Chapter 124: Incompeten


Silently, he sneered.

Gu Jin proved herself to be a cruel woman. Immediately after recovering the jade bracelet, she not only pursued sex, but also left the black card, that he granted to her pristine by the head of the bed.

What does this mean?

She left him his tip for sleeping? Or does this prove the idle chatter about Gu Jin disliking him for stinking of money and tarnishing her scholarly reputation?

As soon as Mu Mingcheng conceived these notions, he denied them immediately.

Gu Jin is a poor drinker. She never practiced the habit of drinking before going to bed. But that day she not only inebriated herself, but she also rushed to the bed in Mu Mingcheng’s room (rather than her own).

Mu Mingcheng admits that he is not Liu Xiahui [insert TL reminder], and he feelsthere is no response his favorite woman perched in his bed with a show of flattery. However, if he reacted again, Gu Jin would deny him if he hesitated to do so.

All of Mu Mingcheng’s extreme patience flew out the door when Gu Jin raised her red lips Wine and sweat interwove on a melancholy night.

Mu Mingcheng never imagined that, in his waking moments before he could bask in the afterglow, they would already break up.

Mu Mingcheng grimaced when he remembered the note, “let’s part without hard feelings.” His intuition denies that Gu Jin lacked affection to him.

“Follow,” Mu Mingcheng murmured.


Outside of the school, dense foliage from sycamore trees scarcely provided shade from the sun.

Next to the sidewalk laid a road, where Mu Mingcheng’s car trailed quietly after Gu Jin, several meters behind.


Mu Mingcheng’s face appeared haggard, his eyes fixed on her back as he gazed from behind her. If eyes could kill, Gu Jin must have died hundreds of times by now.

Ahead of the car, Gu Jin stroll leisurely, even humming a tuneless melody.

Situations, such as these, test their resilience.

After about ten minutes of this pattern, Gu Jin slightly eased her pace and subtly twisted her ankle.

Mu Mingcheng, who watched Gu Jin intently, saw this right away and his heart jumped instantly.

“Park here.”

Mu Mingcheng exited the car just as the driver hit the brakes. With his tall stature and just a few strides, he easily caught up to Gu Jin and lifted her.

Twisting her waist, Gu Jin attempted to jump off.

“Stop squirming,” Mu Mingcheng patted her fleshy buttock. “Since you find high heels so uncomfortable, why do you still wear them?” He never saw her wear high heels often.


At this time of the day, few people walked on this road. Gu Jin squinted, “Mr. Mu, we don’t have an adequate enough relationship for you to help me.”

After carefully setting Gu Jin down in the car, Mu Mingcheng followed her in and sneered. Her words mattered to him significantly. “That’s not what you said when you were drunk.”

At some point, Mu Mingcheng pressed an unknown button that triggered a specially made partition in the car to slowly rise, dividing the small space into two private worlds.

He removed Gu Jin’s shoes off from her feet, lightly laying her two slender, white legs over his knees. She shifted her legs,signaling for Mu Mingcheng to let her go. “I’m old. I can’t remember what I said.” ”

“Do you need me to help you recall it?” Mu Mingcheng just managed to snatch Gu Jin’s calf.

“Never mind,” replied Gu Jin, struggling to free her leg while peering at Mu Mingcheng with a provocative smile. “Mr. Mu’s technique in bed was really… Err, disappointing.”

She said this in an unclear tone. This “incompetent” Mu Mingcheng stuffed a mouthful of old blood in his heart, and his expression instantly clouded over enough to drip water.

“You think I’m not skilled?” He felt furious and he laughed back in his elegant and noble manner. Still, he brazenly countered: “Baby, who was the person who pestered me that night?”


Rationality shattered on the ground.

Gu Jin’s placid expression momentarily cracked for a moment. She gritted her teeth. “You lie!” she retorted.
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