Chapter 135: Meeting Her Parents 4

Chapter 135: Meeting Her Parents (4)

“Not that wide,” Mu Mingcheng assured. He perceived the implication Gu Changsheng hid in his words. Curving up a corner of his mouth, he held Gu Jin’s hand and continued, “As long as our intentions remain true, age poses no problem.”

“Seven years are still alright,” Li Mingxia took over to refute her husband’s words. “Greater age comes with its pains.”

Contrary to her husband’s impression, she liked Mu Mingcheng the longer she looked at him. Li Mingxia feels very satisfied with the prospect of Mu Mingcheng becoming her son-in-law, even though he somewhat surprised her at their first meeting as well.

In the past, he treated every researcher politely, as well as occasionally participated in their academic discussions. He even modestly asked some of his own academic questions.

Academically serious people would not have bad character.

She admired Mu Mingcheng tremendously. Now, this excellent young man landed in her daughter’s hands. Li Mingxia couldn’t help herself from praising her daughter for having excellent eyes.

Additionally, according to the Mu family’s characteristics, they regarded a visit the girlfriend’s family as tantamount to an earnest confession to the public. This action assured them that they had settled on each other and Mu Mingcheng intends not to play with Li Mingxia’s daughter’s feelings like some other boys did.

The wife agreed, and the daughter even used her eyes to praise him, so Gu Changsheng merely relaxed and allowed for Mu Mingcheng to sit down as well.

“Mr. Mu…” Although Gu Changsheng hesitated to open his mouth, Mu Mingcheng interrupted him with his laughter. “I am of the younger generation. Uncle can just call me Mingcheng.

Previously, addressing each of Gu Jin’s parents as “professor” conveyed his respect to them. Now that he replaced that with ‘Uncle’, he added a tone of intimacy between them.

“Mingcheng, the matter of age difference could still be considered as minor,” Gu Changsheng explained somewhat slower. “Gu Jin is just too young. She won’t graduate from college until next year. Besides that, I only have one daughter. I hoped to keep her beside me for a few more years.:

Gu Jin raised her eyebrows at the request, while Gu Teng and Li Minxia also glanced sharply at Mu Mingcheng, waiting for his response.

“That is natural and understandable.” Mu Mingcheng was very considerate as he spoke to him. His eyes, under the gold-rimmed glasses, looked at Gu Jin as he smiled. “Gu Jin is still very young, and at this moment, it was still too early to talk about marriage.”

His words reassured several members of the Gu family.


“Only,” Mu Mingcheng, again, held everyone’s hearts in suspense with his word, “While we may be able to wait several years to marry, I believe having an engagement soon will not be considered as too early.”

“Just as Uncle pointed out, I’m not that young. My family also feels anxious.” Mu Mingcheng smiled, raised his arm, and rested it around Gu Jin’s shoulders. Steadily and sincerely, he asked her parents, “Furthermore, my grandfather’s health has been declining in these past few years. He desires for me to bring the person I like back to him earlier.“

Everyone there knew of Mu Mingcheng’s grandfather. In modern times, he existed as a person with the ability to hold a candle to historical figures in textbooks.

As famous scholars, both of the Gu parents admired Xu Baishan in their hearts for his meritorious service in the founding of the country.

Mu Mingcheng’s method of using Xu Baishan’s name to get his engagement to Gu Jin approved could be called underhanded. Don’t you want to satisfy this country’s founding minister’s wish — to meet his grandchildren’s wives?

As Mu Mingcheng calmly waited for the two elders to decide, he wore his smile even more sincerely than before.

… and Gu Jin pinched the soft flesh at his waist with her hand even harder..

Didn’t we agree to just meet my parents? Why did you suddenly bring the engagement up on your own?

After contemplating for a long time, Gu Changsheng, urged by his wife, agreed to Mu Mingcheng’s proposal of holding an engagement ceremony in one month.


As a woman, Li Mingxia pondered a little deeper on matter like this. If Gu Jin went to Xu’s house and became a granddaughter-in-law who was personally approved of by Mr. Xu, when it was time for her to mingle in the affluent circle, everyone would have to give her a little more respect.

Author’s Afterword:

Gu Jin: Meow Meow Meow. Who said I was engaged?
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