Chapter 137: A Good Show 1

Chapter 137: A Good Show (1)

Noticing Mu Mingcheng’s disagreement within the depths of his eyes, Gu Jin squinted, but refused to speak anymore. Change couldn’t be accomplished overnight. She possesses enough patience to teach people “tiao” successfully.

(T/N: not sure if ‘tiao’ here means ‘to compromise’…anyways, she plans to train this wolf lol)


After visiting several, high-end jewelry stores, Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng turned back empty handed, unable to find the perfect rings for them.

In any case, the designer, whom Mu Mingcheng originally intended to consult, worked under the Xu Jie Studio’s banner. The Xu Jie’s Jewelry Studio boasted fame that resounded around the world and they only hired qualified designers. They painstakingly cared for and spent plenty of effort on the designs that they offered to the owner’s son, Mu Mingcheng.

After listening to the shop assistant recommend another design, Gu Jin looked one more time at the finished product, then pulled Mu Mingcheng’s hand to drag him outside the store.

“You don’t appear to like these, so I’ll ask them to redesign another set of rings for you laer,” Mu Mingcheng appeased, as he held her shoulder and walked her back to the car parked in the mall’s parking lot. He waited for her to fasten her seatbelt, before asking, “Now, Let’s eat dinner somewhere. Do you have any preferences in mind?”

“I want to eat something that can quench fire and detoxify toxins.” As she stretched the seatbelt over her, Gu Jin felt Mu Mingcheng’s scorching eyes fall upon her chest. In essence, Gu Jin eloquently imbued many implications in her words.

“While we may eat out, I’m afraid the fire still won’t quell,” Mu Mingcheng’s hand, that was tidying his seatbelt, paused midway as he looked up at the woman who enjoyed pouring oil on the fire. Suddenly, the corner of his mouth curved up to reveal a playful smile. “Why don’t we return home to cook dinner ourselves, eh?”

In Z country, the culture was extensive and profound. The word, “do,” denoted different meanings according to different situations.

Mu Mingcheng breathed heavily. His palms on the chest strap of his seatbelt felt slightly feverish. If we keep going, we may not be able to control ourselves.

“Behave better,” Gu Jin frowned, as she folded her arms across her chest. “Passerby are always walking outside. I’m not interested in performing live ‘pornography’ for others to watch.”

Harbouring regret in his heart, Mu Mingcheng glanced at her a few more times, before secretly ordering his assistant to book a hotel room.

Meanwhile, Gu Jin rolled her window down, looked outside, and felt the winds blow in her attempt to dispel the slight blush on her face.


However, she did not expect to see this particular sight.

Gi Jin’s face sank as she carefully observed the familiar figure that stood nearby for a few seconds.

Gu Ling held the arm of an ordinary-looking man, smiling and saying nothing. Seeing this, the man immediately pressed her against the hood of a car and kissed her.

An impulse surged through Gu Jin’s mind, and she nearly opened the car door to rush over.

“Don’t be rash,” Mu Mingcheng grasped her arm, stopping her from getting out. “You’ll see a good show later.”

“You already know this?”

Gu Jin gaped at Mu Mingcheng in shock, but he only nodded slightly.

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