Chapter 141: Meeting His Parents

On the day Xu Baishan fainted, Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng’s plan to visit his parents fell through, as they directly went to the hospital where Master Xu is located.

According to Master Xu’s identity, the hospital he lived in must be the best hospital, specially arranged for figures like him by the state.

Originally, Gu Jin did not want to go, but Master Xu woke up halfway and asked Mu Mingcheng to bring her with him so he could take a look.

Xu Jiaoyun, Mu Mingcheng’s youngest cousin, said on the phone that the old man was so angry with her eldest brother that he could not move and lied on the hospital bed. Now, the old man only wanted to see him and future biǎo sǎo. [T/N: biǎo sǎo is wife of an elder cousin.]

At this point, it doesn’t make sense if they didn’t visit the hospital. Besides, Mu Mingcheng’s parents were also there.

Although Mu Mingcheng could make his own decision on who he likes and who he wants to be with, Gu Jin still wanted to make a good impression on his parents. After all, in the next few decades, they will have to interact with each other frequently, and it is better to get along than not.

“Mom, Dad.” Mu Mingcheng took Gu Jin, who was holding flowers, to his parents who were waiting at the door of the ward. “How’s Grandpa?”

“Mingcheng, you’re here, your grandfather is fine, he is just…” Xu Jie, dressed in an elegant and graceful white professional suit for ladies, paced anxiously around the door of the ward. Hearing her son’s voice, she turned around and choked up the last word she wanted to say.

In a split second, her face changed faster than flipping a page in a book. She smiled kindly and said to her son, “Won’t you introduce this girl to us?”

“She ah,” Mu Mingcheng held Gu Jin’s shoulder and introduced her to his parents with a smile outside the ward. “She is your daughter-in-law, Gu Jin.”

“Nice meeting you, uncle and aunt,” since he omitted the word ‘future’, Gu Jin had to show an implicit smile with some embarrassment and say, “It was discourteous of me not to visit Mu’s family before.”

“It’s us who was impolite,” Mu Jingzhou stepped forward and smiled gently at Gu Jin. “The engagement should be earnestly discussed by us, pair of husband and wife, with your family as our in-law. But your aunt and I, were competing in the jewelry design competition in Europe at that time, and we couldn’t get back in time. I was thinking of how to make up for the breach in etiquette. Why don’t we personally visit your parents again before you’re formally engaged?”

Mu Jingzhou’s proposal moved Gu Jin. She herself could care less about the worldly etiquette, but she had to think of her parents. Strangers would not care whether Mu Mingcheng has absolute right in choosing his partner. They would only care to speculate whether Mu’s parents are not satisfied with Gu Jin and her family since they did not personally visit Gu family to propose an engagement. In a space of a moment, her mind had many thoughts.


“That’s right. We have to go visit if we want to fix our breach in etiquette,” Xu Jie said as she glared at Mu Mingcheng discontently and blamed him. “It’s all because this kid is accustomed to be domineering and doesn’t mentioned anything about the important event in his life to his parents, which is a bit embarrassing.”

Gu Jin said that her parents did not mind, but her eyes quickly glanced at Mu Mingcheng’s direction.

Mu Mingcheng who received Gu Jin’s sharp glance, touched his nose. Noticing the red blush that creeped behind her ear, he decided not to speak and simply smiled.

Both of them were very kind. Although Gu Jin’s first meeting with her future parents-in-law was not in the right place, both sides were very satisfied.

In just a short moment, the smiles on both sides became more sincere.

As soon as the Mu couple got off the plane, they went straight to the hospital. There was a trace of exhaustion on their faces. Gu Jin noticed this and quietly poked Mu Mingcheng’s waist.
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