Chapter 128: Brother-in-law

The car immediately drove towards the Gu family’s villa.

At the destination, the car stopped several hundred meters away from the home. Gu Jin stepped out of the door with one foot, but before she could completely get out from the car, mu Mingcheng wrapped his hands around her waist and planted a kiss on her forehead. “When will you take me back to meet your parents?”

This young man who was taller than 1.8 meters spoke gloomily, just like a sulking big dog. Gu Jin noticed the hint of bitterness in his words. She couldn’t help but wonder if she herself was being too hypocritical. Both of them already slept together, so why be so guarded and careful?

Feeling her heart soften, Gu Jin turned and wrapped her arms around Mu Mingcheng’s waist. After a while, she said, “Let me go home first and talk to my parents so I can prepare them mentally for it.”

Mu Mingcheng was satisfied with her promise. He released her, lowered his head, then kissed Gu Jin’s lips. “Go ahead, I’ll wait til you call me to pay a visit.”

He watched as Gu Jin walked slowly to her house, until the woman finally disappeared out of sight. He was still in a good mood when he ordered the driver to head back.

Mu Mingcheng laughed softly. Between couples, the East wind can overwhelm the West wind, and other times, the West can overwhelm the East.

Sometimes, if you bow your head and show your weakness, instead of missing the chance, you get to eat that piece of meat earlier. What’s wrong with such a good deal?

So, does it matter which person is hooked first by the other?

No. They still skipped the step of a proper courting. It’s not that Mu Mingcheng doesn’t want to formally pursue her, it’s just that the process was too long. In these times, that will just be a waste of effort. Why can’t they just do the things they enjoy together now?

Gu Jin wanted her career to take off, so he allowed her to fly. A truly capable man will never prevent his partner from becoming better, now will he be afraid of his partner’s excellence and achievements.

As long as she doesn’t fly too far away, the line will still remain in his hands.



Gu Jin got out of the car and approached the villa with a smile on her face. Laughing to herself, she thought of how at only 20 years old, she will be bringing home a boyfriend so early to meet with her parents. Wouldn’t they be shocked?

After thinking about it, she suddenly felt like slapping herself for losing her mind from indulging in a handsome man’s looks.

However, rather than Mother and Father Gu, the one who will be shocked was the boy who jumped out to surprise her. Gu Jin flinched when her brother suddenly appeared out of nowhere. She scolded angrily: “Little Teng, why did you do suddenly come out?”

“Who’s the man who just sent you back?” Gu Teng asked unhappily. “Is he your boyfriend?” By the time he looked at the car, the man in the distance had already turned away. All Gu Teng could see was the vehicle’s receding back.

The relationship between brother and sister eased only a few days ago, but before the boy could enjoy enough love from his sister, someone showed up to rob her from him.

Since he had long known that his sister had a boyfriend, Gu Teng had psychologically prepared himself for a while now. Since she was already old enough, what was there to worry about whether she found a boyfriend, got married, or even divorced?

However, it felt different once he actually saw this scene with his own eyes.

It seems that one day, he will see Gu Jin walk through those doors with her very own man.


Gu Teng’s eyes felt sour and teary.

“Yes,” Gu Jin said hesitantly, feeling embarrassed that her brother caught her. “Did you see just now?”

Author’s Afterword:

When Gu Teng meets his brother-in-law: “Was it you who abducted my sister?” 【frowny face jpg.】
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