Chapter 121: Meeting Again

Shang Jiayu quipped: “Gu Jin, I want to hold your thighs tightly, please take care of me in the future.”

Shang Jiayu wasn’t there that day when Shao Chong came, so she only heard the news once it came out on the headlines. When she asked her boyfriend about it, he said he knew. Although she asked him for more details, he didn’t answer but only smiled mysteriously.

Gu Jin rolled her eyes and said: “Alright, but I’m afraid my thighs are too thick for you to hold on to.”

Shang Jiayu subconsciously glanced at her friend’s attractive thin legs covered in jeans and commented: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to latch on to you, in case I make the chasing Mu Mingcheng upset.”

When the pair arrived at the library, they felt the cool air conditioning and immersed in the quiet atmosphere of the library.

Gu Jin buried her head in her textbook to write and draw. Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, she spotted a familiar figure.

In the afternoon, the coffee shop had a few customers sitting around.

The sunlight filtered through the glass window, but was blocked by silken curtains, allowing a few rays of light in.

The shop was peaceful and leisurely as soothing music played.

Gu Jin looked down and stirred a cup of coffee with a wooden spoon. She gently took a sip, tasting bitterness with a hint of sour.

After only a sip, she lost interest and placed the cup back on the table. She rested her chin on her right hand and quietly watched the scenery outside the window.

She had the waiter bring her a cup of sweet coffee instead of this bitter one.

She held the cup of bitter cup and took a small sip from time to time.

Shortly after, Gu Jin no longer wanted to continue drinking it, when she suddenly heard a voice say: “Little Jin, long time no see. You’ve become more beautiful.”


“You too,” Gu Jin sat up and stroked the porcelain cup with her fingers. “You’ve become more mature.” In the past, this girl would never compliment or flatter others.

Upon hearing that comment, Cheng Xin smiled and bowed her head.

There’s a price to pay for such maturity.

Once again, the atmosphere fell silent.

Gu Jin was right. After not being in contact for more than a month, Cheng Xin could hardly recognize this woman who was once haggard and dim.

Haggard, not as in her physical state, but rather her mental state.

Gu Jin recalled her life with Cheng Xin when she first crossed over to this novel world. She knew that Cheng Xin was used to being treated like a princess while the former host Gu Jin was like a shy shadow, satisfying Cheng Xin’s ego as a favored princess.

At that time, Cheng Xin was proud of her love and friendship with the former host. Her eyes were always filled with life. There wasn’t any harm in befriending someone with an elegant temper like Gu Jin.

In retrospect, that was the best time for their relationship as sisters.


Circumstances change with the passage of time.

Today, Cheng Xin was still exquisite and beautiful, but the bright and lively shine in her eyes were no longer there. Only layers of lingering sorrow.

In the past, she never would’ve noticed Gu Jin’s unwillingness to drink bitter coffee, let alone having someone change her coffee to a sweet one.

It seems that she’s experienced many things and has matured a lot during this period.

Gu Jin knew that her cousin’s life hasn’t been easy recently. Even if Gu Jin was one of the people who brought down Cheng Xin to this state, seeing the matured girl this way easily made her let go of any trace of intolerance to disappear into thin air.

Whether it be the original host or the current Gu Jin, both can be said to be quite benevolent towards Cheng Xin. Gu Jin has never owed her anything, neither has she taken the initiative to hurt her, so there was no need to feel guilty.

“I came to you today to apologize and to share a few words.” Cheng Xin’s eyelashes pointed down as she said, “I apologize for the harm I’ve done to you.” Perhaps she Xin was used to being a treasured pearl in one’s hands since childhood, so apologizing was difficult for her. Her voice was low and she spoke slowly.
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