Chapter 14: Gu Teng 1

Chapter 14: Gu Teng (1)
… … …

Gu Teng was now in his third year of high school and he was facing an important turning point in his life.

In order not to offend him or distract him from his studies, the former Gu Jin returned home less frequently for the past year.

Since their parents were both intellectuals, neither parent believed that men were better than women. Seeing that their children weren’t getting along, they were beginning to feel helpless over the situation and planned to reprimand Gu Teng, but they were stopped by Gu Jin.

Although the original Gu Jin was confused as to why Gu Teng would feel so offended by her, she was still very fond of her brother, and attributed his actions to the heavy pressure he was going through at school. As his older sister, she never blamed him.

Gu Jin actually visited their home today after being away for so long; it’s no wonder that Father Gu was surprised.

“Little Teng, your sister is back.”

Gu Changsheng loudly called out to his son from outside before stepping into the house.

He didn’t even finish his words, when suddenly, the sound of ‘tap tap tap tap’ from quick footsteps rang through the hall.

Gu Jin’s eye lit up; a beautiful youth with slightly curled hair flashed past her and sat down on the sofa at the living room.

Even though she was familiar with his appearance from the host’s memories, her brother’s good looks were enough to surprise her.

Gu Changsheng frowned and scolded the young man with a stern face, “Gu Teng, you saw that your sister came to visit but you still haven’t greeted her.”

“Where is my sister? Why haven’t I seen her?” Gu Teng said with an innocent face; he continued to lounge around the sofa while twirling his curly hair with one hand.

“What kind of nonsense are you speaking? Who taught you to be so unruly?” As someone who devoted his life to education, Gu Changsheng could not spend as much time with his son and daughter, but that didn’t prevent him from finding time to teach his son about manners.

Gu Teng laughed sarcastically and replied, “Rules, etiquette, you and mother value them so much and have even brought up an obedient daughter. Do you want to raise me to become a blind follower as well?”


If he had to live that way, it was better if he didn’t follow the rules.

Father Gu was furious after hearing his son’s retort, but Gu Jin tugged at his sleeve.

She knew who it was that Gu Teng was referring to.

Since Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia were both professors at a prestigious university, they were regarded as role models by their children. In order not to soil their reputation, the original Gu Jin conducted herself with discipline from childhood. No matter what she studied or how she lived, she never did anything to make her parents worry.

Before the Gu parents were aware of it, they discovered that their daughter had become mature and dignified while losing the carefree aura of a bright girl.

Fortunately, their relatives, the Cheng family, had an older daughter who was pure, lovable, and very attractive.

Hoping that Cheng Xin could help improve their daughter’s temperament, the couple often put the two cousins together.

In the future, many years after their daughter’s death, the Gu parents have questioned this decision many times. If they had known that Gu Jin’s association with Cheng Xin would bring a disaster to their daughter, they would have distanced themselves far away from the Cheng’s home right from the start.

Gu Jin sat opposite of Gu Teng and asked him in a pleading tone, “Little Teng, aren’t you going to welcome me?”


Gu Teng squinted, appearing very focused on his hair as he fiddled with it some more.

“Well, okay, I’ll just head back to school.”

After waiting for a few seconds, she stood up in disappointment and walked away slowly.

Gu Teng fiddled with his hair even faster, causing his curly hair to messily cover his forehead.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hand over the game I bought for you,” she said with a sigh.

One, two, three…

“Stop, who told you to go?” Gu Teng couldn’t help but call out. He stood up straight with folded arms and a displeased face.

Both Gu Jin and her brother were born with seductive, peach shaped eyes; if Gu Teng’s eyes weren’t turning nervously towards the exit’s direction so obviously, his expression of disgust for her would have been more convincing.


Since he could only see her from behind, Gu Jin’s triumphant smile was hidden from view.

If it was the original host, she would have been saddened whenever her brother turned a blind eye on her.

However the Gu Jin who transmigrated and had obtained the host’s memories was able to notice at a glance that the boy’s scowling face had some flaws.
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