Chapter 130: Brother-in-law 3

Chapter 130: Brother-in-law (3)

One maxim out there teaches that “Infatuation with fine details limits one from making progress. Gu Teng presumed that Gu Jin’s boyfriend, who managed to manipulate his gentle sister into a game master in such a short time, appears to him as a negative influence and a lazy worker.

Therefore, despite never having met Gu Jin’s boyfriend, nor learned his name, Gu Teng gritted his teeth. After all, he was born to feel biased against all creatures that could possibly own the title, “Gu Teng’s brother-in-law.” With this in mind, he inwardly inscribed a black mark against this “future brother-in-law” of his in his heart.

Finally, after finishing one last round, Gu Jin exited and shut down the game. Twisting her head slightly, she stretched her neck and audibly popped a few joints.

Looking up, she noticed that her stupid brother remained seated, motionlessly hanging his head down in front of his laptop. He appeared to be contemplating over some important issue in his life, so intensely that he forgot to close the game interface on his screen.

Gu Jin patted him on his shoulder with a smile, murmuring, “Little Brother, that was a good match. Call me next time, when you play the game again!” She hadn’t played such as good game as this in a long time, so her hand felt rusty.

After hearing Gu Jin say this, Gu Teng subtly glanced at her with a complicated expression. Should he actually alter his future plans from aggressively attacking to full-time nursing? Unfortunately, Gu Teng couldn’t reject his sister, conceding in the end with only, “I’ll invite you the next chance that I have time.”

“Rest assured,” Gu Jin rubbed the curly hair on his head and smiled gently. “During summer vacation, I have plenty of time. You can call me during that time.”

Nurse Gu Teng: Life has no love.

Gu Jin burst into laughter from seeing his current expression. Just as she reached out to comfort her little brother, for whom she will still spared time to talk and play with while she worked hard at her own career, the door opened.

Gu Jin retracted her hand as both siblings turned their eyes toward the door simultaneously.

“Oh, Big Sister Jin returned,” in walked Gu Ling, wearing an expensive suit and 10-cm high heels. On her arms, she carried several shopping bags from various brand-name stores. With her delicate makeup, she raised her appearance from her original six-point level to an eight-point level.

If she kept her mouth shut, Gu Jin would fail to recognize her at first glance, guessing that this newcomer belonged to some relative’s family eldest miss. Fortunately, as soon as words escaped Gu Ling’s mouth, the sarcastic tone within them immediately revealed her true nature and identity to be Gu Ling.

Gu Jin finally somewhat understood the matter Gu Teng attempted to convey at the end of their phone conversation last time. Now that Gu Ling could flaunt her charming looks, her previously cautious attitude was now replaced with pride, as if she could incite envy.

Contrary to the past, she now very openly looked down on Gu Jin, with her nose stuck high up in the air.


Gu Jin and Gu Teng glanced at each other, somewhat puzzled. Gu Teng kept his mouth shut, but rolled his eyes anyway.

Tossing her shopping bags onto the sofa, Gu Ling glimpsed at the laptop screens that sat on the table. When she noticed the game interface displayed on Gu Teng’s screen, her eyes looked down in disdain and she commented with a sneer, “I can’t believe that our most studious and refined Sister Gu Jin also plays video games. Won’t that be a waste of time?”

“Have you eaten too much salt?”** Gu Jin asked casually, as she turned away to sip from the cup of water that sat on the table.

(**T/N: eating too much salt causes skin to wrinkle easier, cause high blood pressure, gain weight and affect one’s appearance…drinking water helps detoxify)

“What do you mean?” Gu Ling asked sullenly.

Gu Jin smiled and covered her mouth, glancing meaningfully at her younger brother.

Gu Teng received her signal and immediately supported Gu Jin with a follow up, “Didn’t you hear her? Mind your own business.” Furthermore, the other implication embarrasses Gu Teng too much for him to mention it.

“Younger Sister only worries for you. Why doesn’t Big Sister Jin appreciate it?” Gu Ling, who realized what Gu Jin implied, folded her hands over her abdomen and perched on the sofa in the fashion of a high class lady, feigning a morose sigh.
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