Chapter 129: Brother-in-law 2

Chapter 129: Brother-in-law (2)

The sad mood quickly appeared,then dissipated. Before Gu Teng could taste it properly, it disappeared without trace. Just remembering that moment, his heart felt so depressed, that he couldn’t breathe.

“Xiao Teng,” Gu Jin noticed that his face paled frighteningly. He ignored her words, so she waved her hand in front of him eagerly. “Are you all right?”

“I’m in good health. What can I do for you?” Gu Teng recovered from his tumultuous emotions, gently brushing Gu Jin’s hand aside. Noticing sincere concern in his sister’s eyes, Gu Teng’s heart eased up immensely, so he didn’t mind it much. Perhaps, playing basketball that noon heated him up too much?

“That’s good.”

On their way back home together, Gu Jin glanced at Gu Teng suspiciously. She didn’t intend to cause trouble, but this boy’s expression appeared rather frightening. In the words of an old adage: terrifying enough that one’s soul leaves the body and scatters.

Gu Jin considers herself a materialist, but the series of rebirths distorted her understanding of the world. After deliberately observing Gu Teng’s condition for a while longer, she confirmed that he had nothing wrong with him and calmed down.

During the meal, Gu Jin cautiously mentioned Mu Mingcheng’s affairs after several discussions. Unexpectedly, Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia remained silent momentarily, before asking her to bring him home for them to see.

Gu Jin still floated in the clouds and mists, until she finished her meal and washed the dishes.

Should they consent this easily? Gu Jin patted her face in disbelief. She originally believed that she would have to fight a hard battle, allowing her the opportunity to delay the [inevitable] meeting between Mu Mingcheng and her parents. Although the man laboriously restrained himself in the car, Gu Jin still recognized that thirst and hunger pooled within the bottom of his eyes.

If their relationship progressed this rapidly, she feared that the dry land in this man shall soon be flooded.

However, Gu Jin had no idea that her parents already noticed Gu Jin exit from Mu Mingcheng’s car through a monitor outside the house.

Originally, the parents expressed great displeasure upon seeing that a pig had arched its paw at their tender, white [bok choy] cabbage. However, their tension eased somewhat, when they also observed that Mu Mingcheng’s car remain parked, waiting for Gu Jin to reach the house’s entrance safely.

Although merely a hundred meters distanced the car from the front door, the gentleman still decided to stayed behind, ensuring their daughter’s safety with his own eyes before departing. He apparently regards her with great importance.



By 10 p.m., the elders fell asleep, including Grandma Fu, who – without Gu Ling at home – refrained from causing trouble for Gu Jin.

During this time, Gu Jin and Gu Teng played games in the living room downstairs.

They battled fiercely, neither brother nor sister regarding their own images as they sat cross-legged on the sofa, focusing on their keyboards.

“Quick! Quick! Pass the milk to me!” Gu Jin shouted insistently. Her eyes focused on her screen, while she ignored the messy state of her hair.

Gu Teng wordlessly manipulated his mouse to satisfy Gu Jin’s demand.

Upon receiving the poisoned milk, Gu Jin threw it towards the enemies, speedily killing two additional characters. This behavior prompted Gu Teng to wonder if this deranged woman truly was his gentle, beautiful sister.

She behaved quite normally a few days ago, but her mannerisms changed, unexpectedly.

Gu Teng racked his brains for the reason and recalled watching a black car drive away that afternoon.

Did her boyfriend bring about these changes?


Gu Teng speculated no other cause that could drive people mad, except for the power of love.
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