But without reason, the two of them were blinded and fell in love with each other.

This woman never considered herself as a timid person. Since the man she was interested in liked her back, after some careful thinking, she was willing to hold this man in the palm of her hands.

In addition, both of them were sly as a demon; it was better to improve their relationship instead of harming each other.

With a gentle smile, Gu Jin took a car and drove out of the villa.


When Mu Mingcheng woke up refreshed, he subconsciously turned sideways before opening his eyes.

After last night, this old virgin could not be more satisfied with a woman. It’s evident that he seems to have exhausted more than twenty years of pent up energy in someone.

During their intimate time together, since neither of them were skilled, the process wasn’t very satisfactory. It took hours to finish.

But the blemishes can’t hide the woman’s beauty. He can never forget the pleasure of reaching his climax.

It was a late time to get up in the morning. He wanted to embrace the woman in his arms intimately.

However, the bedside was empty.

The warm fragrance he imagined was no longer present.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and saw that the sky outside was bright.


With a dark face, Mu Ming Cheng sat up. There was a slip of paper on the nightstand with some words written in graceful handwriting: “Mr. Mu, the transaction has been completed, let’s part without hard feelings【hand-drawn smiley face】.”

“Huh.” The hair blower on the ground was kicked towards the door and shattered into pieces.

Author’s Afterword:

Gu Jin: Escape after sleeping!

Mu Mingcheng: Waking up late is slander of my abilities as a CEO and the novel’s male lead!
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