Chapter 132: Meeting Her Parents 1

Chapter 132: Meeting Her Parents (1)

For a few seconds, Gu Jin stared at her mobile screen, unable to help herself from poking and prodding the screen with her index finger.

After waiting a few more minutes, and seeing no signs of the avatar returning online yet, Gu Jin sent a message to him: [I know you are there. If you don’t reply in this instant, then don’t blame me if you find my home empty tomorrow.]

Mu Mingcheng: [The connection just broke.]

Gu Jin twitched. This lie appeared too obvious. Gu Jin then decided to call Mu Mincheng directly. The man himself, who worked overtime at that moment, signalled for a break time in the meeting before he received the call.

Several top-tier executives exchanged glances.

With the boss’s bizarre behavior, today feels rather strange. Even during the conference meeting with them, he actually kept glancing at his mobile phone from time to time.

Much to their astonishment, Mu Mingcheng’s mobile phone rang during the meeting. All eyes were on him as he answered it on his way out of the room. They saw the man stand rather close to a windowsill, as he conversed with the person on the other end. Surprisingly, Mu Mingcheng’s usual solemn and stern expression faded as a result of the other party’s words.

Remembering how the company’s employees recently gossiped about the ‘future female boss,’ a sigh escaped from one of the executive employees. The power of love sure runs strong.

In reality, however, Mu Mingcheng’s conversation with Gu Jin did not flow as harmoniously as they imagined.

“Mu Mingcheng, you don’t have to visit us tomorrow,” Gu Jin straightforwardly answered, “My parents just heard the news about us. This kind of impact might affect them too strongly. Let’s put this off for two days to let them digest the news.”

Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia tacitly decided to remain alert, but Gu Jin was still able to understand their reasons for behaving reticently. As parents, they can never fully free their children. What’s more? Just a few days ago, Gu Jin’s ex-boyfriend also visited their home.

“This is your decision,” Mu Mingcheng kneaded the space between his eyebrows while holding the phone and not forgetting to remind her, “but, don’t let me wait too long.”

“Don’t worry,” Gu Jin assured, “I will ask them if they have time this weekend.”


After establishing a meeting time, Mu Mincheng asked Gu Jin to divulge her family’s preferences before hanging up the phone on her.

This will be my first visit to see her parents. Appropriate gifts could always give them a better impression of me. Mu Mingcheng thought this and laughed ambiguously.

If someone in the past told Mu Mingcheng that he would concern himself with a person, enough to try and please her family, he would have sneered at that person. Yet, now, he acted from his own initiative.

Sometimes, desiring a person meant that, aside from respecting the person herself, one must also respect the people she cared about.

Perhaps, people call this notion, “Love the house along with its crow.” [T/N: This is an idiom that means to “love one thing or one person on account of the other.”]

Mu Mingcheng’s employees still immersed themselves in that smile, when they heard him knock on the table, commanding, “Continue discussing about the acquisitions.”

As he spoke, the relaxed atmosphere in the meeting room weighed heavily once again.

The next day, Gu Ling disappeared early in the morning.

Knowing that the family planned to view Gu Jin’s new house that day, Grandma Gu murmured during breakfast, “What kind of house does a girl, who’ll sooner or later become an outsider to us, possibly desire?”


“Mom, we don’t live in the old times anymore. Our family refrains from imposing biases in that manner. Little Jin and Little Teng are both my children. I will not treat them differently from each other,” Li Mingxia placed her chopsticks down, gracefully wiping her mouth. “I finished eating. I’ll head upstairs to change into my clothes for today.”

“I didn’t even say that I won’t give it to her. Who does she take after?” With Li Mingxia absent, Grandma Gu released her temper at her son, demanding, “I don’t care. Since she said she treats her children equally, you should give Ling Ling a house in the future, too. She has no parents and only has you to depend on as her eldest uncle.”

For matters such as this, Gu Changsheng already wisened up from his experiences in going through the motions.

With her parents and brother, Gu Jin visited and viewed the new house – a three-bedroom and two-hall apartment. The apartment’s location was ideal; it had complete furnishing, and the traffic around that area was convenient.
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