Chapter 120: Campus Rumors

Gu Jin was very busy the next few days since her final exams were coming up. She had to prepare as she delved into an intense review schedule.

After having a one-night stand and running off, her free and easygoing attitude made her seem totally indifferent to a certain someone whom she had shared a spring breeze. She left the man angry and frustrated.

But occasionally, when she got tired of reading, she would stare at the green trees outside the window and perhaps think about the tears, sweat and losing one’s mind during their passion deep in the night.

Sooner or later, the fish will be caught. As an excellent fisherman, Gu Jin wasn’t in a hurry.

Since resuming this intense routine of studying, Gu Jin would join her roommate, Shang Jiayu, to go to the library and dormitory everyday.

Gu Jin’s impression of this roommate wasn’t bad. Their friendship made great progress this past few days.

Perhaps because the pressure towards the end of their term was too high, and it was difficult to grab a spot at the library these days.

No wonder there wonder people often say this: The first three years of college is like kindergarten whereas the final year is like jumping straight to high school.

Gu Jin and Shang Jiayu get up early everyday to grab a spot at the library. Such an experience was like entering a college entrance examination once again for Gu Jin.

Due to Shao Chong’s public courting just recently, Gu Jin immediately became a celebrity at the Imperial Normal University. To be more accurate, it was Mu Mingcheng’s appearance that truly made her famous.

Although Mu Mingcheng bore heavy pressure against the news reporters and the school to delete all video posts related to that evening, there were still many witnesses at that time. By word of mouth, Gu Jin’s name spread.

There were a few jealous voices, gossiping that Gu Jin usually pretended to be low-key and polite but was in fact, a green tea b*tch underneath with underhanded means.

They maliciously speculated: Gu Jin must have hooked up with Young Master Shao first, then upon finding a better man, kicked him aside.

Gu Jin’s ability was evident in her ability to seduce two high-ranking nobles at the same time.


However, these bitter words were only mentioned behind her back. They dared not say it to her face.

However, most people were smart enough to discern. When they hear such slanderous rumors, they immediately retort back.

Gu Jin is a well known scholar. Is it necessary for her and her parents to cling to a rich family for support? The public generally looked down on those who stank of money but had no brains. Besides, Gu Jin herself has literary talent and beauty. Isn’t it normal that she would have many pursuers?

The rumors are groundless because of her merits!

You people who disliked grapes before even tasting it have no basis for your gossip.

In fact, many of them didn’t understand the gap between the Shao and Mu families. They only knew that they were famous and wealthy within the Imperial capital so they were naturally envious.

But to someone who knew the background between the Shao family and Mu family, they can be described as comparing gold to diamond. To fools, they wouldn’t be able to compare the value of a carat of gold to a carat of diamond.

Many students met Mu Mingcheng at the graduation party. Both men and women admire such young and successful business leaders.

Especially after their graduation ceremony, many students had idolized the young and promising Mu Mingcheng. But this flower of Gaoling was plucked by the unknown Gu Jin.


Gu Jin, who was this man’s acknowledged girlfriend, was walking on campus when a couple of students spotted her. Blushing, they excitedly rushed to her and called out: “Sister Gu Jin!”

Gu Jin’s face was friendly and warm as a spring breeze in March. She bowed politely and smiled back. In fact, she felt a bit embarrassed. She didn’t like being labeled as someone famous, but she can only pretend that nothing happened.
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