Chapter 122: Favor

“No,” Gu Jin raised her eyebrows. “We settled our scores a long time ago, so neither of us owe anything to each other.” She took a sip of coffee and the pungent sweet flavor spread in her mouth. Gu Jin squinted happily. This coffee shop is good.

Cheng Xin looked at her with slight envy. The woman in front of her did not even wear light makeup, her whole being exuded freshness and comfort. Actually, what she said just now transpires from the bottom of her heart. Gu Jin truly appears beautiful.

“I know, what I did was wrong. If you don’t intend to forgive me, then I won’t insist.” Cheng Xin laughed at herself and said bitterly, “But for the sake of your aunt’s and my mother’s reputation, can you do me a favor?”

Drinking sweet coffee excessively induces weariness and anxiety. Gu Jin placed the porcelain cup down, lightly consenting, “Speak, I’ll listen to you.”

She knew in her heart that only the blood relationship between the mothers of both sides connected her with Cheng Xin. Even if Cheng Xin moved away, they will presumably demand quite the fair amount in compensation because of their relationship to Gu Jin’s mother, Li Mingxia.

Cheng Xin’s recent experience taught her to speak mindfully. Against Gu Jin’s cold attitude, her heart pounded heavily while she carefully phrased her thoughts.

After listening to Cheng Xin, Gu Jin finally comprehended their situation.

News that Jing Hao and the Li Family’s miss interacted intimately spread widely throughout Imperial capital. On that day at the banquet, Jing Hao stepped up as Cheng Xin’s first defense, prominently establishing their relationship to many.

Growing up pampered, the only daughter of the Li family does not allow people to bully her easily. She harbours a strong desire to monopolize, and she can drown people when she drinks vinegar.

(T/N: drinks vinegar= is jealous)

Back when Jing Hao rejected her, Miss Li had no idea that he dated Cheng Xin. Now that Jing Hao and Miss Li established a clear relationship, Jing Hao is reluctant to scold his new fiancee while Cheng Xin suffers under her provocations.

Consequently, the Li family these days targets the Cheng family in the commercial market. The Cheng family’s commodities frequently lost their validity, while their business declined dramatically. Suffering from these recent events, Father Cheng’s hair turned white. His blood pressure rose several times, causing him to faint.

Cheng Xin rose up to carry the mantle, but she didn’t have any experience managing a company, nor did she study any relevant knowledge in an organized fashion. Instead, she tried looking for help elsewhere. Unfortunately, on her way to meet Jing Hao, her path was blocked by Li Yu. Jing Hao even blacklisted Cheng Xin’s name from his own contacts.

Cheng Xin tasted despair, but she had no one else to blame. Although she can only swallow the bitter fruit she created, she couldn’t allow Father Cheng, who worked hard all his life, to be buried in the depths with her. She had no choice but to seek out Gu Jin.


“My family and I don’t involve ourselves with business matters,” Gu Jin said after a moment’s silence. “I’m afraid I can’t help you–”

“I know that,” Cheng Xin interrupted, her voice tinted with fervor and caution. “I understand that Mr. Mu and Jing Hao don’t get along…”

“You and Mu Mingcheng are dating. Could you, perhaps, ask him to help the Cheng family overcome these difficulties? As a token of gratitude, we’re willing to offer a portion of the Cheng family’s shares,” she proposed.

Underneath Gu Jin’s placid stare, the volume of her voice ebbed lower and lower until, at last, she fell completely quiet.

“Then I might disappoint you,” Gu Jin abruptly replied with a grin. In response to Cheng Xin’s puzzled eyes, she slowly explained, “Mu Mingcheng and I just broke up a few days ago.”


Walking towards the cafe’s exit, Gu Jin paused for a moment, before turning around to say to Cheng Xin, “If the Cheng family can last for more than half a month, you should be able to overcome this.”

Still sitting at the back of the coffee shop, Cheng Xin’s eyes lit up.
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