Chapter 126: Hooked 2

Chapter 126: Hooked (2)

Thump, thump, thump!

The place where Gu Jin rested her head against just happened to be Mu Mingcheng’s heart. At this moment, his heart was pounding strongly.

Perhaps this was the taste of mutual affection. She lifted her lips, smiling so hard that her eyes turned into lines. She resembled a little cat that stole hearts.

The two hugged each other for a while when Mu Mingcheng suddenly missed the wonderful taste of her lips. He couldn’t help but search for those petal-like lips again.

But this time, he didn’t succeed. As soon he came close, a finger lifted up to cover his lip.

Mu Mingcheng frowned. He kissed that soft palm, licking her fingers with the tip of his tongue.

This slippery wet hand, it’s too sexy.

With a stiff expression, Gu Jin pulled her hand away and seriously commented: “I really didn’t wash my hands this time.”

“…It doesn’t matter, I don’t mind,” Mu Mingcheng said as his face drew closer and closer, his breath overwhelming her. “You smell fragrant.”

Especially when they were covered in sweat, Mu Mingcheng’s eyes darkened when he thought of her taste that night.

Seeing that their conversation was about to go towards an unspeakable direction, Gu Jin pulled away from Mu Mingcheng’s arms and changed the topic, “How long will it take you to solve the issue with the Jing family?”

Although the two of them were back to a normal relationship–freely hugging, kissing and flirting–that doesn’t mean Gu Jin is interested in having sex in the car.

“Within half a month,” Mu Mingcheng looked at her in amusement, but didn’t expose her thoughts.

This was really difficult for a man who just had his first ‘taste’ and now had to be a vegetarian for these past few days. But his perseverance was amazing. He was capable of controlling his addiction to her and to suppress it if he wanted to.


“Why are you interested in this. Did that woman come to see you again?”

Mu Mingcheng never expected the Cheng family to fall to this point these past few days. He thought Jing Hao would stand up for that woman because of his affections, but unexpectedly, in the face of personal interests, their love was too fragile to stand the test.

“My mother and aunt depended on each other, so their feelings run deep,” Gu Jin said with a nod. She said in amusement, “Cheng Xin asked to consider our mother’s relationship, and wanted to ask for your help through me.”

“Do you want me to help the Cheng family?” Mu Mingcheng raised a brow as he held Gu Jin’s face with his broad palm. He spoke in a husky, sensual voice, “If you are willing to give me your body, I can consider giving them a hand.”

“Go away,” Gu Jin slapped his handsome face and rolled her eyes, regardless of what he thought. “There’s nothing the Cheng family can do. It won’t last for half a month.”

The Li and Jing families got together quickly teamed up to dig up classified information regarding Mu Mingcheng’s previous occupation. How many people in business are truly clean and spotless? If no one checks under the rug, anyone can look pleasing on the surface, but once one becomes the subject of criticisms, plenty of dark history can be dug up.

At this moment, Mu Mingcheng pulled out the information he had acquired with ease.

By that time, the Cheng family’s crisis will naturally subside, but they will have to struggle in the meantime. However, based on her uncle’s shrewd way, they can overcome this crisis in less than a year.

“That’s a pity,” Mu Mingcheng said angrily as he sat back on his chair, but there was not a single hint of regret on his face.


Originally, he would never pay attention to a meager family such as the Cheng’s, but now he always had news of them recently.
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