Chapter 139: A Good Show 3

Chapter 139: A Good Show (3)

“What do you mean by good show?” When she came back to her senses, Gu Jin recalled some implications in what he had said previously. Just as she turned her head, she saw Mu Mingcheng’s plaintive eyes staring at her with hunger.

A young man who has just started to eat meat after the being vegetarian for a long time, could start a prairie fire with a little spark. Gu Jin reflected that on rare time, his actions shows that he is indeed human. She took a quick look on that area and said, “I don’t know if holding back for a long time will really have an effect on a certain aspect.”

“Good boy,” Gu Jin’s eyes turned into a crescent, raised her hand and touched Mu Mingcheng’s hair. She smiled and promised, “When this matter is resolved, I will satisfy you.” The hair under her hand is thick and hard, well taken care of. I heard that those who have this type of hair have a stubborn temperament.

The sweet scent coming from her made Mu Mingcheng’s breath heavier, and suddenly there was a fleeting inexplicable smile in the corner of his mouth.

He took two deep breaths and wait for the fire in his guts to cool down. He raised his chin towards the window, his eyes shone with savage light, and said, “Do you know who the man with her is?”

Gu Jin shook her head sluggishly.

She had not seen Mu Mingcheng with such a murderous look for a long time, so she could not help but be frightened. Fortunately, his gaze was not directed at her.

Mu Mingcheng who has been observing her expression with light reflected on her face, deepened his gaze.

Gu Jin was not conscious about his look and looked out of the car windows.

The man was pulling Gu Ling into the car while half-hugging her. Gu Ling herself smiled happily at the man, letting him hug her while pretending to half-pushed him away.

Gu Jin’s expression froze over. She looked at the shaking car and the corner of her mouth was taut.

How can her cousin be so open?

Although there were few people in the parking lot at this time, it was not like there’s no one coming.


If someone took a picture, tomorrow there’d be news that someone was performing live spring palace show in the garage of the shopping mall. It would be spread throughout the Z country in no time.

Was it possible that it was what she had in mind? Gu Jin contort the corner of her lips at the implication of Gu Ling’s action.

After five minutes has passed, the car shook more and more violently. Gu Jin yawned, disinterested with the on-going show, and almost fell asleep.

The sound of ‘Whoo’ from police car rang loudly, and the drowsy Gu Jin looked terrible.

Next thing she knew, a police car stopped in front of Gu Ling’s car and several uniformed policemen got out of it. They knocked on the window with their identification out. “I’m a policeman. Open the door quickly.”

Not knowing the woman and man’s fright, the police interrupted impatiently. “I don’t care who you are, someone has reported you for prostitution. Now, you need to come with me to the police station. If the report is false, you will be released soon.”

One of the tall policemen looked at the messy scene in the car and blamed the man with a loud voice, “He has a good face but acts like a dog in heat. He even hired a prostitute.”

After that he scornfully turned to the woman, “The little girl is still young but we can’t find any proper work. She has to mix with this line of work. Don’t you know that nowadays, the anti-pornography momentum is very strict? Don’t mistakenling think that the police can’t catch you, just because you do your business in car to make money.”

The numerous experienced policemen onsite recognized at a glance that this was no easy case. After they forcibly pulled people out of their vehicle, a group of journalists suddenly rushed over before they could be pushed into the police car.


Several people interviewed the police with microphones about their attitude toward ‘Anti-pornography and anti-illegal publications’, while the others held up cameras to film the suspects who were entering the police car. All this was done with very tacit cooperation.

There were also a few onlookers around who pointed at them, commenting about their moral corruption and how important it was to find appropriate places for those kinds of intimate acts. Was it their special hobby to do such a thing in a public space?
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