Chapter 127: Ruthless Jing

Jing Hao wanted to cope with the crisis by marrying into the Li family. Of course he had to take care of their treasured daughter. Meanwhile, Li Yu, sought out every opportunity to cause trouble to his former girlfriend, Cheng Xin.

When Jing Hao claimed that he knew nothing of his fiancee’s doings, Cheng Xin foolishly believed his words, but Mu Mingcheng knew the facts were completely different. Jing Hao, who chose to curry favor with Li Yu, turned a blind eye to Cheng Xin’s pleadings. This man’s tough and ruthless actions were justifiable within a bloodthirsty business world.

Unfortunately, Jing Hao’s vision wasn’t very good. First, he had a relationship with a foolish woman like Cheng Xin, and next, he was engaged to Li Yu who had no brains.

Want to rely on a woman? Oh, he’s overestimating the Li family’s ability.

Just like a man who had no sense of responsibility, he indirectly endangered the Cheng family’s enterprises while angering Father Cheng. As he thought of this, Mu Mingcheng felt sorry for Cheng Xin.

At the same time, he was quite happy. Gu Jin and Cheng Xin have been involved with each other for so many years, until his girl finally snapped into reality for some reason. It’s not easy getting away from Cheng Xin without damaging one’s brain.

“If the Jing family discovers that their tragedy was caused by Jing Ruo, what will they do?” As Gu Jin thought of that scene, she felt sorry for that family.

“Do you want to see it?” Mu Mingcheng raised his lips, eager to see what she thought.

He didn’t wear those iconic glasses todays. The man’s eyes were stunning enough to melt glaciers, causing his onlookers to want to drown in them.

Gu Jin reached out and touched Mu Mingcheng’s face. “No way.”

When he told her that the one responsible was Jing Ruo, Gu Jin had a feeling that she was indeed behind all this. She wasn’t surprised at all.

In the novel, Jing Ruo regarded Jing Hao as someone more important than her own life. She secretly obsessed over him and even imagined him as her lover.

At that banquet, she hid in the background when she saw Jing Hao being forced to apologize. That was when she did the unexpected. In the original plot, she would go through any lengths for her love, even poison the Jing family head, who raised and loved her as his own.

Who knew if Master Jing finds out later that the girl he adopted sprouted feelings for her brother. If so, he may regret having sympathy for her when he finds out she’s responsible for pushing the family into the abyss.


After ruminating, Gu Jin looked out the window. The buildings on the roadside were flitting past as they drove on, but this didn’t seem to be the way back home. She looked up and smilingly asked, “Where is Mr. Mu taking me?”

“Back to the Villa,” Mu Mingcheng turned to Gu Jin and squinted as he asked: “If you don’t want to come back with me, where else do you want to go?”

“I want to go home.” Gu Jin blinked innocently and said, “I was about to take a taxi until Mr. Mu showed up and brought me in here.”

Mu Mingcheng was silent for two seconds, then broke out in laughter. With a dangerous glint in his eye, he said, “Now that you’ve promised, I won’t forcibly take you away. Am I living up to your expectations?”

‘Has he entered his role-playing again?’ As Gu Jin saw the eager light in his eyes, she couldn’t help but have two black lines on her forehead.

“Speak to my parents first,” Gu Jin grinned. “I have to go back today.”

Since Gu Jin insisted, Mu Mingcheng pouted, then pressed the button to lower the partition. He gave orders to his assistants at the front seats and said: “Head over to the Gu family.”

Assistant Fang finally relaxed his worried heart, but he dared not look back. If he sees something he shouldn’t see, he had every reason to believe that his boss will dig out his eyes. As a qualified assistant, he studied Miss Gu’s information and where she lived.
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