Chapter 15: Gu Teng 2

Chapter 15: Gu Teng (2)
… … …

In the host’s past life, Gu Jin died at the hands of her kidnappers, leaving a corpse and the loss of two lives.

Such a tragedy caused her parent’s hairs to turn gray; it was as if the couple had aged overnight upon the death of their daughter, and their health began to deteriorate.

It was Gu Jin’s younger brother who had turned a blind eye on her, Gu Teng, that sought revenge on her behalf. He made enemies with the Shao, Cheng and Jing families to seek justice for her.

That was when Gu Jin realized her brother never hated her.

What he actually hated was the fact that Gu Jin followed Cheng Xin around and foolishly regarded her as a good sister. This caused their relationship as siblings to rift apart.

At this time, Gu Jin’s footsteps paused only for a moment, then she resumed walking towards the exit.

Gu Changsheng glanced at his son and scolded angrily, “Gu Teng, if your sister leaves this house today, I’ll kick you out of the house myself.”

Gu Teng hummed grudgingly, then took a few strides forward before pulling Gu Jin’s arm. He looked up at the sky instead of her face and coaxed in an awkward manner, “Hey, didn’t you hear dad? If you leave again, the old man will chase me out.”

Would she still leave?

Of course not!

She obediently followed Gu Teng as he led her back to the sofa.

After some time, Father Gu returned to his room to call his wife, who was still teaching in school. With just the two of them left, Gu Teng began to display his naughty side once again.

“At least someone still knows that Gu Jin is not pronounced as ‘Cheng Jin.’ Why don’t you call yourself Miss Cheng’s lackey?”

“Little Teng, I’m your older sister, although it looks like you don’t know my name” Gu Jin pretended as if she didn’t notice the ridicule behind his words, and spoke seriously.


When Gu Teng heard her say ‘older sister,’ he felt as if he just heard a funny joke. He replied in a teasing way, “How are you my older sister? You’re obviously Cheng Xin’s sister, not mine.”

This tone, it was obviously filled with jealousy!

“Since I said the truth, there’s nothing else I have to explain!” Gu Teng glared at her ominously.

If she dares to acknowledge this fact, he’ll bite her to death.

Who would expect that instead of being frightened, Gu Jin ended up laughing in amusement.

“What’s so funny?” Gu Teng was confused at her reaction. He replied angrily, “I’m not going to fall apart just because I don’t have a sister. I don’t care who is more important to you.”

As if to reflect the teenager’s sour mood, Gu Teng’s wavy hair was pulled down straight, and now hung limply over his forehead.

Gu Teng had always wondered what was so good about Cheng Xin for Gu Jin to make friends with her.

Since the Gu family and Cheng family were related, it was natural for their children to be close to each other.


But his elder sister was gentle, beautiful, dignified, and refined. Why should she follow Cheng Xin around?

Is it to form a contrast with Cheng Xin, so that Cheng Xin’s arrogance would appear innocent and cute?

But why?

Even if the Gu family was not as wealthy as the business-minded Cheng family, they were still quite respected!

But his sister still blindly followed Cheng Xin’s every footstep without any idea that she was being used.

He kindly persuaded her several times to keep a distance, but Gu Jin didn’t take his words to heart. As a prideful brother, how can he be satisfied that his beautiful sister was being led in circles like this?

Gu Jin and Cheng Xin had always been inseparable. Sometimes when Gu Jin came home, Cheng Xin would join her and stay at their residence.

This would give Gu Teng the urge to vomit!


Anyways, he’s absolutely not jealous that his sister cares more about Cheng Xin than him.

Somehow, the more Gu Jin looked at Gu Teng, the more she thought that her brother resembled a snow-white kitten. He may bare his teeth and look fierce, but when he stretches out his tiny paws, all he does is poke you indignantly before quickly retracting them back.

She wanted to tease him, but at the same time, she didn’t want to hurt his pride.

Especially when he was angry, he was quite similar to a fuming cat. Gu Jin’s ‘little girl’s heart’ was provoked and she felt the urge to reach out and touch his curly hair.

In order not to anger her cute little brother, Gu Jin suppressed her impulse to reach out . To prevent herself from laughing, she coughed and asked seriously, “Little Teng, I don’t know what I’ve done before to cause misunderstandings between us, but I promise–in the future, I’ll keep a distance from Cheng Xin. My closest sibling is only you, my brother!”

Gu Teng looked at her in disbelief. After a moment, he put on a facade and murmured, “Why would I care?”

Gu Jin laughed when she saw Gu Teng’s eartips turn red as he spoke.
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