Chapter 131: Flaunting

Gu Jin wordlessly rid herself of her rising goosebumps, thinking, This Gu Ling! Did she discard her weak, pitiful, white-lotus act in exchange for a flirtatiously rambunctious mode?

“What sort of jobs do you work at?” Gu Jin asked as she scrutinized Gu Ling’s entire appearance with a cold expression. “This suit must costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, which you shouldn’t posses.”

“What I wear is none of your business, either.” Gu Ling snorted and turned her gaze upward. “Anyway, I neither broke the law nor did I wrong anyone. Perhaps this job of mine can even contribute to the Gu family’s benefit.”

“The Gu family does not require you to honor the family name. You’d better just avoid doing anything that will shame the Gu family’s honor,” suggested Gu Jin, narrowing her eyes dangerously. “Otherwise, you would have no excuse to blame the Gu family for disregarding ten years of affection in order to sever our connection to you.”

“Gu Jin, do not forget that my surname is also Gu,” Gu Ling’s red lips indolently curved up.

“The night is getting late,” Gu Jin commented, after staring at Gu Ling for some time. She stood up, picked up her laptop, turned to Gu Teng, and told him, “Tomorrow, we’ll leave to inspect the house. Let’s all return to our rooms to sleep.”

Gu Ten nodded his head as he picked his laptop up, too. Then, he followed Gu Jin up the stairs to his room.

“Now, stop walking away, you two!” Gu Ling waited where she stood for Gu Jin to return. She wanted to continue the farce, but seeing that her audience already left, she could no longer keep up her elegant appearance and ran after them.

However, Gu Jin and her brother walked so fast, that they already disappeared into their rooms in the blink of an eye. Filled with hatred, Gu Ling crouched on the ground. She had been ready to release her self-restraint, but she only punched cotton in the end.

While returning downstairs, she walked faster in her fury. However, she lacked experience in wearing high heels, which contributed to her accidentally spraining her ankle. Falling to the ground from the resulting pain, she immediately cried out at the top of her voice, “Grandma! Grandma! Come here and save me!”

Gu Jin and her brother, who hid in their rooms, heard the cry and hesitated. The cry sounded quite wrong, so they changed their minds and snuck downstairs.

They genuinely disliked Gu Ling, but that didn’t mean they desired for her to die. By the time they reached the corner, they heard Granma Gu exclaim, “Oh, my little Ling! Why did you fall to the ground?

Just as Grandma Gu, in her ripening age, was about to go to bed, she faintly perceived Gu Ling’s mournful cry and nearly assumed that she imagined hearing it. Nevertheless, she still walked over to check, since she already stood nearby in the first floor. Upon opening the door, she noticed Gu Ling, unable to rise from her stumble, and she immediately rushed over to help her up.

The gorgeous high heels that garbed her feet now contribute another burden, so Grandma Gu removed them and nearly threw them aside, but Gu Ling stopped her. “Don’t throw them away,” she said. “These are expensive.” Hence, now, Grandma Gu must handle the high heels in one hand as well as support her granddaughter in the other.

“Hiss.” Gu Ling, in her pain, leaned all the weight of her body against Grandma Gu, whining, “Grandma, walk a little slower.”


The sibling pair upstairs determined that the injury is not serious enough for them to go downstairs if Gu Ling can still shout and scream.

In order to prevent Gu Ling from blowing up again, Gu Jin stayed behind, allowing Gu Teng to be the one to fetch the medical kit over. Unfortunately, Gu Jin had no knowledge that her absence poked Gu Ling’s fury to rise by a few notches higher.


Lying in her bed, Gu Jin exchanged messages with Mu Mingcheng.

Mu Mingcheng: [So, Uncle and Aunt agreed to let me visit?]

Gu Jin: [Yes.]

Mu Mingcheng: [Then, I’ll go tomorrow.]

After receiving this, Gu Jin noticed that the other person’s availability status switched to black…

The author has a few words to say:


Gu Ling: She must be laughing at me, knowing that i can’t even wear high heels! Hmph!

Gu Teng: I seriously do not aspire to be a nurse!

Mu Mingcheng: I quickly logged out, because i worried that my wife might change her mind and reject me. I didn’t anger her, did I?
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