Chapter 138: A Good Show 2

Chapter 138: A Good Show (2)

It was just around 4:00 P.M., the parking lot was quiet and no one would come along for half a day.

Outside the car, a couple of man and woman, in this shady and cool place, kissed and hugged passionately, forgetting their current location.

While they were kissing, Gu Jin got an eyeful when the man’s broad hand had just touched the edge of the woman’s skirt, and then slid under it, directly touching her thigh.

Because the man turned his back to their car, Gu Jin could not see his face. Although, by his attire, you can judge whether he’s rich or important.

Gu Ling tenderly smiled at the man and put her red lips close to the man’s ear. It was unknown what she had said but the other side was acting more presumptuous after hearing her words.

Gu Jin frowned as her guess she made a few days ago became true. She looked pale when she thought that her father and mother’s reputation might be tarnished as a result of Gu Ling’s action.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ling really has two brushes, even without using Gu Jin as a springboard, she can still catch rich people. The difference was, originally she attracted the attention of the male chauvinist Jing Hao with her small white lotus act and fragile willow branches trembling in the wind demeanor, which made him feel pity for her who was living under someone’s else roof.

Now though, no matter how carefully Gu Jin look, the man’s back was not in any way similar to Jing Hao’s back.

“Don’t look at there,” Mu Mingcheng said as he covered Gu Jin’s eyes and pulled her head over. He glanced at the passionate man and woman outside and laugh sarcastically. “Two dirty and smelly people will hurt your eyes if you look at them too much.”

“Since you’ve said you knew, you must also know that Gu Ling is my cousin in name.” Gu Jin said as she turned to face him with severe tone. “Why didn’t you inform me earlier when she did such a disgraceful thing?”

Mu Mingcheng narrowed his eyes and gazed at Gu Jin for a while. He returned to his tranquil demeanor and asked with a measured tone. “Even if you are informed, what can you do with the old lady at your home?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Jin’s mood turned heavy. Mu Mingcheng’s narrowed eyes also gave her a sense of oppression.

In retrospect, she couldn’t help but admit the plausibility behind Mu Mingcheng’s explanation. With Gu Ling as the only granddaughter Grandma Gu raised under her knees, Grandma Gu responds more readily to Gu Ling’s cajolements. If it was discovered that Gu Ling had gone this far, Grandma Gu may scold her for her actions. However, based on the relationship they’ve shared these past two years, the elder’s mind may soften based on how skillfully this wayward granddaughter is able to coax her. At that point, will Gu Ling be allowed to continuously make trouble at the Gu family’s household?

Besides, Gu Jin herself had never asked Mu Mingcheng to look at Gu Ling’s activities for her. So, it would be completely unreasonable to continue blaming him for not informing her.


Is this called being ‘spoiled to the point of being arrogant’?

Gu Jin couldn’t help laughing at the words that popped up in her head. She smiled and took initiative to pull down Mu Mingcheng’s collar, and kissed him on the cheek. She rubbed her head to his chest and apologized softly, “I’m sorry. I’m wrong, I shouldn’t have vent my anger at Gu Ling on you.”

“It’s good to admit one’s mistake,” Mu Mingcheng’s heart softened as he watch her rubbing her little head on his chest. He pointed his lips with his slender index fingers, which was a very obvious hint of what he wanted as apology.

Gu Jin laughed and pressed her lips to his as he wished. However, before she could retreat, her head was suddenly held down and a sharp tongue came up, prying open her soft lips and entangling it with her own before withdrawing after some times.

Sure enough, former soldiers have good lung capacity. Gu Jin gasped for air while recalling the dirty jokes told by her former classmates in her previous life.

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