Chapter 123: Ungrateful Woman

Five days since that evening, Gu Jin quietly reviewed her studies as usual.

Finally, after wrapping up her final exam, Gu Jin returned to her dorm room. She didn’t finish packing her belongings until the afternoon.

With her bag on her back, she planned to ride a taxi back home.

In the last time Gu Jin told her parents about renting off-campus, both of them approved.

Yesterday, Gu Changsheng unexpectedly called her, saying that he found a good place for her to live at home. Once they let her return with the key, she could conveniently follow them to survey and and pick out a suitable place. If the place fails to please he, they can hire someone to modify it for them.

Perhaps they figured that Grandma Gu’s arrival invited too much distress for her granddaughter, but the. Gu’s parents’ sudden outburst of enthusiasm left Gu Jin somewhat nonplussed

Gu Jin may also take the fault for keeping her summer vacation plans secret from her parents They naturally presumed that Gu Jin needed to rent a house off-campus due to her reluctance to live at home with Grandma Gu and Gu Ling around.

When Gu Jin expressly mentioned this to Gu Teng in their SMS conversation, he replied amidst her teasing, “Gu Ling doesn’t appear at home. I don’t know what kind of job she found, but I don’t see her at home all day.”

“Isn’t that good for you? “Gu Jin theorized, “You have one fewer hindrance in your vicinity. ”

“You don’t know that. she–” Gu Teng blurted half-way, before forcing himself to swallow his words, muttering, “Forget it. I won’t tell you. “He’d rather not upset his sister by jabbering about a baseless suspicion.

Gu Jin: I hate when this wimp cuts his sentence off halfway and leaves me hanging., Doesn’t he know that?


Gu Jin eyed the black car parked in front of her that just drove up to the school gate. With steady footsteps, she continued to maneuver away from the car.

“Mr. Mu, Miss Gu here won’t enter the car.”Mr. Fang turned his head toward the back seat to ask Mu Mingcheng, “What should I do next?”


As soon as he turned his head, he knew he misspoke. Mu Mingcheng’s face remained composed as he gazed at his secretary serenely.

Assistant Fang redirected his sight out of the window in silence. Hey, why didn’t he notice in the past that the gate of Didu Normal University was designed so majestically and domineering? He should study it well.

Speaking of Miss Gu’s course schedule, Mr. Mu obtained it as early as the beginning of their relationship. Today marks the end of Miss Gu’s exam. The boss dropped his current business to fetch her but she ignored him.

Especially this woman, who recently instigated him into a one-night, swiveled around and slipped away as soon as she ‘ate’ him up. Mr. Mu’s face must be hurting.

(face= reputation/pride)

Don’t ask such a private assistant how he knows. He would not admit that he assumed the reason she left to be that they warred(intercourse) so intensely, that Mu Mingcheng’s wound cracked slightly. As a work and life assistant, he rushed to summon a doctor.

While replacing Mu Mingcheng’s dressing, the doctor chided him bluntly that – although the wound recovered more than halfway – before the wound healed, he’d better control his sexual affairs.

He listened all the way, feeling relieved to hear that the boss finally rid himself of the ten-thousand-year-old-virgin identity!

However, Miss Gu, who ended Mr. Mu’s virginity, disappeared, inducing the air around the boss to freeze even more these days.


After Mu Mingcheng silenced his talkative assistant, he still felt despondent. However, his eyes remained sharp. He still spotted a certain ungrateful woman ambling around his car.
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