Chapter 13: A Visit Home

… …. …

“Let’s break up!”

That’s exactly what he heard her say.

“Little Jin, are you breaking up with me just because I hugged Cheng Xin?” Shao Chong was surprised that Gu Jin would actually take the initiative to break up with him, but he didn’t care. Assuming that she was simply playing a joke with him, he replied with a gentle tone, “Why would you say something like that? I simply let her borrow my shoulder to comfort her. Since we are all good friends, don’t mind it too much, alright?”

“No,” Gu Jin shook her head. “It’s not because you embraced her.”

“It’s your heart…your eyes tell me– that you don’t like me.” She stepped forward and looked up at him. Her momentum didn’t weaken due to her lack of height; instead, she displayed a more stubborn and strong side of herself.

“The person you like,” she said with a deep breath as she gazed deep into his eyes. It was as if she summoned up what courage she could as she attempted to smile, “is Cheng Xin.”

No doubt, it was true.


Her words were like thunder, causing Shao Chong’s mind to feel shaken.

How did she know?

When did she find out?

A number of questions overwhelmed his mind…

His lips moved as if to say, “Cheng Xin and I are just good friends, you shouldn’t think too much.”

But although his lips moved to reply, in Gu Jin’s eyes, he couldn’t say a word.


Her eyes were still clear and moving. Her gentle and kind smile obviously looked familiar to Shao Chong, but at the same time, they seemed foreign to him.

Whatever retort he could come up with at the moment could only be weak and powerless.

He remembered Gu Jin’s utter joy when he first said they could be ‘together.’

In just a few days, she wanted to break up?

Shao Chong wasn’t attracted to Gu Jin, but at the same time, he didn’t want to break up with her.

Gu Jin’s current expression carried no falsehood; she really wasn’t kidding!

Shao Chong couldn’t believe it.

In the end, he replied as he walked away, “You’re tired today, that’s why you’re speaking nonsense. I’ll pretend I never heard it, so I don’t want you to mention it again. I won’t break up.”

Cut! your combat power is too low!


If you don’t even have real affection for me, why would you pretend to be protective?

Since you don’t want to break up with me, don’t blame me if you end up wearing a green hat! [note] green hat represents jealousy…basically, she says, he shouldn’t be upset and blame her if she ends up getting together with some other guy [/note]

Gu Jin stuck out her tongue and pointed up her middle finger at the departing low-key Audi

… … ….

From within the taxi, Gu Jin looked outside at the small European Villa.

Although the apartment size was small, when compared to the size other surrounding villas, the actual area of her own residence was actually quite sizable.

In a place like the capital, where every inch of land was as expensive as gold, a villa this size was enough to prove the capabilities of the Gu family.

“You’ve come back.” Gu Changsheng was watering his small garden when he heard the door open, but he didn’t turn around to look.”



Gu Jin set aside the items in she had been carrying and greeted her father respectfully.

After hearing her response, Gu Changsheng looked behind him once, put down his watering can, then pulled out his glasses from his pocket.

“So it’s Gu Jin. Why did you come back today?”

He accepted a handkerchief from Gu Jin and wiped his hands.

“Teng Teng is going to take the college entrance exam soon, so I came back to check on him.” Gu Jin followed him as they walked towards their house.

After hearing her reasons, Gu Changsheng turned to look at her strangely. Finally, he looked up at the sky, wondering if the sun was rising from the west.

At fifty years old, Gu Changsheng was a professor at the Imperial University that was famous in the academic world. His eldest child was his daughter, Gu Jin, while his second was his son, Gu Teng; there was a two year difference between the two siblings. Both of them inherited the excellent genes of his wife, along with their father’s good looks and intellect.


As such, Gu Changsheng was proud of his career and his harmonious family. He also took good care of himself and looked as if he was still in his forties, all while maintaining a scholarly demeanor.

At the moment, his actions were quite different from his usual image.

Gu Jin simply smiled upon seeing her father’s reaction to her.

The original Gu Jin had a younger brother named Gu Teng, who was 18 years old this year. He was tall and handsome and was known for his bright, sunny character.

It was reasonable to say that such a younger brother was what any sister could hope for and be proud of.

However, the relationship between the original Gu Jin and Gu Teng was not very good.

Of course, this was mainly because Gu Teng himself refused to get along with his sister.

He would tease her every time they met, especially for these past six months.
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