Chapter 133: Meeting Her Parents 2

Chapter 133: Meeting Her Parents (2)

Gu Jin’s parents transferred the deeds of the house to Gu Jin’s name on the spot and handed her the key for her to use however she desired. If she failed in her business, then she’d at least own some property where she could settle down. They also remembered to inform Gu Teng that, when he turned 20 years old and matured, they’ll also give him a house.

On the way home, however, Gu Teng whispered to Gu Jin. He declared confidently that, by the time he turned 20 years old, he should be able to purchase his own house using his own abilities. He’d rather not desire for property from his parents.

Gu Jin smiled as she held her house key. According to the rate at which Gu Teng’s talent and efforts in computer science studies grew, he should be able to mingle within wind and the water in a few years’ time. When that time arrives, let alone purchasing a house, several people will very willingly buy a house for him.


Afternoon arrived, so Gu Changsheng and Li Mingxia changed their shoes to prepare for today’s classes.

While courteously escorting them to the door, Gu Jin helped by carrying their baggage. She held the car door for them as they climbed in and asked hesitantly, “Mom, Dad, do the two of you have time this weekend?”

“Why? What’s happening this weekend?” Gu Changsheng queried first, before Li Mingxia patted his arm and replied to Gu Jin, “We’re free.”

Under her mother’s limpid gaze, Gu Jin grew somewhat embarrassed. “Mingcheng plans to visit our home this weekend. He worries that his visit might disturb your work, so he asked me to inquire about your availability in advance.

“Who is Mingcheng?” The name briefly stupefied Gu Changsheng. Only when he noticed the hesitation in Gu Jin’s eyes did he connect the dots, that “Mingcheng” most probably meant his prospective future son-in-law. Reciting the name pensively, Gu Changsheng wondered if he had previously heard the name elsewhere.

He glanced at his wife, calmly answering, “This weekend, then.”

To this, Gu Jin replied, “Then, I’ll tell him to visit this weekend.”

“Changsheng, our child matured,” Li Mingxia observed Gu Jin’s silhouette through the reverse mirror on the front door. She added emotionally, “We’ve also grown old.”

Before they knew it, Gu Jin already experienced two relationships, the first of which emotionally wounded her.

No one knew better than this husband and wife pair that Gu Jin, who people generally regarded for the past half year as mature and steady, only presented this image as a front. In fact, she currently still mattered to them as their little girl. This little girl lived in her own ivory tower, only she behaved more obediently and more sensibly than average children.


After half a year, especially in the last two months, however, Gu Jin matured at a visible speed. Perhaps, sentiments — gained from such experiences — worked as the best teacher for maturing girls. Now that Gu Jin’s discernment for romance and marriage appeared responsible to them, relief washed over them.

Nonetheless, if possible, they preferred to prevent their daughter from experiencing such pains in order to mature.

On a sunny, agreeable day, Mu Mingcheng earnestly walked up to the front door.

The weather felt hot in the summer, with temperatures rising as high as 30 degrees Celsius. Despite the heat, Mu Mingcheng outfitted himself in a full suit — complemented by a snugly knotted tie, his glasses, and a pair of pure, handmade, Italian leather shoes — and pushed the button for the doorbell.

After Gu Jin received the news about Mu Mingcheng’s arrival, she waited at the door for a significant amount of time. Today, she donned light makeup and an ankle-lengthed dress that portrayed her with exceptional dignity and gentleness.

As soon as he appeared within sight, Gu Jin needed to take several deep breaths in order to calm her nerves, yet she complimented, “You look handsome today.”

“You look beautiful, as well,” Mu Mingcheng gazed at her as he motioned for his driver and bodyguards to set the gift down.

Gu Jin arduously attempted to pull one corner of her mouth up.

“Are you alright? Is the air too hot for you to breathe?” Mu Mingcheng smiled. Although his face colored all over with concern, he failed to hide the ridicule on his lips. “Actually, you didn’t have to wait for me all this time. I can walk myself to the door on my own.”


“No,” Gu Jin indicated a look as she slowly exhaled and shook her head, “I just feel a bit nervous.”

“Don’t be nervous,” Mu Mingcheng comforted in his soothing voice. He realized that she not only appeared nervous, but her anxiety reached extremes. “I won’t let you down.”

Gu Jin nodded absentmindedly, unsure if she should believe his words or not.
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