Chapter 134: Meeting Her Parents 3

Chapter 134: Meeting Her Parents (3)

Originally, she did not feel nervous. However, as time passed while she waited, she imagined the various scenes that she might have to face later and she gradually grew more tense. In these times, even after the dating couple’s parents meet the partners, several years may still exist between the first meeting and the marriage.

During this period of time, the matter of dating did not involve only the two within the couple, but it also involved testing between both sides of the families. Marriage never mattered simply between two people.

Gu Jin never spoke to her parents about Mu Mingcheng’s identity, in consideration for the lower status her family holds compared to the Mu family.

Once the couple joined their two families through their marriage, gossip will spread throughout the society. When that happens, the gossip will target Gu Jin’s family, the most vulnerable party, and it would place unimaginable, immeasurable pressure on them.

As Gu Jin lead Mu Mingcheng towards the living room, calming herself down to the sound of his steady breathing, she grew irrationally angry. He should clearly be the nervous wreck here! What should she feel nervous about?

The family considered today’s meeting as a formal occasion, which every member should attend. However, Gu Ling injured her foot so seriously, that she left for the hospital to recuperate, accompanied by Grandma Gu. Apart from the two of them, the members of the Gu Family sat together, tensed and waiting.

Upon entering the living room, cool air washed over Gu Jin, calming her frazzled nerves. With a shy smile on her face, she introduced him, “Dad, Mom, this is my boyfriend, Mu Mingcheng.”

“Professor Gu, Professor Li,” Mu Mingcheng greeted with a gentle smile following Gu Jin’s introduction. “This is my first visit, so I’m not familiar with your preferences yet. Because of this, I hand-picked the gifts for you myself. I hope they suit your tastes.”

His bodyguard proceeded to spread out the gift boxes of various sizes, some large and some small.

Seeing this, Gu Teng—who originally perched obediently towards the side—released a snort.

Gu Changsheng’s eyes casually flickered across the crowded floor, glanced briefly his daughter, and landed on the gentleman standing next to her.

Mingcheng. Mu Mingcheng.

No wonder the name sounded familiar to him. He knew the owner of this name personally.


Not only he knew, but his wife, Li Mingxia, also knew.

Mu Family ran a large business — a business large enough to frequently sponsor school research projects through donations. As important participants in some of these projects, Gu Changsheng and his wife had met Mu Mingcheng — the current head of the Mu Family — on several occasions.

In fact, Gu Changsheng and his wife most recently interacted with Mu Mingcheng only half a year ago. That time, they praised Mu Mingcheng for accomplishing so much at such a young age.

Yet, now that this same, young, and accomplished head of the Mu Family intended to become his son-in-law, Gu Changsheng’s impression of him lowered.

Young and accomplished. In other words, calculating and superb means. Unless Gu Jin’s character matched with Mu Mingcheng’s, Gu Changsheng feared that Mu Mingcheng’s character might suppress Gu Jin’s throughout their lives.

“‘Mingcheng’ turns out to be Mr. Mu,” Gu changsheng paused for several seconds, before asking, “I never knew. How did Mr. Mu meet my daughter?”

Hearing this question, Gu Jin smiled at Mu Mingcheng and waited to see what he had to say. She knew that, if her parents heard the truth about her and Mu Mingcheng’s first meeting, they would surely drive him out the front door with a broom.

Subsequently, she watched as Mu Mingcheng gazed at her affectionately and narrated a romantic love story.

In summary, Mu Mingcheng spoke about Gu Jin’s school’s graduation ceremony, where he served as an award-presenter. He fell in love with Gu Jin — who served as “Miss Etiquette” — at first sight. After the ceremony that day, he fortuitously crossed paths with Gu Jin, who had accidentally twisted her ankle. Noticing her pain, he helped her limp to his car, with which he drove her back to her apartment.


Gu Changsheng Stared at Mu Mingcheng suspiciously and abruptly asked, “Mr. Mu, how old are you this year?

“Twenty seven,” Mu Mingcheng’s smiled politely, receiving no offence from the abrupt question.

“Chet,” Gu Teng whispered. “Old man.” As soon as he spoke those words, Li Mingxia shot him a disapproving glare, to which he reluctantly shut up.

“Twenty seven… Mr. Mu genuinely proved himself to be a capable man at such a young age. The way you assumed control of Mu family’s business is proof of that,” Gu Changsheng glanced at Gu Jin again, hesitating.

“However, my family’s Xiao Jin only turned 20 years old this year. The age gap spans too widely for us to ignore.” By age, Gu Changsheng actually meant the gap in the family backgrounds. The disparity between the families separated them too greatly. How could they protect Xiao Jin if anyone tried to bully her in the future?
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