Chapter 136: Teaching Him a Lesson

Mu Mingcheng’s behavior greatly displeased Gu Jin. He did not discuss with her prior to persuading her parents about the engagement date.

She expressed her displeasure by directly rejecting his invitation to live together in his villa.

“It’s just an engagement. We still have a few years to wait before marriage,” Mu Mingcheng defended with a smile. His hands rested on the steering wheel as they waited at the red traffic light. “Of course, if you can’t wait to enter the house, I can always register your name, together with mine, in our permanent residence book.”

T/N: Permanent residence book is similar with official household registry in government.

Gu Jin laughed coldly from her seat on the passenger’s side.

Currently, they drove on their way to pick out engagement rings. According to Mu Mingcheng’s original idea, they should have asked the designer to design a few rings, then have the designer send them directly to Gu Jin to select.

However, as Assistant Fang delivered the designs to the couple, he inadvertently mentioned his memories of buying rings with his own girlfriend. That was the time Mu Mingcheng suddenly remembered that he and Gu Jin never experienced a formal date yet.

In his plans, Mu Mingcheng planned to work several extra shifts in order to clear up his afternoon schedule, pick Gu Jin up from her new apartment, and leave to shop for the rings.

He heard that girls at her age lived with a bit of vanity, with which he can contribute to, such as maintaining her reputation and so on. That said, he specially drove a car that didn’t quite match his usual style.

During the time Mu Mingcheng waited for the green light, he glanced at Gu Jin’s cold expression. He still held the steering wheel, so he freed one hand to grasp her hand. “Baby, so many days already passed. When do you plan to forgive me?

The large hand wrapped around her small hand tightly. Gu Jin lowered her gaze, her eyelashes trembling slightly, yet she did not pull her hand back.

In fact, after brooding for a few days, she had already released her anger for him long ago. The mistake – of neglecting to inform her of his plans to propose an engagement with her that day – belonged to Mu Mingcheng. However, just the very fact that she allowed him to visit her home and her family will spread to everyone. Adding an engagement ceremony only establishes their relationship a bit more formally.

She had one reason for not telling him that she already forgave him: She must teach Mu Mingcheng to change this domineering nature of his, or else they may encounter a couple more cases like this in the future of their relationship.

This time, she had been teaching this lesson for just a few days, yet, surely, these few days already bore some fruits. Gu Jin determined that now was the time to forgive him, or else she would have declined Mu Mingcheng’s request for a date.


In the ten seconds that the red light was about to turn green, Mu Mingcheng saw Gu Jin’s expression soften and seized this chance to kiss her cheek.

“I remember that you promised me you won’t act overbearing.” With no change in her expression, Gu Jin wiped her cheek and continued, “Just this once. I won’t allow a next time.”

Hearing this, Mu Mingcheng imagined what would happen if he forced his way next time as well.
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