Chapter 125: Hooked 1

Chapter 125: Hooked (1)

“You’re the one who lies,” Mu Mingcheng answered back with a widening grin, pinching Gu Jin’s leg with a strength that won’t harm nor release her. “Run away after drinking and sleeping, huh? You went far enough.”

“Mr. Mu, our relationship just existed as part of a deal,” Gu Jin looked down and casually rubbed her legs against Mu Mingcheng’s fine-quality trousers, changing her expression. “According to your promise in Country Y, our relationship should end…”

“If it’s over, then why did you sleep with me that night?” Mu Mingcheng interrupted her, clamping his hand onto her leg and commanding her to settle down. A man who experienced his first taste of that red fruit can heat up to a burning temperature much faster. With Mu Mingcheng’s vigorous blood, who knows what will happen if anyone provoked him that way once again.

“Because you saved me,” Gu Jin raised his eyelids.

“So you’re compensatingme?” Mu Mingcheng raised his eyebrows. “Do you think I need your compensation?”

“Iin the beginning, I stole your bracelet, forcing you to date me. And then, I got to take a bulletshot for you, and I deserved it. ”

“Gu Jin, I don’t believe that you don’t know that I like you.” How could she not realize his feelings when she was so clever? That night she slept on the plane, her eyelashes trembled when he kissed her, so she must know that he liked her.

“But, didn’t you tell me that you held no feelings for me?” Gu Jin is not an sentimental woman. To give her life in return for saving her life is almost impossible.

Gu Jin paused for a moment, her expression turning serious. “However, we don’t suit each other.”

“Where do we not suit each other? ” Mu Mingcheng loosened his grip.” The Mu family doesn’t need a doorman for a daughter-in-law. I like you enough. I encountered many experiences in the first half of my life. I met all kinds of people. I fear that I can only stay with you for the rest of my life. I have no issues with that. I can even register you into my household any time. How about you? ”

How did it get to the household register book? Gu Jin glanced at him sideways and cooly opened her mouth. “The problem doesn’t just lie with our difference in family status. You’re the president of Mu Corporation. In case another pressing matter arises in the future, then I, a weak woman, will not be able to withstand it.”

“Rest assured,” Mu Mingcheng replied with a sullen laugh, holding Gu Jin’s hand and looking at her, “In the future, I will not force you into anything except into bed.”

Gu Jin: …are you serious?

“What about my partnership with Tong Lin? “asked Gu Jin.


“If that interests you, I don’t mind.” Mu Mingcheng answered from his heart. Wasn’t he able to successfully deal with Cheng Xin and that Shao kid?

“Well,” Gu Jin paused and said, “I refuse.”

Faced with Mu Mingcheng’s slightly narrowed eyes, Gu Jin wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him in the corner of his lips. Mu Mingcheng’s eyes widened when he saw her, and he pulled away quickly.

Gu Jin grinned cheekily, something she rarely did, displaying the naivety and innocence of an infatuated girl. “You never formally pursued me before.”

“So then,” began Mu Mingcheng., He raised his hand up to his mouth and touched that corner, his fierce Phoenix eyes now gazing at her tenderly. “What would you like me to do?”

“Chase me again.” Gu Jin raised her chin, attempting to act like a little princess for once.

“Oh,” Mu Mingcheng appeared to laugh, “then I shall receive some benefits in advance.” Without waiting for Gu Jin to answer, he jumped on this chance.

Where can Gu Jin withstand the storm that Mu Mingcheng sweeps in the spacious car?

After one kiss, Gu Jin lay on the man’s chest, rubbing on his strong pectoral muscles to calm his breathing.


She laughed and saw that she successfully hooked the fish.
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