Chapter 140: A Good Show

The man raised his hand to cover his face and shouted at them to piss off, but the camera kept flashing.

“Nothing, this is what we should do.” The tall policeman being interviewed looked solemn and distinguished as he faced the camera.

After explaining what had happened, he said righteously, “To carry out the national policy, to respond to the call of state, to create a clean and beautiful living environment for the people are the honor-bound duties of our people’s police. In the future, we will continue to carry out our action of ‘Anti-pornography’ and ‘Anti-corruption’. We welcome the masses to actively report the relevant situation, and they are also welcome to supervise the implementation of our official duties.”

After a lot of noise, the police loaded the couple into the police car and took them away. Before leaving, the tall policeman reminded reporters to put mosaics on the faces of the man and woman when they report the news later.


Gu Jin was no a fool. She could see that everything was arranged by Mu Mingcheng. The only thing she didn’t know is if the policemen could see it.

“Mr. Mu, why don’t you explain it to me?” Gu Jin raised her eyebrows and looked as if she was smiling, “Is this the good show you invited me to see?”

“Just like you, I only happened to bump into the scene.” Mu Mingcheng’s smile was as upright as the breeze. “At a time like this, is it not the most appropriate course of action to call for the police?” He just sent a message to his subordinate to report the scene anonymously.

“Don’t try to coax me like you do to children,” Gu Jin disapproved. “Who is the man in the end? What’s your relationship with him?”

She did not believe for one moment that a man like Mu Mingcheng would make a special effort to deal with a woman like Gu Ling, who had no brain and only ambition.

“Baby is so smart,” Mu Mingcheng eyes curved, but the bottom of his eyes is cold. He held Gu Jin’s palm and said icily, “He is my biǎo gē from outside.” [T/N: older male cousin from her mother’s family.]

“Xu Chenghui?” Gu Jin’s eyes widen and muttered, “It turned out to be him.”

She was really a little surprised. She wondered how did Gu Ling, with her identity, managed to climb up to this man?

Based on Mu Mingcheng’s attitude at this time, Gu Jin suspected that his cousin, Xu Chenghui, had a hand behind the accident on that trip out to Y country.


In the original novel, Mu Mingcheng is the heroine’s white moonlight. Although he didn’t appear frequently, there was still a lot of introduction to his background.

For example, when he rescued Cheng Xin, he was a special soldier working for a state secret agency, but he suddenly retired a few years later to go into business.

Looking at Mu Mingcheng’s condensation, Gu Jin sighed silently.

Actively taking the initiative to lie in the arms of her man, she quietly listened to his steady heartbeat; suddenly her heart felt some love for her man.

Holding her warm body that was as soft as jade in his arms, Mu Mingcheng’s coldness receded from his eyes as he smiled more and more deeply. He had a good idea that Gu Jin knew some secrets, but he didn’t know when she would be willing to tell him on her own initiative.

The tranquil and warm atmosphere spread between them. After a while, Gu Jin raised her head and poked Mu Mingcheng’s chest. She pretend to be delicate and asked, “Didn’t you say we’re going to dinner? I’m hungry. If you don’t feed my stomach right now, I won’t go to the villa this evening.”

As he held her waist, Mu Mingcheng bowed his head and said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Then you have to eat more…”


The next day, news that a young politician surnamed Xu was arrested in the parking lot of a shopping mall had caused a great disturbance online.


The news was quickly withdrawn, but many people have already seen it. A few more astute readers also realized the identity of this young politician.

Master Xu, who had been living in retirement, fainted with anger when he heard the news.
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